Under The Blanket
Under The Blanket
By: Sassy Sue

I am in a long distance relationship with my girlfriend, and I went to visit Carmen for the first time ever right after Christmas so I could be there for New Years and her birthday. I loved and still love every second that I got to spend with her, from holding her hand to kissing her too much, much dirtier things.

One such memorable occasion was in my friend Jane's apartment, where I was crashing because her mom had loaned me their couch for my stay. Jane had gone to take a long bath with the bath supplies I had given to her for Christmas.

Her brother Dominic and his girlfriend Tara were on the couch across from where Carmen and I were going to cuddle. I strolled around in a pair of red silk boxer shorts with a small tank top on that hugged my delicate little curves and thigh -high red and white stripped socks, grabbing a movie while everybody else settled in.

Carmen and I had never seen this movie that I loved as a kid and still love, so we decided to watch that. After I popped the movie in, I basically sat right on top of Carmen, as she chose a chair that was just big enough for one and a half people. She pulled my legs up on top of hers then grabbed a blanket, draping it over us just below our shoulders.

"You guys look comfy," Tara teased as I let myself settle into my girlfriend's side.

I laughed, grabbing Carmen as she put a hand over my legs, "You're just jealous because we're going to be all cuddly and warm."
Tara stuck her tongue out at me and I felt my girlfriend give me a tight squeeze, signaling that the movie was ready to start.

Ten minutes after the movie had begun to play, Carmen and I were kissing very lightly for a little bit. She then slid her hand under my top, fondling one of my breasts and kneading it with her hand. Her hand was so nice and warm, and I let out a contented little sigh.
"I love you," I whispered to her, pulling the blanket up a little higher.
She switched back and forth between my breasts, pulling and pinching lightly at my hard nipples. I was already so wet just from her touching my tits.

"They're so little," she murmured playfully in my ear, making me blush slightly, "Not your boob's babe, your nipples."

"I guessed that," I replied almost breathlessly with an airy giggle.

I bit my lip as she kissed my neck and I was so caught up with her feeling up my breasts that I almost didn't notice that my favorite part of the movie had started. Her hands just felt so nice, so warm, and I was so turned on.
"Spread your legs a little," she urged, looking to the other couple on the couch then back to me.

Too caught up in the moment and not aware of her plans, I did as she told me without a second thought. To my surprise, she brought her hand down to my boxers, rubbing me slowly over my clit. I shuddered a little, biting my lip and grabbing a fistful of her shirt. She shushed me so gently, putting her other hand under my ass to give it a tight squeeze as she continued to rub my cunt.

I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter, basically dripping by the time she slid her hand under my. She stroked a finger through my slit, playing in my wetness until she brought it up to my clit, rubbing it in small little circles. I shivered against her, trying my best to keep quiet and stop myself from panting loudly. She kissed me again, and then made circles on my vagina entrance with two fingers. If we had been alone, I would have gasped, but I muffled myself against her shirt and spread my legs a little too widely.

Tara and Dominic shuffled on the couch and my girlfriend harshly whispered, "Don't spread your legs so wide, they'll know what we're doing."

I obeyed again, nearly clenching my legs around her hand as she teased me, pushing a finger into my pussy and then pulling it out only to rub my clit again.

It went on for quite some time, her teasing me while I'm trying my best to stay silent. I kept balling my hands up in her shirt, tugging on it and pulling on it as she continued to run her fingers over and in my cunt. It was becoming so much harder to stay silently, and Carmen kept quietly shushing me, whispering how good of a girl I was.

Abruptly, Dominic and Tara got up from the couch, causing Carmen to tense and sit up straighter as I clung onto her. To my dismay, she lifted her hand off of my pussy, making me squirm slightly.

"I'm just going to change and then drop Tara off," Dominic explained, leading Tara to his room and shutting the door. Carmen relaxed, loosening up and giving my forehead a kiss.

"Do you want me to keep going?" she murmured, pushing my hair away from my eyes.
Still clinging to her, I nodded wordlessly, trembling slightly as her hand returned to my cunt. Her fingers began to rub my clit a little harder, causing me to quiver against her. There was no flinching as Tara and Dominic opened the bedroom door, walking directly past us to get to the front door.

"It was nice meeting you." Tara smiled, giving me a small wave.

"Yeah, same," I replied, trying to keep my voice from trembling.

"Have a nice night," Carmen called after them as the door closed shut behind. It let a heavy thud echo through the room, and I let out a sigh.

From the bathroom, we could hear loud music, just loud enough to cover any moans. With that in mind, Carmen readjusted her position, pushing two fingers inside of me and kissing me hard. I let myself slide under her as she pulled me into her, her hand pumping in me faster and harder.

"Fuck" I murmured, tensing up around her hand. "Carmen, I'm gonna cum."
"Cum for me," she uttered, as she added one more finger and thrust her hand into me harder. I muffled myself against her neck, pulling at her shirt as I rode her hand, grinding against her.

"Ah, no, fuck..." I moaned, as my body tensed up, twitching as I came. Carmen slowly removed her fingers from my cunt, letting me pant and shudder for a couple seconds before she brought her fingers to my lips. I licked them so slowly, tasting myself off of her fingers.
She gave me a long, gentle kiss, holding my chin in her hand. Pulling away, she let me sit up and have a good look at her. She looked so beautiful, with her long dark hair and deep brown eyes that were begging me to fuck her.
I let my hand caress her side, sliding a hand up her shirt. It slid under her bra, playing innocently with her nipple at first with a coy smile.

"Get on your stomach," I said, pulling my short hair away from my mouth. She did as she was told, and I slowly rubbed her sides, letting her moan softly as my hands traveled down to her amazing ass.

Without warning, I gave her a hard spank, and she let out a surprised gasp that quickly transformed into a sultry moan. She murmured something unintelligible, and I spanked her again. She let out another low moan, and I gave her ass a quick squeeze. Then I grabbed the sides of her leggings and pulled them down, revealing her dripping wet, pink cunt.
Smiling and biting my lip, I started to rub up and down her pussy, stroking from her clit to her entrance, and then back up again. She was quivering underneath me and I kissed her neck.
"Do you want me to fuck you?" I asked the rhetorical question, letting my fingers rub her clit as I spoke.

"Please," she whimpered breathlessly, opening her legs more for me. "Please, please, please, please, please fuck me."

Slowly, I entered her with one finger. She was so wet; I immediately stuck in another, letting her rock back and forth on my fingers for only a few seconds before I began to rhythmically rub them over her g-spot. Carmen kept letting out these sexy low moans with every little movement of my finger. She was never good at keeping quiet when we fucked, so I slowed down every so often.

"You have to be quiet," I whispered every time, making her squirm and driving her wild. She pleaded every time I slowed, begging me to keep going, to go faster.

This happened two more times before she began to muffle herself with her arm, as I added one more finger and began to fuck her faster, getting harder with each thrust. I reached under her and let my other hand slowly rub her clit, and her moans started to sound higher and more desperate.
"I'm, I'm gonna cum," she moaned, as I felt her pussy began to clench. "I'm gonna fucking cum bitch!"

I curled my fingers and rubbed them hard over her g-spot, and she came, clenching tightly around my fingers, begging me to remove them. I slid out of her, and she lay there, shuddering and moaning so softly and sweetly. I sat next to her, licking her wetness off of my fingers, using my other hand to rub her shoulders.

Eventually, the shoulder rub turned to a full on massage after I pulled her leggings back up for her. Jane came out of the bath wrapped in a towel, looking at the two of us.

"Aww, that's so sweet," she cooed, as Carmen looked up to her. "I wish Paul would give me a massage."

I still don't think Dominic, Tara, or Jane suspected a thing.

And now, every time I watch that movie and my favorite part comes on, I get incredibly wet. I wonder why?

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