"How can I do this?" I thought as I lay

there naked with only a silk sheet laid across

me.I slowly rose to the side of the bed and

dropped my head into my hands and began to

laugh. "My career is so over." I chuckled. As I

smiled the events from the last three months

played through my mind. I could hear and see

everything as if I were flashing back in time.

Three Months prior:

"This is the assignment I want you to take

Agent Whittle, all you have to do is go

undercover for at least three weeks." Said

Captain Wayne. I looked at the assignment very

carefully. "Sir, no disrespect, but I haven't

the temperment nor the ability to act like a

some type of slutty stripper. Are you sure you

do not want to try someone else for this case?"

I was trying my best to get out of it. I knew

that I wouldn't be able to. I was the best

female agent at the time, and basically the

only one that looked a little feminine.It

wasn't but a few days before I was trying out

at a club as a stripper. I had watched some

videos of how to do some of the moves but I

found that if I just went with the flow, it

became easier for me to play the part.

I went by the name Mercedes, and after two

weeks, I was a beleivable stripper. I would

look in the mirror and begin to wonder if I

were still the agent I had worked so hard to

become, or if I were this slutty woman that

used her body for money instaead of self

pleasure. I had always looked down on

strippers and now the career that I loved, a

career based on justice has placed me into a

life of moral displacement.

Three weeks had come and gone, no contact from

the agency was made. I was iching to find out

more about my assignment, who was it that I

was suppose to be here for, who was it that I

am suppose to take out? After the fifth week,

I finally received a bouqet of roses that had

a note. "Loved your moves tonight, Can't wait

to see if you can make your next move on a man

that can run the show. Bunnies have fun at

night, and so will you... Tony Banazio." This

was the code I needed to press on. The moves

meant that I am to assasinate a man that is

over a mob ring, I am to run into him tonight

while I work and his name is Anthony... Tony

is short for it.

As I stepped out on stage I twisted my hips as

I walked towards the pole in front of me. I

worked the pole like I had never done before,

i knew there was a man out there that I needed

to notice me. I need to get close to him so

that I can move forward in my mission. Little

did I know that getting his attention wouldn't

be hard at all. My boss called me over and

sent me to a private room for his number one

client of the night. Anthony Deondrio, was

waiting in the private area. He had dark hair,

dark eyes, a strong chin and a muscular build.

I looked at him and saw a sexy creature, I

could see that he was my target but he was a

target that was easy on the eyes.

He began to tell me what to do to him right

from the start. "Dance." He commanded. I begin

to move in the most sexy moves I knew, I even

began to rub myself for his pleasure... and

mine. He then told me to come closer, I did

exactly as I was told. I gave him a slow

lapdance. he never offered to touch, he just

watched me. I could tell he had control over

himself, and that he was the type that would

never lose control over anything.

For the next three weeks, he came every other

night for me to dance for him privately. he

still never tried to touch me or seemed to

show any expression. I on the other hand would

lie awake on my time off and think of thinks i

would like him to do with me. I have always

been a woman in control of myself, and I find

it very intriging being told what to do by

Anthony. I almost have to slap myself to

remember that I have to take him out.I figured

that since he was used to me performing close

to him over the last three weeks, that I would

finally fulfil my mission and assasinate him

the next time he comes in for a private


Before my shift began, I snuck into the

private room and place a 45 with a silencer

under a chair, so that I could pull it out

easily and take care of business. When time

came for my private performance, I began as I

always did. I started on the pole, and then he

called me over to him for the lap dance. This

was in my plan because he was sitting in the

chair that had the 45 under it. I planned on

getting into the lap dance and then bend over

to grab my gun and finish him off... literly.

But as I was grinding at him and totally

getting into my performance, I turned and

looked into his dark brown eyes. My heart

began to beat extremely hard, my breathing

began to shallow and I felt a heat between my

legs. I know that he saw that I wanted him, I

know that he new the performance was no longer

just a performance but an invitation to take


The music stopped and I ended my performance.

I just stood there, almost frozen because I

knew that I should had killed him already, I

knew that I missed my chance to complete the

mission. But I stood there also with a

heartbeat that was so hard that I could here

it in my ears, I was so hot for the man I am

to kill. I wanted him, I had never wanted

anything or anyone as bad as the man that sat

there with no emotion. He stood up and reached

into his pocket, i figured he was going to tip

me as he did times before, but this time he

handed me a key card."The Ritz Hotel in an

hour, room 12." he said in a commanding voice. I took

it from his hand without a word.

An hour later I was swiping the key card.I

stepped in slowly, I brought a purse with me

and of course it had a gun, lipstick, panties

and a cell phone in it. "Close the door." Said

a voice coming from the bathroom. Anthony

stepped out, holding a gun. "Hold on, why are

you pointing a gun at me?" I asked as if I

didn't know. He chucled and said, " Mercedes,

or would you rather be called Agent Whittle? I

have been waiting for you to kill me for four

weeks now, you have missed your chance. Now

throw your purse over here."

I reluctantly threw my purse toward him and

remained still as he pulled my 45 from my

bag." Now that you have no weapon, sit down,

we are going to talk." I sat down and he sat

across from me still holding the gun and

pointing at me. "Why didn't you kill me

tonight?" he asked in a mocking tone. I looked

at him and tried to remain as calm as I could.

I have always tried to never show fear in

situations like this, I really never show

emotion at all except for when I was looking

at him while I was dancing. I took in a deep

breath and said, "I was going to when I walked

in tonight." He sat back in his seat and

squinted his eyes at me. " I do not beleive

you." He said, " I saw you look at me tonight,

I do not beleive you intended on killing me

before you were able to see me naked." I

jumped up and screamed at him " That is a lie!

I was going to kill you and I will still!" I

know he was telling the truth when he said

that i wanted to see him naked, but I can't

let him think that he has any power over me

now that my cover is blown. " Calm down... you

will never be able to kill me..." I sighed and

sat back down. tears started to well up in my

eyes, I was about to cry.Even with my best

efforts, I could not prevent tears from


I felt so weak and useless, the mission was

ruined due to my senses being rattled by lust

and I am sitting here with a gun pointed at

me. I wanted him to pull the trigger to save

myself from the embarrassment that I am to

receive if I were to live through

this. "Please, just kill me and get this over

with." I said with a tear rolling down my

cheek. "Do you want me to shoot you with you

facing me or should I shoot you from behind?"

He asked in a emotionless tone. "I would

prefer to not see the gun go off" I said with

a sob in my throat. I then turned around and

got on my knees in the floor.I closed my eyes

and waited to hear the blast of the gun and

breathe in my last breath. I suddenly felt a

hand slowly grab my breast and a body against

my back. I felt soft sweet kisses on my neck

and felt his breath in my ear. I was almost

shocked that this man was even touching me.

The man that was going to kill me a second ago

is now caressing my body. I began to enjoy

what he was doing to me. I was going to turn

around but he gheld on to me and said not to

move. I held still and obeyed his orders. He

unzipped the back of my dress slowly and then

unfastened my bra. His hands rubbed all over

my skin, I had goose bumps all over my body.

My button was swelling with anticipation for

his touch. I wanted this man to do what ever

he wanted with me. I wanted him to take

me."Turn around." Anthony demanded in a hungry

growl. I turned and felt his lips heavily

against mine, he kissed me as if he was

sharing his soul with me. His tongue explored

mine as we kissed passionately. He slipped my

dress off me and my bra, he then pulled my

panties off me. He pushed my back on the couch

and started screwing me with his fingers... I

moaned as he manipulated my senses. "Do you

want to cum?" he asked. "yes!" I panted. "You

don't cum until i tell you... You hear me?!" I

nodded I tried to restrain my self. He stood

up and took off his pants and his manhood

stood erect. "Suck me!" He demanded. I got on

my knees and began to suck and lick. I swirled

my tongue all over his hard 7 inches of cock.

I moaned as I licked up his pre-cum. He

grabbed me by my hair and started screwwing my

mouth. he was almost choking me with his hard

cock. He then pulled away and pushed my back

on the sofa. I crawled down between my legs

and started to eat me. He ate and licked up my

juices... I quivered and his experienced and

giving tongue. He explored every inch of my

pussy. I was almost about to explode when he

pulled away and climbed on top of me. he

plunged in me with one swift move. I pussy was

engulfed with his hard shaft. He started to

slowly pound me and then he went more

vigorously.I was about to scream when he

said, "Now you can cum!" A wave washed over me

as I came. He then came at the same time. We

both thrusted into one another as hard as we

could. Both of us out of breath began to kiss

each other again. We made love over and over

that night.


Here I am naked on the side of the bed still

going by the name of Mercedes. It has been

only three months since I was sent undecover.

Now I am undercover in a different way for a

different side. My side.
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