Cassie is pissed, royally so in fact. But that's alright, that only makes Brad want her more. He loves it when her eyes flash blue fire, voice drips with ice, the way her cheeks flush and everything about her seems more alive. Yes, he thinks and has told her, there is something incredibly sexy about a pissed off woman. Maybe it's because her fire and fighting spirit show more when she's like this, who knows. And ultimately the whys don't really matter, the only thing that does is it makes him hard, dripping pre-cum in fact, and she knows it.

She knows he loves her, and wants only her. In spite of all the woman that throw themselves at him, panting like bitches in heat, in fact a couple have and do border on stalkers, he is hers, and she is his. It has been that way for a year now, and will continue to be so, despite other's petty jealousies and constant attempts to tear them apart. Their love and desire for each other is incredibly strong and will survive whatever is thrown their way, and each of them know it, even though others are too stupid and blind to see.

Cassie can't really blame them for wanting him. He's smoking hot, his imagination and fantasies always make her pussy weep for joy. So she's not surprised that other people feel that way too. But here is the difference, she would never try to steal another woman's man, never in a million years. She's not like that, her kind, loving nature would never allow her to do something so underhanded like that to someone else. Too bad not everyone is like that.

Both men and women see their happiness and want to steal it from them, obviously thinking she will just lay down and let them walk all over her. But they don't know her, the steel in her resolve to always protect the things and people she loves. But that's alright they didn't realize or anticipate that having a common goal, a common enemy would bring her and Brad even closer as a couple. Maybe she should thank them for pissing her off, since it has only made her more desirable to Brad. Boy would that tick them off to know LOL.

Cassie goes to him, color high, eyes ablaze with both fury and desire. Usually she's more submissive, letting him take the lead, but not tonight. Tonight he's hers and she knows he won't mind one little bit. As soon as he lets her in and closes the door shutting out the prying eyes of the rest of the world, she makes her move. Her fiery, passionate kisses take his breath away with their intensity and he quickly recovers his wits, matching her need with a fire of his own. Yes, the love is still there, it's always at the core. But tonight powerful, almost animalistic lust is in control as they devour each other with their mouths.

Eager to uncover skin, they strip the clothes from each others bodies, greedy to explore and tease with their hands, lips and mouths, everything they uncover. They stroke and caress each other, their hands a frenzy of movement. They stumble back towards the couch, neither wanting to take the time needed to go to the bedroom. Cassie lands on top of Brad, their limbs entwined around each other. She kisses down his neck, as his hands cup her breasts, fingers playing against her nipples, pinching, tweaking, twisting them as she arches into him, her moans of pleasure unmistakable. Her hot, frantic kisses trail down his body, fingers fumble with his belt, her urgent need to uncover the rest of him evident in her movements. Finally succeeding in getting him unbuckled, she unbuttons and unzips his pants, ripping them, along with his underwear down his legs and off.

Brad is naked before Cassie, his cock a tall, towering mass of hard muscle. Her eyes smolder, gaze almost hot enough to set him on fire as she licks her lips. Moving down his body, she kisses the head of his dick, then looks up at him as she totally engulfs him in the greedy, fiery inferno of her mouth. She sucks him from base to tip, the fierce suction stealing his mind, making him moan. Her tongue, a wriggling snake on his shaft, never still as her lips slide up and down his cock. Brad watches as he disappears into her mouth time and time again. Her lust filled gaze tells him clearer than any words could just how much she is loving what she is doing.

Cassie lets him out of her mouth with a loud, wet pop. Licking the pre-cum dripping from his slit, she moans at the intoxicating taste that she can't ever get enough of. She dives back down on Brad's cock; his head hits the back of her throat. The vibrations from her moans surrounding him, make him gasp as his hips drive his dick even deeper into her throat. She continues to suck him hard and fast, until his moans and pumping hips tell her she is reaching the point of no return and she feels him swell in her mouth. Cassie stops. She doesn't want Brad to cum yet; she has plans for him.

Her lips travel up his body and reaching his mouth, kisses him passionately, their tongues advancing and retreating in a seductive dance. He can feel the extreme heat from her pussy just a breath away from his straining cock, her juices dripping down onto him, coating and running down his shaft like warm honey.

While their lips are occupied Cassie presses down, taking his steel rod into her tight, needy hole. It's so hard for her not to just slam down on him, taking him quickly in one stroke, but she knows from experience how much more pleasurable it is to sink slowly down onto him, really feeling every inch of his long, thick cock feeding into her. She momentarily loses her breath as her body adjusts to accommodate his size. It's such an incredible sensation being stuffed so full, and she loves it!

She starts to move, slow and sensual at first, up and down, and side to side, her hands braced on his chest. But that's not how she really wants and needs it, and soon is riding him hard and fast, as if he were a wild stallion, their bodies wetly slapping together as she slides up and down his cock forcefully. Her breasts are bouncing up and down, he grasps them in his hands, playing with her nipples as he thrusts up into her. Both of them wanting him as deep inside her as is possible.

Then without warning he pushes her over onto her back, moving along with her so he is now on top, his cock never leaving her body. Her squeal of surprise, turns into a delighted moan, feeling him even deeper inside. Cassie almost begs him to fuck her harder, but no need. Brad already knows what she wants and is more than happy to give it, because that's exactly what he wants too.

Their bodies slam against each other repeatedly, his hips a piston as he pile drives his straining cock into her. She wants to go on like this all night, but knows how unrealistic that is. They're both hurtling toward a mind blowing orgasm, instinctively she knows it, can feel it in each of their bodies. She wraps her legs around his waist, heels against his ass, pulling him even deeper, and her arms enfold him. His body is cradled against hers, pressed intimately against her, skin to skin from their joined sex all the way up.

Brad gives one last mighty thrust, then stills, his cock swells even wider, pushing harder against her walls, stretching her even more. Cassie screams. A tidal wave of pleasure rushes through her as they both orgasm together. Brad's cum shoots into her almost as forcefully as the spray from a power washer. Their harmonizing moans are loud and long as he fills her spasming pussy with his rich, thick seed. Her inner muscles trap him, squeezing and milking every drop of cum from his body. Their combined pleasure seems to last forever. Brad doesn't pull out until he has wrung every last bit of pleasure from her body, and her walls no longer ripple around his cock.

He slips from her body, a river of cum flowing out of her now unstuffed hole. Collapsing on top of her, they both try to calm the other, gently stroking whatever body parts they can reach. Soon he turns, pulling her against him, her head rests on his shoulder, hand over his heart slowly running her fingers through his chest hair.

Cassie finally realizes something wrapped in Brad's arms after having given themselves to each other. Neither of them gave their hearts lightly, and once given can't be taken or stolen away. They are a part of each other now, and unlike other men, he is special, and she can trust him. So where once the games and schemes bothered her, they no longer do. Because they have something so precious that others will never have, each other.

So while others tried to extinguish their flame, or make it shine less bright. It only glows even stronger and brighter, protected underground.
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