Lisa asked Dele to go to a customers party with her. Although she was tired she agreed and soon they were in a taxi heading to a warehouse apartment block.

The music was loud when they arrived and there were around 25 people there, a guy from the restaurant came over to chat. He was called Jon and he was in there a couple of nights a week, Dele liked him; he was always polite and never any trouble plus he was a good tipper.

He gave her a tour round the place which was huge, he left her to go chat to some people and she sat and chatted to some of the other people there. Later around 2 am Lisa told her they could stay over and crash on the sofa, although she wanted to go home she was tired so accepted a blanket and lay down.

Around 4 am she awoke it was quite dark she could hear someone moaning softly looking round she could see an open door , a table light was on and she could see Lisa on top of someone, her head thrown back gasping as she pumped her hips on him her breasts bounced. Dele was fascinated watching she pressed her thighs together and wriggled a little her face flushed knowing she should turn away but unable to. Her nipples were swollen and she gave one a squeeze, she almost screamed when a voice said, "You'll go blind."

Turning, she saw Jon. She blushed but in the low light he couldn't see. "It's a nice show" he commented, "mind if I join you to watch?"

Dele slid around a bit and he sat , they both watched the couple fucking in silence. John handed her a drink and sat a little closer, Dele fidgeted and he smiled offering to leave her in peace if he was bothering her, she was so engrossed she just mumbled for him to stay, he slid his arm around her and pulled her closer, his finger tips brushed the side of her breasts, he started to pull back but she didn't seem to mind so he rubbed the pliant flesh, cupping the breast through her bra.

John eased them both into a lying position his arm round her waist. She wriggled back to him and he kissed her shoulder and neck licking down and unclipping her bra feeling the straps pull forward, kissing and sucking her earlobe as he cupped and squeezed her breast, her breathing deepened gently he kissed her jawline then their lips met, gently at first but the passion grew as his fingers pinched and rolled her nipples.

She rolled onto her back and he kissed down to suck and lick her nipples, as he did she slid her hand into his shorts and grabbed his cock stroking the hard rod slowly she could feel precum on the circumcised head, as she stroked he slipped his hand into her panties over the smooth shaved skin and eased her legs apart, his finger gently pressing between her pussy lips easily slipping in as she was so wet, he slid a second finger in slowly pushing and pumping deeper,his thumb massaged her clit her hips thrashed as he bit down on her nipple making her cry out.

Soon she was gasping begging him to stop suddenly her stomach filled with butterflies and she whimpered as she came her pussy flooding around his fingers, her body jerking., he licked his fingers and gave a satisfied mmmmmmmmmm.

Dele turned her head and looked up at him smiling she asked, "Is there anything I can do for you?" he smiled at her then whispered in her ear, "Suck my cock."

Sliding onto the floor she pulled his legs round, he shuffled his shorts off his cock curving up towards his belly, Dele squeezed him pressing it against his stomach and took his balls into her mouth slowly sucking and rolling them with her tongue. She ran her tongue up the underside of his cock slowly flicking it over the hard flesh, as she reached the tip she could taste the sweet/salty head slick with his precum.

Pursing her lips she ran them in a circular motion around the head as her tongue teased the small slit making him gasp, she looked up at him his head thrown back his hands gripping the sofa. He reached down his hand on her head and pushed trying to make her take more of him but she resisted a little, he almost begged, "Suck me deeper".

Slowly Dele took more of him into her mouth then bobbed her head up & down quicker the vacuum of her mouth around him making him cry out, she froze for a second when she felt one of her nipples being pinched making her groan loudly at the same time her legs were pushed apart and she felt something push against and slide into her soaked pussy, penetrating her deeper, then start to slowly pump her. As Lisa's man started to fuck her making her boobs swing he pinched her nipples tight making her body burn.

Her eyes went wide looking up at John, his eyes were hooded as he stroked her cheek, his hips pumping faster and deeper he was gasping. Her pussy was being pumped faster and she pushed her hips faster moaning, John held her head in both hands his back arched and he pushed his cock deeper, he yelled "OH FUCKKKKKkkkkkk."

Dele felt his cock swell then coughed as his cum shot into her throat, 1 jet then a second then a third and finally a fourth, he let go of her head and she pulled her head back gasping for breath, moaning loudly as her pussy gushed around the cock filling her pussy making her squeal , suddenly her breasts were released and his hands gripped her hips hard pulling her back his cum pumped deep into her, he pulled out and shot some of his cum over her ass onto her back, she felt the warm juices cool on her skin.

Dele heard Lisa crying out and turned to see her sat on the sofa her knees pulled up & apart, her pussy wide open both the guys were staring, suddenly Lisa cried out, "Oh Goddddd."

She pulled the 2 fingers from her pussy but teased her clit as she squirted her cum out her eyes closed , john reached over dipping his finger into the warm juice then placed it on Deles lips, he looked at her smiling.
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