Its the little tokens, the surprises we like. My former boyfriend was always sending me flowers, a text saying he's thinking of me. Of course, next text would tell me what he wants to do to me if I wasn't at work. I would return, saying same thing. He'll send me a dirty picture of himself, I would return, sneaking into bathroom, teasing him with a photo of me.

I never had the courage to send him a dirty text, or photo first. It was always him, one day I got my chance, not a text

We took a drive, so did everyone else, we sat in traffic on a two lane road. A wild idea hit me. I checked car in front of us, behind us, and the one next to us. I made my move.

I slid down the seat, then my head was in between the steering wheel and my boyfriend. I quickly undid his pants, Stac..." I pulled his pants and boxers down.

I know I shocked him, but not for long, he became hard in seconds as I sucked him. I never measured him, but I'm guessing seven inches easy. My head soon bobbed up and down, his hand held me down. Whispering, he said, "don't move your head, guy next to us might see."

I was forced to suck him without moving, not feeling his length sliding between my lips. Boyfriend didn't complain, neither did I.

I sucked him, my mouth working him slow, he whimpering, not being able to moan like he always does when I suck him. He did move into my mouth slightly, my hand rubbed his balls. His hand moved down to my ass, in between my legs to rub me. I sucked harder, my tongue going up his shaft, over the head, down the other side.

His hand rubbed me faster, I could feel my juices. I moaned quietly, ran my hand over his stomach, up his chest, before he pushed it down. He was breathing heavy, pushed himself into my mouth some more.

I chanced moving up, I sucked his head, my tongue going wild. He gasped, squeezed in between my legs. I felt my cheeks go in as I sucked on his purple crown.

His hand pushed me down as he pushes him self into my mouth. He cries out, hot, thick cum fills my mouth. He cums so hard, I'm swallowing, but he's cumming too quick, my cheeks bulge. I swallow, then swallow again.

I feel the car move as I suck him, getting last few drops. He says, want to switch?

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