Unexpected Encounter
It was late and very quiet that evening. She looked at the rear view mirror and notice the car was coming fast, she tried to avoid it by changing to slower lane but alas the car screeched and banged one on her side.

She pulled over. not sure if she wants to drive off thinking of her safety or go out and check on the other car which stopped right at the back of her car.

She remembered all the stories like these and cringed. Not sure what to do.

She finally turn off the engine, grab her Prada and stepped out of the car and went to the car behind and saw the driver was leaning on the steering wheel, no air bags,great, she felt alarmed.

She knocked on the window at the driver side and saw slight movement, he is hurt. She opened the door and check his pulse, he groan... I am OK.. leave. I will be fine. Huh, grumpy man, she thought. I don't blame him. He might have bumped his head. Good thing seat belt is on.

She moved to leave but he grabbed her arms and said, "Thanks for coming over to check on me. You should not, silly woman, just call the police and go next time. Please don't ever do this again." He stopped. She waited. " I gather you are fine, good bye then.I am not sure what happened to you just now, what ever it is you were not focused on driving and you could have kill yourself or me, silly man."

"Arkh!...whatever. I am gone"...he caught her hand, pull her close and kissed her, sucking in and tasting her.

In her mind, she thinks he is handsome and his aroma..hemmm, its making her warm deep inside, she missed that warmth....she pushed the feeling aside, fuck off, you fool..that is how she dealt with stuff..push the thought away .....

She struggled, pulled away and gave him a smirk, tricks ... And walked off to her car. Feeling stupid. Started the engine and drove off.

He felt awaken, she taste so sweet and amazing, and her smell, he wants to immerse himself in her...he got out of the car and snap a picture of her registration plate. that was all he could get..

to be continued

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