Unmissable Ms V
She's caught my eye, her yellow dress
so simple too, no fussiness
but oh the cling, look at that seat
magnificent, her arse a treat
and oh her globes, DD at least
in front of me, oh what a feast
her hourglass shape, that hugging belt
it black and wide, I look, I melt
her 5-inch heels, her ankles wrapped
leather fine, the eye-catching strapped
big dangling rings hang from each ear
they're gold and bold, they're solid, dear
this stylish chick, she oozes class
but will I with her get a pass?
Her poise, good looks, and how she moves
then sits I see her restless hooves
she comes alone, but that will change
yes I am in her flirting range

I near, she nods, past the first stile!
we'll talk, flirt, it'll take a while
and have our drinks, exchanges, sips
my words, she smiles, and licks her lips
she likes my voice, I spoke some more
the aim of course, get in her door
things warmed some more, more intimate
I tease a little, dangled some bait
she loved the play, and went along
what progress, could I now go wrong?
I had her talk, what lovely lips
shared anecdotes, exchanged flirt tips
we touched with hands, then had a dance
we cuddled close, she felt my lance
ti's time to go' she said and looked
me in the eye, I had her hooked
or she had me, well we would see
what honey sweetness from this bee?

We made her place, come in, come in'
coffee then or stronger, say gin?'
A coffee's fine and shall I help?'
I tapped her arse, she gave a yelp
you naughty boy but is that all
I will play ball, but make each call
well at the start, then yes your turn
so yes have fun, fun with my stern'
I sat , she bent, upon my lap
I raised my hand, I gave a slap
more, more, and harder please she said
I will and it will make you red'
Well raise my skirt, a proper slap
yes muscle up, act like a chap'
oh how she wriggled, squirmed each hit
I bet by now was wet her clit
I stopped, adjusted, leaned and bit
oh moans from her, with this her smit
And I was hard, it was my turn
her mouth my cock, or I would burn
burn with the ache, she sunk on me
oh beautiful, she loved my tree
was forest time, her forest wet
I reached the edge, oh I was set
in slow or fast?' I asked Ms V
I'll sense the perfume like a bee?'

Oh I am ready ram him in
please ravage me my wet cabin
your lovely cock for me, win, win
oh yes you grin, so give a spin'
Oh in and out, what joy for both
I dirty talked, she loved each oath
this randy bitch she wanted more
I rammed and rammed right to her core
oh what a fuck this lovely slut
I tweaked her nipples, gripped her butt
Oh lovely woman what a night
to fuck with you, perfect, just right
I oiled her arse, oh great it's tight
I'll grind with might and be your knight'
Then to the shower, and lots of soap
just every inch each other grope
and kiss and fuck again with lust
her nipples hard, that gorgeous bust
We fucked and fucked and fucked some more
and gave each other THE top score

To bed to rest I soon asleep
then morning woke she had him deep
she'd made him big, insatiable
I want him now, behind, table'
And frisky too, she went to it
oh she oozed lust, I had the kit
I sprang across, I knelt, gave bite
to her arse globes, them perfect, right
the bites and nibbles, licking too
she loved it, loved it, oo, oo, oo'
but most of all now fuck me hard
just ram that cock right up my yard'
I did, I did, and shot my lot
and she screamed loud, I'd hit the spot.
We'd meet again, meet very soon
Please make it soon, this afternoon?'!
arthur 3oct11
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