Unspeakable Passion
Daniel had always been an attentive lover. He'd always put my needs way before his. That's probably why we'd moved in with one another as quickly as we had. Things had been great from the beginning. He didn't seem to mind sharing his space. In return I hadn't minded cooking and cleaning for him. That along with a few extra things I enjoyed as well..

On this particular day I had been horny all day. I had masturbated several times. Nothing would soothe my itch. So after I'd given myself the fourth orgasm of the day, I decided I was in the mood for something special. I took a nice long bath.

Curled my honey blond hair. Then I had applied just enough makeup to look sexy. Daniel had always said he liked some, just not a lot. So I had kept it light today. I had put on mascara and lipstick. The rest I'd let go. Then instead of getting fully dressed. I put on a transparent apron. I had previously purchased it, for an occasion just like this.

I had taken my time preparing supper tonight. I made all of his favorites. He loved lemon peppered chicken, mashed potatoes with brown gravy and peas. I had topped it off with yeast rolls and an orange Jell-O cake that he loved. Then I waited.

It felt like hours ticked by. It wasn't, it was merely 45 minutes. Those were the longest minutes I had ever spent. Finally I heard the gravel crunch in the driveway. I knew it was Daniel. He was right on time as always. I eased behind the living room door and waited.

Now Daniel was a police officer. I probably should've mentioned this sooner. Policemen as you may or may not know, always have to be on their guard. They listen to every sound. Anything that doesn't have a familiar tone...

They naturally check things out to make sure things are fine. Why I thought today would be any different I had no idea. Normally Daniel would've called me from the station at least once throughout the day. Today he hadn't, I had just figured he was busy.

I heard the key slip into the deadbolt first. It turned slowly as normal. Then the door lock itself turned. I braced myself and waited to fly into my lover's arms. The door eased open and I could see Daniel in the mirror facing the doorway.

He had a bewildered look on his face. I had lit candles throughout the house. The scent was that of warm black cherry. It was my favorite and he seemed to like them as well. In one swift movement he slipped inside and shut the door silently behind him. It was as if he were trying to sneak inside.

"Daniel..." was the only word I could get out of my mouth, before he had me pressed against the door. His strong forearm was against my throat. His dark brown eyes were nearly black. I could feel his heart pounding viciously against my palms.

I was trying to push back. Once he saw it was me, he eased his grip but kept it there. His eyes were haunted as if he'd just seen a ghost. They went from my neatly curled honey waves, to the deep red lipstick, that made my lips seem fuller. Downward, he seemed to take in every curve of my body. He was as tight as a banjo string.

Suddenly he shifted, his forearm was moved. Only to be replaced by his strong palm. He never said a word.

Instead his mouth came crashing down on mine. It was such a passionate fury. I never thought to struggle. Instead I kissed back just as intensely. With his fingers holding my throat captive. I started ripping at his shirt. Popping the snaps open one at a time. My fingers quickly had them torn apart and open. My fingers were trembling as I unbuckled his gun belt. His mouth never left mine. Once the buckle fell apart I threw it over the coat tree. My fingers went back to his pants. I couldn't get them open fast enough. Once the button was open and the zipper was shoved down, his pants fell to his ankles.

The weight in his pockets had been just enough. I couldn't help but cry out with desire. When my fingers wrapped around his hard shaft. He was more than ready for me. The thick round head of his cock was already dripping for me.

He shifted again. This time his strong hands had slid down my body. His palms had taken the time to roughly cradle my tits. His soft tongue darted over each one. He had always been aggressive but never like this. I wasn't about to question why. I wanted to drown in the moment. He tugged the apron up out of the way. Sliding his hands down my hips to the back of my thighs. His grip was tight but gentle, all at the same time. He hoisted me up and ground between my thighs.

My cries were muffled by his demanding kisses. Kisses that I was more than eager to return. My arms had wrapped around his neck pulling him into me tighter. His hand on my left thigh disappeared for a moment. Then was it was back on my thigh.

I felt the hard tip of his leaking cock press up between my shaven folds. I was already soaking wet. I was needing him so desperately. He must've felt my desires. Instead of going slow as he normally did the first thrust. He gave it all to me in one swift shove.

I cried out. pressing back against the door. It wasn't enough he needed more and today it was all about him. He drove in deeper, harder, faster. Taking everything he wanted. Taking everything he needed. His fingers bore into my tender flesh. Leaving bruises everywhere they bit into me. Normally it would've been a pain I could've done without. Today however it was the pain I had been craving. He drove in harder, faster. His hungry mouth devoured mine. Our tongues battled like hateful warriors. Trying to spear one another's mouths.

In one loud primal growl it was over. His cock spasm inside of me once, twice, then the third time he held himself deep within. The primal was over. Now it was back to the caring man I loved. I was so full of love for him it ran down his thighs. My honey mixed with his massive cum shots.

His lips had suddenly went from ravishing. From bruising mine to tenderly kneading them. As his lips loved me. I felt his hand move again. This time I heard the familiar clicks of the door. His shoes slide off his feet and hit the floor. Then the shuffle of his pants sliding off his feet. By this time he would've normally gone soft inside of me. This time was different. He was still as hard and as needy as he had started out being. His strong hands slid around my thighs to cup my ass. He carried me off to bed. I chuckled as he laid down on the bed with me. He kept himself inside of me.

"What about supper? I fixed all your favorites."

He replied in one word. "Later," then it was on again. He began moving inside of me all over.

We made love that evening for hours. By the time he was finished with me. The wild burning fire inside me had finally been quenched. We curled up on a rug in front of the fire and ate our supper quietly. Then he explained about a murder that he had to investigate. How he had been the first on the scene. How he had been terrified that the murderer was still inside the house. How he saw his life flash before his eyes.

At that point he had realized just how much I meant to him. He asked me to get his pants for him. I gave him a baffled look but did as he requested. He searched through the pockets as I settled back between his thighs. Our naked flesh felt as one warm glowing ember. He pulled a small maroon velvet box from his front pocket.

His look was somewhat shy when he looked up at me.

"When I came in and saw all the candles. I smelled the supper but didn't see you. I was so afraid that someone had came while I was gone. That I had been to late to save you."

I couldn't stop the tears that silently slid down my pale face. I knew Daniel loved me. I had known it for a long time. I just had no idea how much until this moment. The box gave a little screech as it came open. Inside was a single gold band with a diamond cluster inside.

"Before I ask you what I want to ask you. I need to ask you something else and please be honest with me." I looked at him. Confusion with tears clouded my vision.

"Did I hurt you, please tell me I didn't hurt you?"

I laughed softly breathlessly, my hand eased out and caressed his cheek. My voice had left me and all that was left was choked words.

"No my darling man, you didn't hurt me at all. You finally put the fire inside me at bay. The fire that had been burning out of control for you all day long."

He smiled his little boyish smile and said timidly, "In that case will you be my wife?"

More tears flooded my eyes. They spilled down my face in flowing rivers. At this point my voice was totally amiss. I couldn't speak I nodded vigorously. My lips came crashing down on his in a demanding kiss.

He groaned in return and muttered huskily, "I'll take that as a yes."

He slid the golden band around my finger.

We made love again that night. We showered together saying as little as possible. Then we fell asleep cradled in one another's arms. The arms I knew I would spend the rest of my life within.

The End
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