Up Front, Out Back- 12- No More Pain.

In the morning they rose with the sun. The air had cooled and the fresh vitality of dawn was beautiful. They climbed out of the ute and set to work. While he lit the fire and started breakfast, Rochelle fiddled with her cameras. With breakfast cooking they sat on the tailgate and watched the flames lick around the billy. Rochelle started touching. Deep into her slit she probed with her fingers. He watched.

"What color is my clit?" she asked.

"Pink," he said, as he looked, while she held herself open for him. "Is everything pink," she asked.

"Yes, it is." They sat for a while pondering.

"It's a healthy pink?"

"I think so." He kissed her.


"Does it hurt," he asked.

"No." They looked at each other a moment longer. Then she jumped off the tailgate, and laughed as she ran. He watched the cheeks of her bum and when she turned to taunt him, her breasts shook with the movement. She leaned forward, poked her tongue out at him and giggled.

He watched her breasts hang, free of her chest as she leaned forward to blow him a raspberry. When she saw him begin to move she turned and started to run again. He was fascinated that as her breasts swung from side to side he caught glimpses of them from behind. He chased her and caught her. They were both laughing as she tried to escape. He picked her up, put her over his shoulder and started to carry her back to the ute.

"Help! Help!" she shouted and drummed her hands on his back.

"Help! Someone, help!" and she laughed. "I'm a virgin! Help me please! I don't want to be a virgin anymore!" They were both laughing. "Jeff is going to fuck me! Jeff is going to fuck me!" she sang in a loud voice that undulated with his movement as he carried her. "Yippee, fuck me, Jeffie! Nail me properly! Stick it in and do me, Jeffie, I want it, I want you, for so long I've wanted you! Now I'm going to get it, woohoo, now I'm going to get it, yippee, good and proper, with your whopper, hooray!" and she ended by shouting, "At last, at fucking last!"

The sigh of breeze carried her voice over the saltbush. Not a soul heard in the empty amphitheatre. A top knot pigeon disturbed by the raucous singing threw its self up into the air with a metallic clamor of wings and circled to watch.

They both laughed. She hung down his back, her long hair and arms, limp, hung past his knees. She lifted her arms and put them around him, she quickly found his cock. It was erect and hard. Soon it would be in her and she could barely wait. She teased it with fingers soft and knowing. She held his balls and gently fondled them, teased his juices to a boil and did her best to excite him.

Quickly they were back at the ute. He put her down.

"Stay there!" he said, and he cleared the mattress of all the accumulated paraphernalia that had collected overnight. Then he pulled it out of the ute and carried it to where Rochelle suggested it be put. He grabbed the bedding out of the ute and carried it to the mattress while Rochelle adjusted the camera.

"Now!" he announced and Rochelle giggled. He walked towards her as she backed away. Then she turned and ran. Again he chased her. He loved watching her run, her hair, her ass, her breasts, all of her moved with a grace he hadn't expected. She was beautiful and her laughter challenged him. He wanted her. He had been teased for so long. How he wanted her. For so long he'd dreamed, he'd hoped, that one day ... He caught her, gathered her into his arms and carried her as she held his face in her hands and kissed him. He lifted her higher and sucked her nipple.

"Jeffie's going to fuck me," she sang, "I've waited so long, bring it on!" She wriggled a little and without a lot of effort she grabbed his cock. While one hand worked his cock, she played with his balls and teased. She relished her role as temptress. It had been a long time since she felt wanted.

He put her down on the mattress and pinned her there, on her back. She was quiet as she watched and waited, her arms spread with her breasts between, kissed by the sun. He took her nipple in his mouth and sucked, while with his hands he caressed her other breast. She watched as he played with her tits, as he ravished them with his mouth and hands. He kissed them, kissed around them, licked her nipples and areolas. Suddenly he launched himself to kiss her forehead. She closed her eyes in time, for him to lick her eyelids, and then he kissed the tip of her nose.

His lips met hers and they kissed, with mouths open and tongues sharing, he kissed her. As he withdrew, he caught her bottom lip and sucked it in to his mouth. He moved to her chin, it broke the vacuum and her bottom lip slipped out as he kissed her chin. Down to her neck and on between her collarbones, he followed her breast bone to leave a wet kiss trail. Between her breasts and down, off her breastbone onto her belly he kissed to her bellybutton. He probed it with his tongue and she squirmed.

Then his kisses deviated, their trail was going to her leg. She moved, wanting to help, wanting his mouth on her sex as soon as possible but he followed her movement, kissed past her sex and on down her leg. She moaned with frustration. Then he slid his kiss trail to the inner thigh and kissed up it. She held her breath expectantly and spread her legs in invitation, but suddenly there was another deviation. Up her thigh his kiss trail went, around her sex and down her other leg. As before, he slid down to her inner thigh and then, quickly, his kisses went around her sex again as she tried to trap them where she wanted them

She sighed with exasperation, she lifted her sex up to him, tempted him, but he slowly kissed his way around her pubic patch. Then he reversed direction to kiss his way around her sex and as he did he picked up her pubic hair in his lips and gave it gentle tugs. She spread her legs wider to tempt him. Slowly he drew nearer to her slit, its wetness shone in the sun as he lavished around it with care and edged closer to frustrate her with every pass he made.

Suddenly he speared her with his tongue, he breached her pussy as he went down her slit, and plunged into her opening. She screamed with delight, she raised her pussy to get more of him and his tongue was gone. He kissed her sensitive tissues and sucked them into his mouth. He tugged at them gently, and though wet, for Rochelle they seemed to be on fire. Slowly he sucked his way up her pussy and then let go. She was surprised as he waited a moment, as he breathed in her scent, as she arched her back to thrust her sex at his mouth. The hesitation was unbearable for her. His lips went to her labia, and slowly he sucked. He could feel the rasp of her stubble on his lips, it felt good.

She felt her clit rise into his mouth and he touched it with his tongue. She wailed with the shock of electricity that coursed through her. He tugged gently at her clit, as he drew it out of its protective tissues, isolated it and swiped his tongue over it. Her hips rose and fell, rose again and he dropped her clitoris as the suction broke. She felt it, engorged as it stood in her tissues so soft. She felt his fingers enter her and feel around, touching deep as they explored, finding the firm structures among the softness. He withdrew to pinch up her clitoris, touch it gently with his finger and exposed, available, he lashed it with his tongue.

She watched; she could see his enthusiasm and the throb of his purple headed monster. She wanted him, her legs were open with her pussy spread so wide. She wanted him inside; to feel him fill her, feel the throb. Her invitation couldn't be greater. The mission of exploration was thorough. She urged him to continue; her hands soothed his head, curled his hair and tugged his ears. She moaned delighted murmurs of pleasure as he sought her erotic touch stones and drew her unrehearsed responses. She was wet, so wet, as fluids flooded from her, and the heat of her excitement demanded more.

"Now! Now!" she whimpered and with her fingers wrapped in his hair she pulled. He made the adjustments and she reached forward to help. She held his cock as he pushed forward and entered her, a little, and retracted. Located well for the next drive, she pulled his ears as he pushed and his cock slid into her, it spread her walls as it went, then he withdrew a little, again, and with a sudden thrust he rammed it all the way home. She held her breath as she felt him, felt the changes he had caused, her walls stretched and her pussy filled.

She sighed as he began to move, in and out, gently. She wanted him, more of him and she thrust against him. She wrapped her legs around him and held him in her. She threw her arms around him, pulled him to her and squashed her breasts with his hard chest. Together they fucked; each challenging, each hunting the essence of the other. They worked, thrust at each other, with the force and speed of each thrust increased until suddenly he yelped, he tensed and with extra capacity thrusts he came, his slippery essence flooded her and she held him tighter. She felt every spurt he made, his face crunched into a wrinkle of bliss and she wished she was coming too.

He continued his thrusts until he was done, his cock began to lose its dimensions and he quickly dismounted, he pushed his fingers inside her and quickly stroked. His fingers were high in her as he rubbed and her thoughts changed from disappointment. Suddenly her hips rose and with a scream she felt a shot of liquid leave her, she started to tremble and then convulse as she jumped around on the mattress, her breathing jarred by the spasms as she hungered for air and stuttered with the tension in her body. He watched, held her as she bounced around, and slowly she stopped. She threw her arms around him and exhausted they lay together.

She started to giggle. They both giggled and laughed.

"I was so worried," she whispered, "so worried that after all this time..."

"Me too." He kissed her.

"After so much build up, I was worried..."

"It's been so long ..."

"But, that was beautiful. So beautiful." He pulled at a nipple with his lips and kissed her again, his huge hands cradled her face as they kissed.

"Mmm. You're beautiful. For so long I dreamed of you and hoped." She put a finger in his hair and twirled it. With eyes large they looked at each other, quiet as they absorbed each other.

"I want it again. Again and again! I want you."

He didn't reply but moved to kneel over her and she spread her legs again. With his fingers in her pussy he rubbed until another shot flew out and she was again cantilevering around on the mattress.

"Enough," she shouted. "Wow! Fantastic!" She cradled her pussy with her hand and waited for it to settle. Then she leapt up and as she ran she laughed, her breasts catapulted around and she jumped more to make them bounce higher.

"Wow! Woo hoo! So good!" she shrieked. Then she stopped, did a pirouette and watched her breasts fly out from her chest. She did it again, this time with her hands held above her head as her breasts flew around extended from her body as she gathered momentum. She stopped and leapt to watch her breasts bounce again. Then she stood still.

"You know, a few days ago,
this was a dream,
but, I've been fucked,
good and proper,
well reamed,
well creamed,
by Jeffie's whopper!
Thank you.
Thank you so much!"

She turned a slow pirouette as she held her breasts out to him. Then she went to him. He wrapped his arms around her as she lay beside him and kissed him.

"It feels so good. Thank you, you wonderful man," and she put her hands between her legs, gathered the slick wetness and rubbed it over her breasts. He smiled back at her, hugged her to him and kissed her as her hand went to his balls and held them.

"You know," she said, as she looked around, "this is the biggest bedroom I've ever been fucked in." They smiled together and kissed again. He placed his hand over her mound.

"If I have my way, it won't be the only time." His finger sank into her slit and still, was surrounded by her wet warmth.

"I'm glad you said that!" She gave his balls a gentle squeeze. "I want more from these." They kissed.

To be continued.

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