Up Front, Out Back 3 - Summer Clothes
Summer Clothes

The trip to the supermarket was difficult for Rochelle and so easy for Jeff. Though he drove sedately and drove well, she was sure she had damaged the floor pan because she had maintained her reflex responses of driving. She knew Jeff was driving correctly on the left hand side of the road but it felt wrong, it seemed so dangerous. She had never wondered before about how instinctual driving had become for her. The dull resonance of the laden ute was reassuring and she hoped that she would soon grow accustomed to driving on the "wrong" side of the road.

At the department store she had trouble finding her size; she had no idea of metric measurements. Jeff was patient and helpful but she thought he might have other things to do and suggested that he return in an hour. He was hesitant but left her as he felt that he was intruding.

In the hardware section he found the mouse traps and after looking left and right, with dexterity and speed, he set as many as he could. He left them on the shelf, cocked ready to catch the unwary. When the space was full he wandered down the aisle to watch and wait. He carefully examined every bag of plaster and grout in front of him on the shelf as he watched. It was with some disappointment that the remainder of the hour elapsed without any entertainment.

Rochelle was pleased to see him return and showed him the clothes she had selected.

"Have you tried them on?" he asked.

"Of course," she said with a grin and they went to pay. He had his bank card out and paid, in spite of Rochelle's protests. On their way out they went past the hard ware section and he lingered at the mouse trap aisle.

Home again, she went inside to change into her new summer clothes and leave the winter ones there. As he locked the house he checked that everything was secure. Then he sat on the step of the porch and waited. Eventually Rochelle was ready. She came out of the front door and he looked up to watch her pull the front door shut.

Her neckline plunged much deeper than he expected and he could see more of her breasts than he could have hoped for. Her nipples were covered but they weren't hidden. They stood out for his inspection and he could see that they were large. The tented fabric around them was stretched and he wondered whether he could see a glimmer of her color through it. He wrenched his eyes away and the haven they fled to offered no respite.

She had the shortest of shorts on, pulled up tight into her sex, and he could see her lips pushed to the sides. He looked at her face and she was watching him, her tongue wiped her top lip. She said nothing. She raised her hands above her head, and as she did her breasts rose. He thought he could see the edge of her areola. The bottom of her shirt ballooned out in front of her and he could see the smooth rounded bottoms of her breasts. She turned a slow pirouette to show him her new clothes. She seemed pleased that he was still sitting on the porch step looking up. Her shorts were deep in the crack of her bum. Her top was almost backless and he could see the soft swellings that were the beginnings of her breasts, before they were covered by her top.

"Mmmm!" he murmured.

"Like it?" she asked.

"Mmmm!" he responded, this time so that she could hear. She stooped, he took her hand, paused a moment to take a last longing look at the bottoms of her breasts and stood. She giggled when she saw his eyes change their focus to her cleavage and the tops of her breasts. She was pleased with her purchases
"Are we ready?" she asked.
"I think so," he replied.
"Well, let's go." They walked to the ute and he held the door open as she got in. She bent low so he couldn't avoid looking down her top. He got in and turned the key. With a rumble and shake the ute started and they were on their way.

Ute- pick up truck.

To be continued.

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