Update to my hubby watching me get fucked
An up to date story on my husband Scott. My husband likes to watch me get fucked

As you know in my previous story that I caught my hubby fucking my sister. It turns out that when I suggested he watch me get fucked he really got turned on. So much after the guys left he would have me sit on his face as he suck there cum out of my pussy. He would bring guys home for me to fuck, and I am not complaining one bit here.

One night he brought these 2 really good looking guys home and OMG did there have huge cocks.Well after they finished me off, I went to take a hot bath, when I returned there was my hubby and these 2 guys. Scott was sucking one of them and the other was fucking my husband's asshole like crazy. I have to admit it really turned me on to the fact I fucked all three of them again.

After they left we talked about, how his new found interest in guys were , He told me he had always wanted to try sucking another guys cock I told him I would go along with it.

Well it went out of proportion. We went to this party in Vegas I guess he got fucked by 5 guys and sucked, I don't how many cocks that night. We almost split up over this. For the last month or so it has kind of calmed down.

At least I thought. I came home last week and I heard some moaning in our guest bedroom. I walked in and there was my hubby fully dress as a women. I mean from high heels nylons, garter belt, bustier, a black shoulder length wig and make up. There was 2 other cross dress people there to. My hubby had his mouth on this guys cock and the other was fucking his ass hard.

I was dumb founded not knowing what to do. I called my friend Shelly and told her the whole story. She told me she was having a special party last weekend and told me to bring Scott with me. Let me tell you about Shelly, She and her guests never wear clothing in her house. There is usually 3 or 4 transsexuals and 3 or 4 guys with huge cocks there plus a few lesbians,

Well we went, he was all excited, cause I dressed him up and really slutty. When we showed up these transsexuals took him into one of the play rooms. I didn't see him all night. I left like at 3 am in the morning.

Shelly called me Sunday morning to pick him up. When I got there he was completely naked and tied up in the leather swing. He was drenched in cum and piss. His asshole had a huge rubber cock shoved up it. I pulled it out and he moaned. His hole was so big I could have stuck both my fisted up there.

I ask Shelly how did he do? she told me she thinks he had sexual experience to the point she told me he was like talking in tongues. She put a robe on him, couldn't find what he was wearing. We got home and as he told me what happen, he started to shake, and told me never, never take him there again
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