Urgent Return
The familiar ding of the elevator sounded just before the doors slid open. A man dressed in camo with dark hair and blue eyes gave a single nod. As he stepped onto the elevator. Ann smiled and watched as the doors slid closed once more. As each floor came and went the elevator stopped often and the passengers dwindled down until only the two were left. As the last floor passed. She lowered her gaze and acted as tho she waited for her floor.

When the elevator stopped on the roof. She stepped out of the elevator onto the roof. The man in uniform stepped out behind her. After pushing the button to send the elevator back to the ground floor. As the doors closed once more. A ding sounded. As if they were to fighters ready for their first round. Her purse fell to the roof top. His arms wrapped around her waist. His arms felt like bands of steel. They pulled her tight against his body. Their lips meet and melt into a deep kiss. His tongue drove past her lips. Possessively it devoured her mouth. She eagerly meet his hungry kiss. Tho her arms had wrapped around his neck. Her fingers plowed through his dark hair.

He sucked the air from her lungs. She gave it only to steal it back. Every inch of their body's pressed together as tightly as the clothing would allow. The fullness of her breasts were mashed to his massive chest. She could feel the beat of his heart pounding against them or was it her own. Their tongues wrestled for control. She would give it up only to take over again. A raise from her right leg allowed her thigh to grind over him in all the right places. He was hard. She moaned breathlessly. She had worn a yellow sundress covered in small blue flowers. His fingers had been lethally fast in unbuttoning the top.

She had not even noticed his hand had moved. Yet now her breasts were revealed. Skillfully he cupped her breast within his palm and feasted from her nipple. Her head fell back. A throaty moan was lost from her lips. She growled lustfully but knew not to question. It had been months. He was hungry and nothing would stand in his way. One of the qualities she loved about him. When he had something in his sights that he wanted. He would have it. Her fingers trembled as she tugged at his pants. Her teeth sank into her bottom lip. As her fingers curled around his cock the second it came without restraint.

A sharp hiss slipped her lips. He was rigid hard. She could feel his pulse within the thickness. He growled as if he were a wild animal. Quicker than a snake could strike. He pushed her dress up. He had always loved the feel of material ripping within his grip and she had not displeased him today. She had worn her favorite pair of silk panties. In a quick jerk. The material ripped. Another tore the material from her body. He found her wet and aching. As his fingers pushed inside her. Velvet walls clinched around them greedily. The sound of her helpless whimper was more than he could stand. His hands slid over the cheeks of her ass. In one fluid motion he lifted her up and pressed her back against the wall.

His mouth crushed hers with a maddening kiss. Her lips would be bruised. Of that she had no doubts. The thoughts of it thrilled her. Knowing that in days to come she would not only think of him but feel him with every lick. Roughly his mouth left hers and traveled down her neck. She writhed against him as much as the position would allow. The second his cockhead slid along her bare slick slit she gasped. Fingers curled in his short hair. The cap he had been wearing already discarded to the roof. Left her plenty of room to play. He pushed up again.

Every sensation within her screamed for him to feel her. He loved to tease and to play. Even tho he was enjoying the play of the moment. She knew it wouldn't last much longer. In one quickening thrust. The bulbous head pierced the velvet opening and drove in deep. She cried out in delight. Her fingers dug into the back of his shoulders. She held on tightly.

With legs wrapped around his waist he hammered within her ruthlessly holding nothing back. Her honey trickled down his length leaving him slick. Her mouth fell back to his. As their lips collided their tongues met viciously. his hips jack hammering drilling himself into her wildly. She whimpered into his mouth. He swallowed it but he didn't slow for even a second. He growled loudly as the sensations became to much.

She could feel him twitching deep inside her. His mouth devoured hers hungrily. She screamed helplessly as her orgasm over took her. Hot tight walls a velvet glove soaking in her honey gripped him tighter quivering around him. They came together violently. As quickly as the afternoon had begun. It now ended. He held her against the wall and sipped her lips. His blue eyes glimmered with delight. A boyish smile played on his lips and she couldn't help but to grin in return. The tip of her nose gently brushed his. Tears of joy filled their eyes. As dreams from previous days finally became a reality.

She whispered softly past the knot gripping her throat. "I love you with all of me..." He kissed her lips and whispered in return. "I love you so much." As he let her down from the wall. She grinned at him shyly and tucked a strand of hair behind her right ear. He zipped his pants and reached down grabbing his cap and her purse. He handed her purse to her and put his cap back onto his head. She slid her arm around his elbow. Their fingers intertwined. He pushed the button for the elevator. As the door slid open she stepped onto it with him. She could feel their love making trickling down her inner thighs. As they stepped onto the elevator together they smiled knowingly to one another.
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