V-9 Attraction...Our first meeting
We write our private letters,for our eyes only.We share our thoughts and write about our pleasing pleasures.We each turn the other on,we've never met or ever seen one another,yet I know you are beautiful.I get all hard and tingling,excited like a school boy in love for the first time when I sign on to V-9 and my New Mail pops up saying you have unread mail and it's from you.Like a kid at christmas I can't hardly wait to open your letter to me.Just seeing your avatar pop up makes me hard and start to leak precum before I ever start to read what you have written.


Your letters start out with a sweet greeting then you go on to say how my last reply made your pussy so wet and how hard you cum to what I have told you.This makes me even harder and more excited and yes my dick pours out more precum just reading your return reply.We tell each of what we've done and what we will do next.I picture us together on a special day of meeting for the first time...

********OUR MEETING********

I kiss your hand and then your sweet pouting lips.We escape to some place more secluded and private even though we both love the thought of being naughty in public,with the chance of getting caught.You almost attack me once we're alone kissing me deeply,our tongues are twisting our breaths are quick. My hands go to your nipples,finding them already hard to my touch. You take my free hand and push it down into you short dress only to find you have not any panties.You keep guiding my hand until it finds your wet spot.Your pussy is so hot and wet.You take your free hand and undo my belt and pants to get at my hard cock. Once you've found your way in you slowly pull at my stiff cock sliding your soft and tender hand slowly up and down my full length,matching the rhythm of my finger going in and out of your dripping pussy. You are not shaved as I like but I can tell your hair is short and well kept,I can smell your sweet aroma and find myself wishing I could drink your sweet nectar.


I have longed for this moment,it seems for ever.I don't want to rush this beautiful moment but I want so bad to taste you and most of all I want to finally put my hard dick in the tight hole that up until now I have only dreamed of.I know you are going to be incredible,so tight,so good and sweet that I'm going to have to be very careful or I will cum much to quickly due to the excitement of this fantasy finally coming to life.
We break our hold and gain our composure to go back into public to get to my motel.Once we've reached the privacy of my room we each remove the others clothes. Oh my lord this is a dream that has came true.You are breath taking standing there with nothing on but a smile.......continued
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