Vacation Adventure
My wife and I recently took a little time off and traveled to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, specifically to see lighthouses. My wife loves lighthouses and has a collection of Lefton lighthouses. Also, being history buffs, we wanted to visit Kitty Hawk and walk the grounds where Orville and Wilbur made aviation history.

We arrived and settled into our hotel room. We were not too thrilled with the room, but the location could not be beat. We only had to walk about 20 feet to be on the beach. As we strolled along the beach on our first night, the weather started to change and a thunderstorm was moving into the area. The changing colors of the sky along the ocean horizon were spectacular. We walked along hand in hand picking up seas shells and enjoying the view.

As the winds picked up, we decided we better get back to our room. It started to rain and so we ended up running the last stretch so that we did not get too soaked. It was too late, we got drenched. When we got into the room, we looked at each other and started to laugh. We looked like drowned rats! Our clothes were soaked and matted to our bodies.

As I looked at Cate, I noticed how her blouse was nearly see-thru and her lace bra was easily visible. Also, with the change in temperature from the warm rain outside to the coolness of the air-conditioned room, her nipples were hard and that was making me hard as well. That is when she noticed my hardness and the fact that I did not have anything on beneath my linen short pants. She could see my hard cock pressing against the wet material and it was very nearly as see-thru as her blouse.

I am not sure how long we looked at each other, it seemed like forever, but was probably only a matter of seconds. We then realized that our laughter had stopped and we moved closer. We both had the same thing in mind and we started taking each other's clothes off as fast as we could. It took only seconds and we were standing there naked, both her nipples and my cock were hard and pointing at each other.

We jumped onto the bed and I immediately went for those nipples, licking, sucking and nibbling. I was grinding my hard cock into her leg as I sucked her tits. I then moved a hand slowly down her stomach. As I got closer to her sweet pussy, she started to spread her legs. As she did this, she rubbed her leg even harder against my cock.

When my fingers found their goal, one finger, then two slipped in so easy. She was so juicy and lifted her ass off the bed to meet my fingers. I moved from tit to tit, sucking and now biting and she was fucking my fingers. I started to move, getting up on my knees beside her so that she could reach my cock.

I continued sucking her tits and finger fucking her, and squeezing her clit, while she had one hand on my cock and the other playing with my balls. Suddenly, she pushed me onto my back and mounted me, taking my cock deep into her juicy pussy. I grabbed her tits as she bounced up and down. It was obvious that we were both very turned on because it did not take long for me to shoot my load deep inside of her and then she also came. After which she just stopped, sitting there with my cock buried in her pussy and my hands on her tits. It was at that moment that we both saw movement out of the corner of our eyes and realized that we had not closed the curtain on our window. I turned to see who was out there and saw a lady turn and start to walk away.

We both looked at each other and at the same time said, "Oh shit!" Cate jumped up and headed for the bathroom and I quickly closed the shade. I pulled on my short pants and stepped outside the room to see if I could see who the lady was. When I first looked up from the bed, I thought I recognized her face, but was not sure.

About three or four doors down the sidewalk there was a lady walking away from me. She turned to look back when she heard my door close when I stepped outside. I then realized that it was someone I had seen before. I could not believe it, it was Sue from V9, I was sure of it. I called her name and she stopped, turned completely around and started to walk back towards me. I called her name again and she said yes and she asked how I knew her name.

I told her who I was and she was so surprised. We had exchanged a few pictures during our chats on V9. Sue had shared a couple of pictures of her in a skimpy blue bikini and I had recognized her face and her auburn hair. As she got closer to me, I could tell that her pictures did not do her justice. She was gorgeous and her curves were fantastic. (She had only seen pictures of my cock and thus did not know what I looked like.)

When we were face to face, I just stood there and looked at her, head to toe. I, of course, spent a long time looking at those wonderful tits. They were straining to jump out of the skimpy blouse that she had on. As I looked, seeing her in the flesh started to have the same affect on me that looking at her pictures do. My cock was quickly getting hard. I had on only the wet linen shorts and they were still nearly see-thru and my cock was pushing hard against the wet material.

Sue looked down and said, "Now that I recognize!" Without saying anything else or even stopping to think, she reached down and grabbed my cock through my pants. As she did, she kind of jumped back and pulled her hand back. She was apologizing, saying that she had imagined grabbing that cock and when it was right there she just could not help herself.

By this time, my wife had put on some clothes and she came out of our room to see where I was. She walked to where Sue and I were standing and I introduced the two ladies. I told Cate that Sue had come all the way from Maryland. Sue said that she did not mean to watch us, but when she had walked by and saw what was happening she could not help herself. Cate told her it was okay, because we should have closed the shade. Sue then added that by the way, she enjoyed what she saw.

Just then it started to rain again and we quickly ran back to our room. I closed the door and when I turned back towards the ladies, I could not help but noticing that there were two sets of nipples staring at me and my cock was hard in an instant. I said nothing and just started taking my shorts off. Out jumped my rock hard cock and I stepped closer to the ladies. Both reach out and grabbed my cock. I was in heaven. My dreams had come true. I had two beautiful ladies and they were both playing with my cock. What more could a guy wish for.

After a short while I stepped back, saying that it was not fair, here I was naked and they both still had their clothes on. Sue turned towards Cate and just reached out and started unbuttoning her blouse. Cate stood still while Sue removed her blouse (she had not taken the time to put her bra back on) and then Sue unsnapped Cate's short pants and slowly slid them down. When they got below her hips they dropped to the floor and Cate stepped out of them. She was now totally naked. Sue reached up and caressed Cate's tits with both hands. Sue squeezed and fondled and then pinched Cate's nipples.

I was in awe as I stood there watching what was unfolding in front of me. My wife was naked and another woman was playing with her tits. I instinctively reach down and started to stroke my cock as I watched. My cock felt harder than it ever had been as I enjoyed what was happening.

Cate seemed to be in a trance as Sue continued to play with her tits. Sue then leaned down and took one nipple into her mouth and Cate gasped. Sue moved from one tit to the other sucking and licking each tit. She then moved up and kissed Cate on the lips, not a quick peck, but a long lingering kiss. I was amazed when I saw Cate open her lips and reach her tongue out into Sue's mouth. I had to stop jacking off for a moment or I would shoot a load right then.

Cate then stepped back a little and started to take Sue's clothes off. She removed Sue's blouse to reveal a very sexy black lacy bra that barely covered her nipples. She then took of Sue's short pants to find a matching pair of black lacy underwear, barely more than a thong. Cate just kind of stopped and was looking at Sue, so Sue slowly reached up, unhooking the front clasp on the bra. Her lovely tits jumped out as the bra fell away. Sue stepped closer to Cate again and took Cate's hands and placed them on her tits.

Cate had never been with women before and was very tentative. Sue guided Cate's hands on her tits, rubbing them and squeezing them. Sue took her hands away and Cate continued to fondle. Sue finished removing her bra from her shoulders and also slipped off her panties. Sue then took one of Cate's hands and guided it down her stomach, across her well trimmed bush and into her very juicy pussy. The two of them were lost in each other. It did not take Cate long and she was all over Sue. Watching them was really like a dream, better than my wildest fantasy.

They moved to the bed and continued. I sat down on the edge of the bed and was content in watching and stroking. Sue moved on top of Cate, sucking her tits and fingering her pussy. I was mesmerized by that wonderful ass sticking up there and moved up, slowly pressing my cock between her legs. Sue spread her legs more as she continued what she was doing and my cock slipped easily into her very wet pussy from behind. Soon we were all three grunting and moaning, leading up to a cum like we had never experienced. I just knew that people in adjoining rooms had to have heard Sue scream when we both came and I shot my hot cum deep inside of her.

When we all collapsed onto the bed I said that it was too bad the curtain was not open and for someone else to see. We all had a good laugh and moved into the bathroom to take a shower. The hotel shower was not real large, so I let the ladies go first. Before long I hear the unmistakable sounds of a juicy pussy being stroked. I opened the shower curtain to see Cate and Sue each with a hand in the other's pussy as they kissed.

I was hard again in an instant and squeezed into the shower with them. Sue was between Cate and me. We were all wet and soapy. I took hold of my cock and rubbed it up and down the crack of Sue's wonderful ass. She was thrusting back and forth meeting each thrust of Cate's fingers in her pussy and as she was thrusting, I joined in. My slippery cock slid into Sue's ass and we all moved back and forth. This time I shot my load in Sue's ass from behind instead of her pussy from behind.

Sue then said she really need to finish getting cleaned up because her husband would be wondering where she was. He was back in their hotel room, having had to make some phone calls while she went down to the beach. She was sure he would be done with his work by now and waiting for her return. She said he may even be out looking for her.

We finished our shower, got dressed and walked out of the room. Sue said thanks for the show and the repeat performance and walked back towards her hotel just down the street.
We had decided to get together for dinner later and maybe more!!!

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