Vacation with my boss part 5 - A New Beginning
It was the end of our vacation. Eric and I said our goodbyes to Patrick, Elizabeth, Michael and Charlie.
I reach out and hug each and everyone of them. When I get to Michael, as I hug him I slip a piece of paper in his hand. I tell him not to open it until he gets back to his apartment. I give him a kiss on the cheek and wave goodbye as I get into the cab and head to the airport.

Eric and I get to the airport and we start to walk inside to go through security and head to our terminal. We board the plane. Eric and I sit in first class again. This time I am not the same woman I was two weeks ago. As soon as we got to our seats, settled down for the ride and buckled up, I thanked Eric for such an amazing trip and that I loved all the experiences that you opened me up to.

When I get to the states I am going to research and explore the bdsm lifestyle. I want to explore the dominant side more. Being in control of the four of you was an amazing experience. I feel that I am meant to be a dominant female, that may switch on occasion.
Both sides a fun and invigorating

The whole plane ride home Eric and I just hang out, talk and watch movies. Once the plane lands I kiss Eric one last time and I tell him I will see him at work next week. I motion for a cab and one finally pulls over. I put my luggage in the trunk. I get in and I tell the cab driver the address to my apartment and he drives off.

I am looking forward to being back at my apartment, I need a relaxing hot bath and a glass of wine to end the day. That night as I lay in my bed. I think about the events that happened over the past two weeks. They bring a smile to my face. Then all of sudden my thoughts are stuck on Michael. Out of nowhere my phone rings. I jump and I reach over to my bedside table and pick it up. I say hello into the receiver and hear someone breathing on the other end.

I hear Michael say hello. My smile gets bigger and we lay back on our beds and talk for hours. That was a great unexpected surprise. We talked everyday after that and he says that he wants to get to know me better and be in a relationship with me. I tell him that he has shocked me. Wouldn't a long distance relationship be hard for us if we never get to meet up.

He says to me that he really wants to pursue this and
that if necessary he would get his own apartment and job in the states. it will take a month or two for me to save up the money to relocate but I won't if you don't want me to. I replied " of course I would like to pursue the relationship with you and it would be easier on us if you relocated here. Michael says" great, okay I will be there in exactly two months.

I will give you the flight information because I want you to meet me at the airport and give me a tour of your town. Do you think that you would be able to help me find a job and an apartment for me to rent. I said " of course Michael" I would love to do that for you. It would be great to have you here.

I told him that I had to get some rest and that I would talk to him tomorrow. I put the receiver down and I fall fast asleep. The next thing I know the alarm goes off at seven A.M. . I roll over and I sit up in the bed, Trying to wake up for a moment before I get dressed. I have to be at my first class to educate myself on being a dominant female.

The attire for this class would surely be different from my everyday wear. So I dress respectfully with a blue button up shirt, a black skirt that goes to my knees. My hair pulled back with my glasses and my heels on. I get into my car and head to my desired location. I park my car in the parking garage and I go up to the first floor.

The elevator door opens and the room looks magnificent. The walls are red with black trim and the furniture is all black. I walk up to the desk and ask the secretary which way the classes are. She points down the hallway to the left. I say thank you and follow her direction. I get to the door of the room, take a deep breath and knock twice. Thinking here is the future that I have chosen and I hope that my heart does not lead me down the wrong path.

The door opens and a lady about my age welcomes me inside. I take a seat at one of the tables located in the back of the room, and patiently wait for the class to start. Their are a few others who come in not long after I do, and settle into their seats as well. The young lady who opened the door sat down at her desk and asked for everyone's undivided attention.

She introduces herself to the calls and tells everyone that her name is Ms. Hart. I have been living the lifestyle for years and I wanted to help newbies who felt they are meant to play the dominant roll in a dynamic.

For the first class we are going to learn about the different kinks, fetishes, and definitions of ssc, rack and bdsm. We get out our notebooks and write down important information. At the end of the class she gives us a book that had more terms for us to learn. I look forward to the information, before the class was dismissed Ms. Hart said we will go over more in our next class and we will have a new subject to learn about called vetting and a visual demonstration.

One thing I had learned was that being a dominant takes a lot of time and work, with being safe, with being responsible for another's life, being in control, guiding them in the right direction and help them grow. I speak to Michael every night and let him know how the class went today. He tells me how he is doing. Michael tells me that he has a flight scheduled for the states In May, on the tenth at 4 A.M. .

I will call you when I land. I said okay and that I will be there and that I would talk to you tomorrow. I hang up the phone and call it a night. I spend the next week focusing even more energy on my work and my classes. I have been studying so hard and wanting to be a good dome. As soon as my shift is over at work I get into my vehicle and drive to my class. This session is supposed to teach us how a submissive will greet you whenever you come home.

This seemed interesting and we had a visual aid. Ms. Hart said after the vetting process is over, this is called a training period. This period will last as long as needed to train the submissive in the right way to greet you when you walk in the door, how you want your laundry done. If domestic service is part of your dynamic. During the training period they will be taught how to behave and if they misbehave there will be punishments given to the submissive. I will give you a book that outlines that for you.

I will also give you a book to read that what kind of rule possibilities there are and you can come up with a set of rules that you would like to have in your dynamic. Oh and one last thing before you go home. there are also different types of collars for different levels in the dynamic. I also have a book on that as well. If you want to pick one up on your way out they will be on my desk and I will see you next week.

I pick one up and I go to the elevator to go to the parking garage and get in my car. I drive back to my apartment and I read over the material. I hear the phone ring and I put down my book. and I run into the other room to answer before they hang up. When I picked up I heard Michaels voice. He asked me how things were going and I told him things were going great.

I told him that I can't wait until he gets here so that I can show him everything I have learned. The day before I go to the airport to pick up Michael, I run into a very nice shop and pick up a welcome to the states present and take it back to my apartment. It was a black leather collar with an o ring where a leash could be attached. I also got the matching leash and the collar was engraved with "forever mine".

I wrap it up and place his name at the top. The next morning I get dressed in my T-shirt, jeans and my Tennis shoes with my hair pulled back in a ponytail. I wait for Michael to come out and as soon as he see's me, he runs up to me, grabs me by the waist and lifts me up in the air, planting a huge kiss on my lips. That night we go out to dinner and I
give him his present.

He removed the card with his name on it and tore the paper off the box. He removed the lid. He smiled a huge smile when he saw the collar and the engraving on the inside. I look at him and I tell him that when the time is right I will place this around your neck and you will belong to me. Do you understand Michael.
He replies with a quick yes. We finish up our meal and I ask politely if he would go get the car and bring it around while I pay the bill.

I let him drive my car and we go back to my apartment. We talk for a while before I go get in the shower. I turn on the water and wait for it to get hot. The bathroom gets all steamy and the mirrors fog up. I strip down to my birthday suit and get up under the water. I let the water run down my body. My eyes are closed and I am completely relaxed. Next thing
I know there is a knock on the shower.

He apologized and says he didn't mean to startle me. The shower door opens and there is Michael completely naked and kneeling on the bathroom floor. I look at him with a surprised look on my face and I ask what it was that he needed from me. He asked in the sweetest tone if he could look at my beautiful face. I reply by saying yes you can. He looks up at me while still kneeling on the floor.

He smiles at me as if he has seen something more beautiful than he has ever seen. His beautiful blue eyes told you exactly what was on his mind. May I join you in the shower mistress. I had always loved when he called me mistress. It always reached a sacred place deep in my soul. I said yes you can join me Michael. He rose up from his position and without my heels on he towered over me. When he got in he kissed me softly as he cradled the back of my head with his hand.

He pushed his body against mine and mine pressed against his as well. I could feel his shaft growing hard against my thigh. I moaned into his lips and he wanted to taste me even more. I turned my body and faced the wall. Michael kissed me in the most gentle of ways from the top of my shoulders all the way to my feet. I turn around again and I look at him being at my feet. I look at him with a pleased look on my face and ask why he is still at my feet.

He replies" I believe that this is my rightful place mistress, to be nowhere else but to worship at your feet. I told him to stand up and look at me. He automatically obeyed. I grabbed his chin and made him stay focused on me. I said to him in my sincerest
voice. You barely know me and yet you call me mistress and bow at my feet, why is that? well mistress, My mother always told me to trust and follow your heart and you will find where you belong. Ever since you left Hawaii, I was there physically but my heart was always with you.

I could not help but think of you every single day. I want you, I need you. My heart aches for you. My body aches for your touch and I want you to be my queen and I will service you in any way you desire or need.
He looks at me like he wants to kiss me but this time he asked and I said of course Michael. One rule we would have would be never hesitate to show affection.

His lips press against mine. He picks me up off the ground and place my legs around his waist. I put my arms around his neck and lay my head on his broad shoulders and melt into his warm embrace. He whispers in my ear saying Mistress Jamie will you have me, help me please you in all the ways that you desire. I
ask him if he is sure that this is what he truly wants.

This is not a decision to be made lightly. He replies" more than I have ever wanted anything in my entire life. I say yes without another thought crossing my mind. He squeezes my body tighter and I can tell how happy I made him. I tell him that I want him to carry me to the bed and lets have a good time.

Show me how you would make sweet love to me Michael. Michael does as I want and carries me to the bed. I lay back on the bed and I bite my bottom lip. I can tell by the look in his eyes that he wants to take me right then and there. He slowly crawls beside me on the bed and blows gently in my ear. I turn my body and face him. He places his hand on my lower back and gently pulls my body close to his.

I push him and make him lay flat on his back. He looks at me with so much desire. So much need and so much devotion. He sits straight up in the bed and puts his hand around the back of my neck and says I want to please you my queen. I put my breasts in my hands and I tell him that I want him to suckle them. He sticks out his tongue and traces a circle around them but before he places them in his mouth my nipples get so hard with the way that his tongue rubs against them.

He pulls away for a moment and asked me if he has complete control this one night. To love you with all the passion within me. You will make love to me and when you are finished I will have my way with you. He replies " yes my sweet Mistress as you wish and he continues to suckle on my nipples". He places multiple kisses on my neck and when Michael gets to my perky breasts I feel both hands caress and knead them gently.

I savor the moment and make it last. I move his hand to my waist and he lays back on the bed. He starts to make my hips gyrate rubbing my pussy over his cock, back and forth and from side to side. I feel him getting turned on and the more that I move my hips, the more that he arches his back and pushes himself deeper into my pussy. He has not entered inside me yet but I can feel the desire in his groin to do so but I do not let him.

I have never felt that feeling before and I don't want it to stop. I speed up and make my pussy push harder onto the head of his cock and tease him just a little. He starts to move his cock upon my clit and I start getting wet. I spread my lips and allow him to get closer to it. As he is teasing my clit it starts throbbing. I don't want to stop but if I continue I will surely cum and I want to hold off so that when I do cum, I cum hard.

I feel his fingertips brush against my skin and I feel the entire affect pass through my whole body and I moan his name. I want you more than I have ever wanted anything else at this very moment. He picks me up off him and puts me in the middle of the bed and starts to restrain me. Oh mistress" please don't be mad at me but I want to do this to you and I think you will enjoy it.

I get comfortable and I let Michael Have his way because he has me curious. Once I am restrained he places rope around each thigh and attaches a clothes pin to the end of each rope and pulls the rope tightly exposing my clit and allowing Michael to get full view of me. He uses two fingers to push back my clitoral hood and the small button that is my clit is no longer hidden. At first he licks it until it raises up.

Then he strokes it up and down like you would the shaft of a mans cock and makes my clit become engorged. He puts his lips around my clit and creates suction making my clit stick out further. He picks up the small paint brush and starts rubbing it on my clit and pulls away after a brief moment. He inserts the tip of the paintbrush against my opening,collects some of my juices and starts to tease my clit again until it starts pulsating on its own.

He picks up speed and makes a creamy white substance exit my body. Once he sees that I have cum he spreads my opening wide and gathers it up with his tongue. He reaches into my night stand and pulls out a small vibrator and places it on my engorged clit and closes my lips to make it stay in place. Michael says " try to hold off on cumming sweet Mistress. I want to feel your juices run down on my cock and have the bed and my cock drenched from your orgasm.

As soon as I come close to losing control he pulls the vibrator away and releases me from the restraints. I stand up at the foot of the bed and let him get in the desired position. He is sitting up against the headboard and his cock is standing at attention. He motions me to come closer to him and I walk across the bed to him. He leans his head and back and I position myself where my legs are spread apart and my lips line up with his.

He starts by licking slowly and we are both looking directly at each other. He could tell by the look on my face that I wanted him to go faster. He takes each hand and clutches each cheek of my ass tightly. At he same time he takes possession of my clit and sends shockwaves through my body. Before I am about to cum all over his face, I step back and I fully insert his shaft inside me and I move up and down vigorously.

I am rubbing my clit at the same time with one hand and holding myself up with the other. When I feel the orgasm coming on I pull my body off him and I squirt all over his cock and stomach. When I finish squirting my legs start to buckle and he holds me up. Drops of cum that are dripping from my pussy land on the tiny hole at the head of his cock. I touch the tiny hole with my fingertip and place the tiny drops of cum on my tongue.

I position my body on all fours with me ass facing Michael. I turn my head and I see a huge grin on his face and I move my bottom from side to side very slowly, teasing him. He grabs each cheek and widens them. So that he can get a perfect view of my perfect little hole. He sees how moist my pussy is and inserts his cock inside me. Slowly getting turned on by watching my pussy devour his cock inch by inch.

Once his shaft is deep inside my cunt he grabs my waist and starts showing me that he wants me to move my ass up and down using my hips. I lay my head on the bed and my ass starts moving. I hear moans come from his lips and he eventually starts to growl. The faster I move the louder he growls. We almost climax at the same time but we both keep it at bay so that they become more intense. After a few minutes of holding off we let go.

The release that Michael feels makes him scream. I hear oh my fucking God escape from his lips and I feel his legs start to tremble from beneath me.
I pull my pussy off his cock and he pulls my ass closer to his face and worships it. He uses his tongue to continuously circle my hole. The feel of his tongue is so delicious. He reaches forward and squeezes my cheeks again.

With all the teasing that he is doing to me payback will be torture but oh will I enjoy seeing the delicious torture in his eyes knowing that he will do anything to please me. I look at him with a wicked grin and tell him that it is my turn to torture you my lovely little toy. I snap my fingers at him and order him to kneel at my feet. I hold out his collar and I say to him" Now what are you willing to do for your Mistress". Michael replies" I am willing to do whatever it takes to please my Mistress.

To allow her to use me in anyway that she desires. What are the rules that we went over when we play. There are only two rules Mistress. Number one is to obey Mistress's command and to always use my safeword. Which is? My safeword is Mistress's favorite flower which is honeysuckle. I tell Michael that he is a good sub. I motion for him to lay on the bed but this time I restrain him.

I crawl on the bed between his legs and I place both hands on his cock. one on top of the other and I move my hands around his shaft in a twisting motion. I gradually speed up. I tease him for a few minutes and I stop. I start again but this time I torture him a little bit longer and he starts breathing fast. I bring him to the edge and I cease but I slowly tease the head of his shaft by rubbing my palm against it.

I place my hand on his shaft again and bring him to the edge again. His breathing is a little more labored and as I pull my hand away he lifts his ass and tightens it trying to reach my hands with his cock but my hands are just out of reach. I tease him with my tongue and I place his balls in my mouth and suck on them. He starts to moan.

I pull out a toy called a flashlight and at first I only insert the head inside and move it up and down. Making it rub him so much that his cock twitches at the slightest touch. I lick the tiny little hole on his shaft with my tongue and encircle him. I love the way his cock twitches against my tongue. He begs me to make him edge again. This time I push the toy a little bit further down his shaft and I twist it from side to side. Making his screams and moans louder and his cock ache to be released and beg me to cum.

I let the ache to cum subside one more time and I ask if he would like more. He replies" yes Mistress if it pleases you. I said yes Michael it pleases me to bring you to the edge of orgasm and not allow you to release. I continue on with edging and this time when I removed the flashlight cum shot everywhere. I licked up all the cum from his body and I devoured his cock all the way down my throat.

His body starts to shake and he screams my name so loud that the neighbors could probably hear him. I have one last thing that I want to do to torture him until he can't take it anymore. I place a small vibrator at the head of his dick and I tied it down with rope. I had the vibrator on the highest setting. He laid there and looked directly at me keeping his body as still as he possibly could.

When he was almost ready to climax he held onto the restraints real tight as his seed erupted out of his cock like lava out of a volcano. I release him from the restraints and I gather up all of his seed with my tongue. I let him lay there and rest for a little while. As he lays there I remove the collar around his neck. Afterwards I went and got him some comfortable sleepwear from his bag and a bath towel.

As a reward for being my good little plaything, I run him a hot bath. I get in first and he sits between my legs and lays his head on my chest. He suddenly relaxes his entire body. He looks at me and smiles. He says to me" Mistress I am glad from the deepest parts of my soul that I could please you. My heart was jumping with joy. I told him to just sit there and relax against me.

After a few moments of relaxing we both stand up in the tub and I wash his body from head to toe. I rinse his body off with the shower head and let the warm water run down his back and he lets out a sigh. I turn him around and check on him. He has a look of pleasure and happiness on his face. He looks like he might start to experience sub-drop. When I feel a tear run down his cheek and a look of sadness takes over his face.

We get out of the tub and I dry him off. I help him slip on his sleeping pants. I pull the sheets off the bed and throw them in the dirty clothes and replace them. Once the sheets are changed and I lead Michael to the bed and lay him down. I go around the other side and crawl in beside him. I feed him some fresh fruit and let him sip some water from the bottle on the night stand.

Once he is satisfied with his nourishment he puts his hands around my naked body, places his head on my chest and falls fast asleep listening to my heartbeat. The next morning I wake up and Michael is not in the bed with me anymore. I search the apartment and I find him in the kitchen making breakfast. As soon as he sees me, he comes up and kisses me with such passion and kneels at my feet.
I tell him to look up at me and I cup his chin in my hand. I order him to stand. He obeys me and smiles.

He sets the table and places the breakfast items on each plate. I sit down at the kitchen table and Michael asks permission to sit in the chair beside me. I reply " yes Michael you may". He waits for me to eat a bite of food before he takes a bite from his. I tell him that he is a good boy and I run my fingers through his hair.

I tell him that once the dishes are done and washed that we need to have a talk. His smile turns into a worried look but I reassure him that nothing bad will be discussed. After everything is cleaned up we go to the living room and I motion for Michael to sit on the couch beside me. I start by telling him that if you want to pursue a relationship with me, we need to get to know more about each other.

What our likes and dislikes are. what rules and tasks you are willing to follow. We will need to have a training period as well but first and foremost we need to have a fun relationship before we settle into a dynamic so quickly. So with that said instead of finding an apartment I want you to stay here with me. So that you will be up under my guidance and properly trained.

That made him smile again and he picked me up, gave me the longest kiss and the tightest hug. I would suppose that I gave him his happily ever after

by Amber Marie Murphy on may 22, 2020
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