Vacation with my boss part one
I'm asleep in my bed when my boss calls my cell phone and wants me to come in a few hours, because he needs to talk to me about something important. I told him that I would be there at noon to get my paycheck and we can talk then. I get up out of bed and hop in the shower. I am washing my hair, I start thinking about what he could possibly want to talk to me about. I finish with my shower and slip on a pair of jeans, a tank top and I quickly put my hair in a ponytail.

I grab my purse and run out the door. I am standing at the door to my car, getting ready to unlock the door. All of a sudden I look over my shoulder because I feel that someone is watching me. I get in my car and drive to the office. I walk in the building and go to the elevator. The elevator door opens and I walk inside. I press the button to go to the top floor. Once I make it there , my boss is sitting at his desk. He looks up at me and smiles.

So glad that you were able to take some time to come and see me today. I wanted to talk to you about taking some vacation time because I have noticed for the past two years, you have worked everyday and haven't had any time to rest and recuperate. Possibly have a little bit of fun. No sir I haven't had any vacation time and a vacation sounds real nice but I have no where I want to go and no money to pay for the trip.

He looks up at me again. Well listen to this and tell me what you think. I have business that I need to take care of with one of the companies that I own in Hawaii and all the expenses will be paid for you. So you won't have to pay any money out of pocket as long as you go as my plus one. That sounds great but are you sure that's a good idea considering we work together.

"No worries" he said, I will not make a move towards you unless you want me to. With that being said; would you like to go to Hawaii with me. I tell him that the trip sounds like a good idea and I would love to go with him. May I ask how long we will be gone for? He replies " we would be gone for two weeks and I need you to meet me at the airport at eight a.m. for us to get through security and make sure that all our belongings make it on the plane.

Before I turn around to leave I thank him for the opportunity and I will see you at the airport.
I drive to my house to start packing my bags, when I realize I left my purse in my bosses office. I call him, when he answers, he tells me that I am on my way to your house with your purse. I thank him and patiently wait for him. When he pulls up, he gets out of the car and hands me my bag. I start to go inside the house, when he asked me if he could use my bathroom.

I say sure you can. Its up the stairs first door on the right. He replies with a thank you. I stay downstairs and clean up the kitchen. He comes back down quickly and say's see you in the morning and bolts out the front door. I thought that was odd.
I look out my kitchen window and still feel that someone is watching me, I see my boss standing outside my house and I notice that he was the one that was keeping a close eye on me. I smiled at him and I saw the flash of the camera.

I finished getting my bags packed and I load them up in my car. When I get back into my house, I walk up the stairs to my bedroom and I see a huge box laying on my bed. I read the note on top of the box. It's from my boss. It said " thank you for agreeing to accompany me on this trip, I could sure use the company". With much gratitude and appreciation signed
Eric. I remove the lid and I slowly peak inside. There is a red backless dress with black heels in the box and a smaller box with a diamond necklace carefully placed on a delicate little pillow.

I call Eric and ask why he bought me such an elegant gift. After you left my office and I realized you left your purse, I looked into the employment file for your address to bring it back to you. Anyway I saw this little shop on the way to your house and went inside. When I saw the little red dress with the matching shoes and the diamond necklace, I thought they would look sexy as hell on you and I thought you would wear them on the trip.

I thank him and then hang up the phone. The next morning I get up at 5 a.m. and get dressed to leave for the airport to meet my boss. When I walk into the airport I see him looking at his watch like he was contemplating on whether I changed my mind about the trip. He had this worried look on his face. When he looked up and saw me his worried look turned into a smile and his tense body quickly relaxed.

We walked through security and walked to our terminal to get on the airplane. When we boarded the plane the stewardess led us to first class. When we got up there we had first class all to ourselves. I had never flown in first class and I thought to myself that this was going to be fun. My boss takes my bag and puts it into the overhead compartment and I kindly say thank you boss. He chuckled and said you can call me Eric if you want to.

The seat belt light comes on and the pilot comes over the intercom and says to the passengers " please be seated and buckle up we will be taking off shortly. Eric and I both sit down and buckle our seatbelts.
Eric's glasses fall to the floor and he leans over to pick them up and I notice something fall out his shirt pocket.

I pick up the object and I notice that it must have been the picture that he took of me last night outside my kitchen window. Jamie I have to be completely honest with you. I have been attracted to you for a while but I finally had the opportunity and the courage to talk to you other than business relations. I smile at him and he comes closer and kisses me softly on the lips. He quickly pulls away, worried that his kiss was unwanted.

I move closer to him, kiss him back and run my fingers through his hair. After a few moments we sit there and wait for the plane to take off. During our flight we watch a movie, get to know each other even better, and sleep. Next thing I know we land at the airport in Hawaii. We grab a taxi and head straight for the hotel. We go up to the counter and get the room keys and he says that we are sharing a room but there are two beds in the room. so you can sleep by yourself.

WE get our suitcases unpacked and settle into our room. We lay in our own bed. I get under the cover and start reading a book and watch a little bit of tv while Eric is in his bed going through his paperwork, for when he meets up with his business partners to discuss the next move. After a few hours we both fall asleep.

Eric comes over to my bed and wakes me up. I ask him what's wrong and he says I came over to check on you because you were tossing and turning like you were having a bad dream and I wanted to make sure that you were ok. I was a little shaky and had night sweats from my dream. Eric gets up and runs a bath for me. I get up out of bed and walk to the bathroom. Eric pulls the ponytail out of my hair and slips my shirt on over my head and notices that my bra has already been removed.

I turn around and face him with a smile on my face. He unbuttons my jeans and pulls them down. He sees my red panties and slides them down until they fall to the floor and I step out of them. He helps me in the shower by reaching out his hand to mine. He strips down and gets in with me. At first he was a little hesitant to touch me but could not resist when he saw the water running over my body. He reached behind me, grabbed the shampoo and started washing my hair, making my scalp tingle with his touch. He grabbed the bar of soap and lathered it all over my body.

Once he gets to my breasts, he takes his time going over every inch and loving the way they look. He can't help but stare at them. He says" oh Jamie how I long to touch them and lick those beautiful nipples with my tongue and trace circles around them. I look at him with a wicked grin and asking him what's stopping him from having his way with me. He replies " oh Jamie the time will come when I will devour every single part of you.

I want to push him against the wall and plant a kiss on his lips but I patiently wait for him to make the first move. He continues to wash my body and I spread my pussy for him to wash. He reaches behind me and pulls a rag off the shelf. He applies the soap and starts washing me there. Felling his fingertips close to my opening was teasing me and I tried my best to enjoy the touch of his hand as he washed over my clitoris.

I started to moan and I think he may have heard me because he stopped momentarily and moved to my inner thigh and my legs. once he was finished, he stood up and I notice his penis was erect. It made my pussy wet when I saw the length and thickness of it. How I wished to feel the head of his cock rub against my clit. He spun my body around where my back was facing him. he started washing my back and made his way to my bottom and squeezed each cheek with his hands. he runs the rag down the crack of my ass and washes me,

I feel his fingers move over my tight little hole and I love the way it feels. Eric drops the rag in the shower floor and starts rinsing my body off, and rinses my hair. When he gets to the nape of my neck. He gently places a handful in his hands and forces my head to lean backwards and pulls me closer to him. I feel his length right up against my ass and I am waiting for him to spread my cheeks wide and feel the thickness completely fill up my vagina and making it feel real tight. He turns me around one more time and kisses me.

He quickly pulls away and starts washing his hair and lathering it thoroughly. I reach out to him and return the favor and wash him but he places it high enough above my head where I can't reach. We finish our shower and we dry off. My hair is still wet and he starts to run a brush through my hair, places it in a ponytail and braids it. I lay down on the bed.

I look at him and I spread my legs giving him full view of my pussy. I can see that smile creep up on his face and I bite my lip. He looked at me and said " if you only knew what that did to me". I said " why don't you show me and I move to the edge of the bed and start by inserting my finger inside my opening. I slowly move my finger in and out and then I pull it out completely and bring it to my mouth and suck on it.

Say Eric just think that your cock could be where my finger has just been. I think that I have teased him plenty because he drops the towel from his waist and reveals his cock to me. It is still hard and I want to lick it like its my favorite flavor of lollipop. I close my eyes and lick the head of his member in a circular motion and I hear him moan a little. I lick all the way down to the base and he starts to make a little more noise.

I reach in my bag and grab some warming gel and drop some on my hands. I rub it all over my hands and start to move them up and down his rock hard cock. The warming gel and the friction of my hand pleasuring him makes him say my name. I face the head of the bed and I Invite him to play with me by spreading my cheeks and exposing my tight little rosebud. He licks his finger and places it on my rosebud then he leans over and licks it.

I moan at the way his tongue feels on that sensitive area and he grabs the warming gel on the bed and puts a drop on there. the warmth of the gel makes my hole feel real hot and I back my ass up to his cock and move it from side to side. Teasing his cock and wanting him inside me. He lays on the bed looking directly at me. I move from my position and I straddle him. I spread my ass and I position his cock for entrance. I take it slow because his cock is bigger than anything I have ever inserted in me.

The tip of his cock penetrates me and I push down on him. Once that base of his cock is at he opening, I move up and down and let the tightness tease his huge erection and make him cum. He moans my name and it makes my pussy wet. I slowly slip his member out of my little hole and bring my pussy to his lips. My lips are swollen and the warmth from the gel has traveled to my clit and it is very sensitive to the slightest touch.

He barely sticks out his tongue and gently sucks on my clit. I moan a little and he starts moving faster. As the moments pass I feel an orgasm coming over me and I'm not sure how much longer I can hold on. Eric removes the condom off his cock and shoves it deep into my pussy. His cock makes my walls contract when he reaches my Gspot and makes me come and squirt at the same time. My legs are shaking and he places both hands on my thighs and starts to thrust deeper making and even stronger orgasm come over me.

He moves his hand off my thigh and rubs my pussy vigorously. The pleasure is so intense that my eyes roll back in my head and I squirt over his cock a second time. He lifts me off his cock,puts his mouth under my pussy and lets my juices drip into his mouth and licks me one last time.

My body is spent and he lays me on the bed and puts his cock in between my breasts and cums all over me. I look at him with those dreamy eyes and put the drop of cum left on the head of his dick on the tip of my finger and bring it to my tongue and lick it off.

Until next time
amber murphy
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