The skies were threatening to rain and storm but I didn't care. I walked slowly down the path through the dark woods. Alone at least, I allowed the tears to fall. I allowed the tears to wash away the enormous weight that bore down upon me daily. The tears offered only a temporary reprieve but it was much needed. I cried for the lost dreams of the young innocent girl I once was. I cried for the jaded woman that I had become. I cried out my pain at the loneliness that threatened to overwhelm me.

I fell to my knees in despair. "WHY? What did I do to end up in trapped a loveless marriage?"

I lowered my head to my hands as great sobs wracked my body. I could feel the cool drops of rain hitting my neck and arms, beating against me with a ferocity that matched my inner turmoil. But I was heedless to that as all I could focus on was my pain and my messed up life.

I didn't hear anything except the pain that ricocheted through me. Your arms, gathering me close, was the first indication I had that anyone else was there. I jumped, shocked at being caught indulging in my private grief. I settled my erratic heartbeat when I noticed that it was you. We had met a few times, since you moved in next door to my house. We'd exchanged general greetings but never anything more serious. I ducked my head, mortally embarrassed to be caught.

Tenderly you reached out with one finger and tipped my chip upward. I chanced a glance at you, expecting to see disinterest or even disgust at my emotional outburst. The look of warmth in your eyes caused my tense muscles to relax.

"I understand," you softly intoned. Your simple statement and the depth of feeling in your expressing conveyed to me how you truly did understand the depths of my pain.

Gently you leaned forward and kissed my forehead. I sighed as I felt your arms tighten around me. Your head lowered as min raised and soon our lips crashed together. I could feel your chest heaving as your body and mine became aroused. I could feel you shift and draw me into your lap. You kissed me reverently, not attempting anything else. This time allowed me to grow accustomed to fierce desire that was quite evidentially building within you. A warm heat spread through my body. We could both feel the tension and sadness begin to slip from within me. Your hands began to caress my arms. My skin tingled at your touch. My breathing became harsh as my body began to hum and vibrate at your caress. Your hand slipped under my shirt and cupped my breast. I arched against you, filling your hand even more fully with my softness.

The apex of my womanhood grew hot with desire. I could feel your hardness throbbing against me as I moved. No words were necessary as I stepped away from your arms. Our eyes found each other and our gaze was intense as we both quickly removed our clothes. As soon as the last item of clothes was removed I leaped into your arms. The need to feel your body against me was a crushing need that I couldn't deny. You lowered us both to the soft grass. I straddled your lap. I could feel your cock pressing upward between my legs.

I basked in the obvious display of desire toward me. I let it wash over me like a balm to my soul I Reached between us and grasped your manhood. I grinned at the expression on your face as I ran your cock back and forth through my wetness. You groaned. I grinned.

Finally I positioned myself and you could feel your head begin to be enveloped by the warm wetness of my pussy. Slowly you slipped within me until you were buried as deep as our bodies would allow. I held still, feeling you throb within me. The fire of your lust for me that shone from your eyes sent a rippling spasm of pleasure through me. That ripple of pleasure caused you to catch your breath as you felt it deep inside of me.

That one crest of pulsing spasm sent us both wildly out of control. My hips began to rock against you. You thrust upward, driving deeper and deeper into me.

Our hands moved over each other's bodies, searching and feeling the evidence of our mutual desire. Our hands stroked and caressed causing the fire in our loins to burn even more wildly out of control. You drove your body into me so hard that I screamed with each thrust until finally my body just disintegrated with unparallel bliss as I come, pulsing and milking your hard body. As I gasped my pleasure your cry of achievement filled the air.

As we disentangled our limbs from each other, I noticed the area. The rain and dreariness had cleared up and the sun was shining, perfectly mirroring the vibrancy I felt within myself.

We walked back toward our houses hand in hand. I couldn't stay quiet.

"Thank you," I shyly offered. "I feel alive again."

You smiled softly and as the houses came into view you released my hand. As we said our goodbyes you made one comment that melted my heart.

"Next time it rains in your soul, let me know....together we'll bring back the sun."
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