Vibrant revisited (part two)
Kara stood at the window of her bedroom looking out. The large trees that provided the wonderful cool shade in the summer were fast losing their leaves. The colorful foliage fell and danced in the wind before fluttering to the ground. Kara's face slowly relaxed as she tried to let go of the burdens and worries that drug her down. Her eyes automatically flew to the house next door. Ever since that rainy day in the woods with her neighbor, Kara frequently caught herself looking through the trees toward his property. Some days she would catch a glimpse of his physique through the dotted landscape as he worked in the yard. Her eyes always lit up at the memory of that intensely sexual meeting on the path. She savored the memories of feeling alive and desired. That is what kept her going through each endless day. She had nodded and called out simple greetings to the neighbor Ben, but had never had any other contact with him other than that one spectacular coupling.

Kara's eyes widened as she spied the object of her many daydreams through the trees. Her face immediately transformed from the pinched drawn expression to one of peaceful happiness, just from the leftover sensations that Bend had evoked within her in that one meeting. Kara watched as Ben moved around the yard raking up the leaves in to a huge pile. Suddenly she knew what she had to do. There was no way she could deny her most intimate desires. Briskly Kara walked down the steps and through the house. She was halfway across the yard when Ben looked up.

His face broke into a smile as he paused in his work and leaned upon the rake. She came to a stop between Ben and the huge pile of leaves that he had been creating.

"Hi," she shyly intoned. Ben looked deeply into Kara's eyes, correctly reading the sadness buried deep within.

"Oh Baby," he crooned as he dropped the rake to give her a chaste kiss. "I've missed you."

"I've tried to stay away," she sighed.

Ben pulled back and looked into her sad eyes, "I Understand, but next time, don't stay away."

Kara backed away to judge the depth and truth of his words. She studied him for a few seconds, thoughtfully chewing on her lip The understanding and car was clearly evident to her With a short cry of pent up desire, Kara launched herself into Ben's arms. His arms automatically came up to gather her close. Kara's wrapped her legs around his waist. The power of her launch into his arms caused him to take a stumbling step backward. Ben glanced behind him and noticing the mammoth pile of leaves made a snap decision. He allowed the force to carry them backwards and down. He hit the soft bed of leaves buffeting Kara's body with his own. Multi-colored bits of the downed foliage flew up around the two and rained down upon them.

Kara laughed outright as Ben raised his lips to hers. She instantly opened her lips to accept his thrusting tongue, eager to feel his intrusion upon her body. His questing tongue did not disappoint. Their tongues danced and mated with each other while the rest of their bodies nestled together in the age old pose of love. Kara slowly began to circle her hips. She could feel his body growing and filling the space between her legs. Ben groaned as her body pressed down onto him.

Their bodies burned with passion. Their hands flew over each other's bodies, trying to push the clothes aside. They kicked and pushed until they both lay naked, mostly buried within the pile of leaves. Bend grasped Kara and flipped them over until he lay between her legs, looking down. He leaned down to kiss her lips. With his free hand he grabbed a leaf. His gaze was intense as he ran the crinkled edge of the foliage over her upper torso. Her back arched up as the leaf raked across her nipples. The movement brought her hips up. Ben felt his cock slip into the hot wetness of her thoroughly aroused slit. As the leaf moved past her distended nipple Kara's body relaxed and withdrew. Ben inwardly moaned as her cock lost contact with her wet warmth. Grinning, he moved the leaf to the other nipple. Once again her hips arched up with a questing passion and buried his cock in her wetness. Again and again Ben teased her into subconsciously raising her hips to connect their bodies. Finally, the throbbing in his cock overcame his senses and he flicked the leaf over her nipple again.

Her body arched, but he was ready. Instead of letting his cock slip up and down her slit, he guided his manhood into her deep wet center. Kara's eyes flew open as her body stretched around him. She gasped as his body filled her. Involuntarily her body began to rock in a rhythm that complimented Ben's thrusts. Their breathing became more labored as they drove forward.

Kara kissed and lightly nibbled his neck as he reached between them. His fingers slid within and twisted and circled her engorged clit. She cried out as she body convulsed as she came. Her body clasped Ben tight. Her head fell back as the tightly coiled pulses pounded through her body. Ben held himself rigid while her body clasped down upon his cock, simply riding out the storm of her orgasm.

As soon as he felt Kara's orgasm begin to fad, Ben picked back up the steady driving thrusts Kara gasped and began to move with him. Her hands reached around, she lightly cupped his balls and squeezed in time with each thrust.

The heat intensified, threatening to cause the foliage around them to combust. Their bodies became frantic with need. They both exploded at the same time. Panting and screaming their pleasure simultaneously, they came.

Ben held Kara tight as they relaxed into the crispy bed of fallen leaves. "I won't deny it again. I'll be back." Kara whispered. Ben just smiled.
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