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Being in a sexy mood, I dressed in a black micro mini skirt with a black lace g-string. You know by my other stories I am a 5'5", with set of C's. So I decided on a very see through button down shirt, and finished it off with a ½ cup bra. The bra ends right below my nipples so you could see my overflowing tits right through the shirt! I had my 4" heeled black sandals on so I could show off my hot pink toenails!

I walked into the store and immediately got a smile from the guy behind the counter. I have been in this store before but I did not recognize the guy behind the counter. Usually it's a very nice older gentleman named Rob. This guy was young and very good looking. I only saw 3 other people in this part of the store. One was a very tall, maybe 6'5 with dark brown hair and looked to be around 50 years old. He did not look up from the magazine rack where he was intently looking at some JUGGS covers. The other 2 guys looked to be college age and were looking at some blow job videos. They must have been in their early 20's and had very nice bodies. I went over to the vibrator wall which took me by the 50 year old. This time he looked up and did a double-take, I smiled at him and started to look at the selection of vibes. I could feel him staring at my tits and I made sure he knew I saw him do it and smiled. I let him know that looking at my tits was perfectly ok with me. As a matter of fact, my nipples were already hard from rubbing against the thin fabric of my shirt.

My pussy gets wet and my clit starts to harden whenever my nipples get any stimulation. I wasn't sure how far I was willing to go but these guys were looking more appealing than the vibrator! I had to choose who I would make a move on and see what happened. I wanted to see what I would be willing to do in public so I moved closer to the 50 year old. I wondered to myself what he would do if I were to brush my hand against his cock as I walked by? After being shocked, would he turn and run, or would it turn him on? Could I really do this? Slowly I made my way to him until I was slightly to the left of him. Pretending to look at the same bunch of magazines (all big tits by the way!) he grabbed one and took a closer look and that's when I made my move!

As I moved in front of him I said "Excuse me."

My heart was pounding and I reached back with my right hand and lightly scratched his crotch several times all the while looking at a magazine with my left. I heard him gasp slightly, and then he moved closer to me and pushed his cock against my hand. I looked around and realized that no one could see us where we were, so I gave his cock another squeeze, this guy was huge! He put his hand on my ass over my mini skirt and started to knead. He slid his hand under my skirt and started to rub my soft ass cheeks. I backed up even further and now I could feel his breath on the back of my neck.

I couldn't believe I was actually doing this, but I had gone too far to stop now. I was fucking horny and needed to figure out how I was going to get this guy to make me cum!

He handed me his magazine to hold and immediately went for my tits! From his vantage point I knew he could see my nipples were rock hard and needed some attention, and he seemed to understand this because he slid his hand up until he was cupping my right tit. I still had my hand on his dick but the position was uncomfortable, so I took my hand and put it on top of the hand that was playing with my tit. I turned to push my ass back against his bulge and slowly gyrated. He took his other hand from my ass cheeks to the front of my panties and found them soaking! He slid his finger into my creamy cunt and started to finger fuck me right there! Oh shit I was on fire and I was getting closer and closer, when the guy behind the counter suddenly appeared on the other side of the magazine rack!! I jumped forward but the guy who was fingering me didn't seem to want to stop so he grabbed me back against him! I must have been quite a sight, a hand on my tit and a finger in my pussy!

He looked at me and said "Just wanted to see if you were finding everything ok, but I can see you found something already."

He smiled and said "You have some nice tits, I bet they are even nicer up close."

"May I?" He said as he reached out to cup the one that was not being held by the 50 year old.

He then unbuttoned my shirt, opened it up and leaned over to suck my nipple right into his mouth. I gasped and leaned back into the 50 year old who was still finger-fucking me with one hand and playing with the nipple of my now bare tit! I was squirming like a worm and gasping Please! Please! I could feel my orgasm getting so close!! when it finally came crashing down on me I tried to keep quiet, but I couldn't help crying out over and over as my pussy walls pulsed and covered this stranger's fingers with my juice.

As I calmed down and came back to my senses, I noticed that the 2 college boys had come to our aisle and were just standing there looking at us in fascinated shock.

One guy said "holy shit!" and the other one just stared at my bare nipples which were flushed and erect.

Then the counter guy said to them, "It's closing time, I'm going to lock the front door and we're going to have fun with this hot horny lady. You in or out?"

The guys looked at each other for about a half a second and said "Fuck yes! We're in."

Holy fuck! What the hell did I get my self into? The counter guy didn't even ask me what I wanted. He just figured I was going to fuck all these guys! I should have been scared, but I was so fucking excited at the same time. These guys must have been thinking they won the porn store lottery! My pussy was dripping at the thought of all these guys looking at my half naked body and using all my holes! The counter guy went to lock up and the 3 other men lead me to the back of the store. We went down a dark hallway and through another door into mirrored room which had a huge mattress in the middle and nothing else.

There was about 30 seconds of awkwardness and then all the guys were stripping their clothes off. The 50 year old unhooked my bra and the counter guy (his name was Kyle) pocketed my g-string and had me positioned doggie style on the mattress. The 2 college guys had their hard cocks in their hands and kneeled down on either side of me. It was so hot as Kyle had me sit on his face! he started to lick my snatch, sticking his tongue in my hole and then lapping up and over my hard clit. My hips were bucking up and down in rhythm to his licks and I stuck my arms out and grasped the 2 college cocks and started to slowly jerk them off. Both cocks were cut and probably around 8 - 81/2 inches each. Meanwhile, the 50 year old was standing by my face and stuck his cock which was around 11", in my mouth. I started to suck him with long strokes of my tongue and tried to get my mouth all the way down to the root, but it was too much! As Kyle continued to roll his tongue on my clit, the college guys started to pinch my big pink nipples. I threw my head back and moaned loudly as another orgasm rolled through me.

Kyle got up with a very wet face and a very nice cock! It was standing at attention rock hard. Shit! It was a perfect 9". I had 2 guys on my tits and a cock pumping in my mouth, and I started pumping my ass back and forth so Kyle knew what I wanted! I felt the thick mushroom tip of his cock at the entrance of my pussy, and I jerked back, trying to get him in me now! He backed away and started to slowly rub his cock head against my clit and I became more and more frustrated and aroused. A little at a time, he pushed his cock head against my wet lips and slowly, he started to enter me. I could feel myself stretching to accommodate him (he is much bigger and thicker than my boyfriends 7"), and I started to feel flushed as his cock rubbed against my G-spot. The 50 year old was starting to fuck my mouth faster and faster and I could tell by his breathing that he was about to explode. Just as the first burst of semen flew out of his cock into the back of my throat, Kyle thrust his cock up to the hilt in my pussy. I gasped and gulped cum down as I felt that wonderful feeling of getting stuffed!

One of the college guys got up and switched places with the 50 year old. He slid his dripping cock in my mouth and I started to obediently suck him as the 50 year old started to pinch and pull on my nipples. The other college guy came around to watch Kyle as he started to slowly pump his dick in and out of my pussy. Kyle flipped me over and had me sit on his dick! I put the one college dude back in my mouth and the other was lining up his dick at my asshole and pushing it in! There was so much juice from all my orgasms he went in all the way in two strokes!

All of a sudden I felt the most intense orgasm of my life hit me and I started to scream in agony/ecstasy. When I cum I suck like my life depends on it and the college guy was receiving the blow job of his life and couldn't hold on any longer! I swallowed and he kept me gulping! I was out of my head with pleasure and was gripping their cocks with my muscles so hard that they both started to fuck me faster and faster as they started to cum. We were all so loud.

I was shouting "Pump me full of cum!" as they came.

I was thoroughly used in all my holes. My mouth was aching, both my pussy and my ass had cum dripping from it, but what a hell of a time!

"My uncle Rob told me you might stop by." Kyle said with a knowing look.

I looked at the 50 year old with a smile and said "I want to try that monster next week!"
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