Virgin To Slut In Just A Few Strokes
Walking home from school one warm day I was stunned when a black van screeched to halt in front of me and 2 very big very scary men jumped out. They each grabbed an arm and threw me in, books and papers went flying as I crashed into the opposite wall.

As the driver took off he growled back to my captors, "Is that the right bitch?"

One of my handlers, the smaller of the two, took out my school picture and compared it, "Yep, that's her alright!"

As the van raced away I was summarily flipped onto my stomach and my hands were yanked back and tied painfully behind my back. My school skirt had flipped up as I was thrown about exposing white cotton panties. The big guy noticed this and pressed his fingertips against my most sensitive area, testing.

He laughed as I yelped in fear and leaned in close to my ear, I could smell the alcohol on his breath, "Oh yes, this little girl is going to be fun. He's going to wish he had paid up!" He pushed harder with his fingers and I clenched my eyes tight and began to cry in fear.

"Hey!" the driver barked! "Hands off til Jake's had his fill. Then she's fair game." With one last hard poke the fingers were gone and the men fell silent

A million questions swirled through my mind and fear gripped my belly as the van wound round to god knows where. Finally the van came to a stop and I was blindfolded and yanked to my feet by my long pony tail. I was pulled into a hard smelly chest, one big hand had a firm grip on my hair, yanking my head back and the other hand started exploring my tits over my shirt. I was horrified to feel my nipples grow hard and prayed that he didn't notice. Suddenly I felt the hand being slapped away.

"What the fuck did I tell you? Hands off! Wait your fucking turn!"

I was pushed forward and the hand holding my hair never loosened its grip and the hand that had previously roamed over my chest had grabbed my hands and was yanking them hard and painfully. I couldn't see and was stumbling and tripping; my captors laughing and jeering at me all the while. Their crude banter gave me a small insight as to what fate had in store for me and I was trembling in fear. It seems I was to be taken to this "Jake" and used in ways I had never imagined. I had never even gone to second base much less experienced anything like these men were talking about.

I must have hesitated because I was shoved from behind and the voice snarled, "Move little whore"!

I stumbled and fell to my knees and the voice laughed, "Oh look, she knows her place already. Get used to being on those knees bitch you're going to be spending a lot of time there!"

The rough hands reached down and hauled me to my feet and the voice was back in my ear, "You that eager for it slut? Eager to use that pretty little mouth of yours, huh?" With that his teeth sunk into my neck and he started to bite and suck hard. I began to struggle to get free but his gripped just tightened. I tried to scream but an even bigger hand clamped down on my mouth and I was ripped free from my assailant.

"Let's just get a move on! Sooner we get her to Jake the sooner we can have our turn with her!"

My knees started to buckle and I was hoisted upright by the roots of my hair.

"Oh no, girlie, not yet. Plenty of time for you to lay down soon enough!"

This brought hysterical laughter from the other men. I was taken into a loud smoky room. Music was blasting and men were laughing and cheering. I was brought to a stop and my knees kicked out from beneath me so that I fell upon them. Then blindfold was ripped off and I was momentarily blinded by the bright lights.

Soon I was able to see around me and very quickly saw what the cheering was about.

In the center of a ring of men was a naked woman, she was being passed and pushed around the circle as the men took turns playing with her. Biting at her neck and nipples and shoving their fingers into her pussy. She was protesting but even someone as inexperienced as I could see she was enjoying the treatment.

At one point the circle parted and I could see that she was bent over a lap, her head almost touching the floor her ass up high and legs spread apart. Another man was kneeling behind her opening her wet slit with his fingers and bringing his beer bottle up to her, he began to tease her cunt lips with it.

Never had I seen a pussy so exposed, not even my own and I stared in horrified amazement as she started to moan and twist trying to thrust herself onto it. The man kept moving it just out of her reach though, laughing.

"Come on baby, don't you want it? You know you do! Come on you fucking slut be dirty for us!" and with that she thrust back violently and captured the entire neck of the bottle with her pussy.

The cheers became louder and more intense as she fucked herself. The man who was holding her on his lap grabbed a handful of her hair and yanked back.

He shouted to the crowd, "Who wants to fuck her mouth now?"

Several men vied and pushed for position and finally the winner pushed his hard cock into her mouth and began to fuck it. Slowly at first but quickly picked up speed.

"That's right bitch, eat all of it"

I heard him mutter as he shoved himself into the back of her throat, "That's a good girl. You fucking love it, don't ya?"

The woman began to whimper as the bottle was taken out of her and replaced with another cock that was alternately fucking her ass and her dripping wet pussy.

My captor noticing that I couldn't take my eyes off the spectacle before me knelt down began to pinch my nipples cruelly and hissed,"You like that? Watching that? Look at how she loves having two cocks using and fucking her body. This is what she was born to do, what you were born to do."

I could feel his cock start to harden against my hip as he pinched my young tender nipples harder, one after the other. I gasped in pain and he chuckled "Yes, that's it baby we're going to teach you what being a real woman is all about."

With that he gave one last biting pinch and stood back up to get a better view of the show. By the time it was over the woman lay limp on the floor covered in the cum of at least 10 men.

Now, having lost interest in her the men quieted and turned back to gaming of other sorts, such as cards and dice.

My captor loosened his grip and for some time I was left unbothered and could observe my surroundings hoping to find a means of escape. Clearly I was in a men's club of some sort. There were gambling tables and nearly naked or fully naked women serving drinks and cigars. I watched as they had their nipples bitten and pussy lips pinched for their trouble.

I must admit that I found it fascinating to watch as these women were used so poorly and yet their nipples were hard and their legs spread easily for probing fingers and tongues. Indeed, now that my own nipples had stopped hurting from their abuse they were tingling, a very disconcerting feeling for me! Suddenly I was being hauled from my place on the floor
and pushed forward and fear gripped me again.

I was taken to another, smaller well appointed room. It was filled with couches and pillows. Several men were there lounging and I watched as a woman in nothing but a shiny silver collar and matching leash served them on her knees.

She scuttled to serve faster as the toes of wing tips found their way into her creamy pussy, separating the lips and exposing her fully. When the last man was served I was brought into the middle of the room and made once again to kneel.

I began to tremble with fear and as I looked around I saw more than one hand rubbing at hard cocks and as glinting eyes stared at me; my fear double and I lowered my gaze and began to cry softly. There was a sharp tug on my pony tail. "He's coming" my handler hissed.

A door, previously unnoticed, opened and in walked this hulking brute of a man. He stood head and shoulders above the rest and clearly demanded their respect with just his presence. This was Jake. He walked over to where I knelt and his fingertips lightly, almost gently brushed the disheveled hair back from my face. He traced my jaw line until my chin was in his hand. He began to squeeze my face and force my chin up so that I could look at him.

"Hello Baby. I'm so glad you can join us. I hope you have found everything to your liking so far?"

As he spoke he squeezed my jaw harder and harder until I was whimpering. "I wouldn't want you to think me remiss in my hospitality" this earned a low chuckle from his audience.

Just when I thought my jaw couldn't take the pressure any longer he pushed me hard and I fell backwards. Turning away he said, "Stand the little bitch up". Once again I was grabbed by the hair and hauled onto my shaking legs. Pulled in close my captor whispered, "Oh yeah you little whore the fun begins now".

By now Jake had arranged himself in a chair that sat on a little dais making his position clear. He clapped once and the room fell silent.

"Let's see what the little bitch has to offer shall we?" This once again won cheers and applause. "Take off her shirt"

"Finally," the man I had come to think of as the Snake hissed behind me and he reach around from behind me and with one smooth quick motion ripped my blouse all the way open leaving me in nothing by my white lacy bra.

Mmmm...pretty" the Snake whispered in my ear as he unhooked the clasp in the front and my tits sprang free. At this moment I panicked and began to fight with all I was worth. Unfortunately it wasn't much because within moments the snake had my arms secured behind me with one hand and the other wrapped around my waist and was holding me off the floor. He and the rest were laughing as I tried to kick my way free.

Once I had exhausted myself and hung limp the Snake put me down but kept my writs tight behind my back. Jake motioned for another man, a rather young man, to come forward. "What do you think of those tits Tommy? Well go on man, get a handful" Tommy didn't need to be told twice as he rushed up and began to play with my tits, pulling and plucking at my nipples making the tingling sensation more intense.

My struggles only seemed to excite him more and he captured my left breast and began to suck on my nipple. I closed my eyes in shame as my nipples hardened against my will. "Jesus these are the sweetest little tits" he said between sucks. "How old are you baby?"

I couldn't answer, just sob. In my ear the Snake hissed again "Answer the man you little slut or I'll break your fuckin wrist" and he twisted my wrist painfully. "I..I..I turned 18 in June" I stammered.

"Oooo" exclaimed Tommy "a young one. Very nice" and began to suck my tits in earnest.

"Get her skirt off" I heard somebody say. And down it went leaving me standing all but naked in front a roomful of drunk horny men.

"Test that pussy out Tommy. How does that little bitch feel?"

My eyes were closed and I could feel Tommys hand slide down from my nipple to my mound which suddenly felt very tight and hot. He slipped his tongue into my ear and a single finger into my panty. As his finger tickled and played with what he found there I could feel my own pussy starting to get wet and slick at the attention.

"Oh yeah, that's it baby. I knew you'd love it. I knew you were a fucking slut" hissed the Snake. Another finger slipped inside the by now soaking wet panty.

"Well?" asked Jake.

"She's a hot little cunt boss. Hot and wet and ready to go. Can I finger fuck her? I bet she's fucking tight."

"No," said Jake, "bring her here" and they did.

As I stood in front of him he reached out to roll my very hard nip between his fingers and said, "Do you know why you're here little girl?"

I could only shake my head no. "Well, you're here," he continued, "because your daddy has a little gambling problem. You see, he's incurred some debt to me and can't pay it back. So I decided to take in out in trade on your ass."

As he said this he pulled aside my panties and began to lightly stroke my clit, feeling my wetness. Never had my sweet little pussy been used this way. Jake reached up took my nipple in his mouth and bit hard. I gasped at the pain and tried to twist away only to have Snake's grip on me tighten.

Once again my chin was capture by Jake's massive hand, he lifted my chin exposing my neck. "I think this little bitch needs to be collared. It's time to teach her daddy a lesson" he said as he pushed me back into Snake. "Take her."

Snake whipped me around and pushed me toward the door that Jake had come out of. Inside was a bed, a big 4 poster bed. I started to struggle in earnest making my tits jiggle and dance, Snake laughed and said "That's it baby, fight it. Give them a good show. I saw how wet your pussy is..I know you want it!"

He pushed me toward the bed, I struggled all the while even though the effort was futile, I knew my fate was sealed. On the bed there was a thick black collar attached by a chain to the headboard. When I saw it panic set in once again. "No, please god, no. Not that!" I begged.

There was laughter behind me and I realized that the men had followed us in. I was to lose my virginity in front of an audience! Snake threw me on the bed and held me down while another man buckled the collar around my neck. "Now," Snake said, "we want your head down and that fine little ass of yours up!"

With that he laid one heavy hand on my neck and slammed my face onto the mattress. The other arm went under my waist and brought my knees up. "Now spread your knees as wide as you can." I could only tremble.

Snake's big hand came down on my ass with a hard slap and his hiss became a shout. "Spread them you little cunt. Show these men what a slut you really are!"

Sobbing, I did as I was told and could feel my moist pussy lips poke out from my overstretched panties. "Very nice" said Snake as he pinched and played with my left nipple. "Stay just like that honey, here he comes."

Behind me I could hear Jake's zipper go down and his clothes fall on the floor as he undressed. "Tommy get the camera, don't you think we should tape the popping of this bitch's cherry?" Jake directed.

"Fuck yeah!" exclaimed Tommy and I heard the electric whir of the camera as he turned it one. Jake then pulled my panties up tight into my ass and my slit. "Yeah look at that tight young ass. You're going to love it up the ass baby" Jake murmured as his big hand rubbed my ass and Tommy's camera snapped away.

That's when I felt it; using both hands Jake spread my ass apart even farther and started rubbing his raging hard on between my cheeks. "Let her head up, let her see what's going to be splitting her in two"

Snake pulled my head up by my chain and I turned to see Jake stroking his massive cock and fear mixed with something else gripped me again.

Jake could see the fear on my face and laughed at it. "Scared it's gonna hurt little girl? Your right, it will. How bad depends on how tight you are. Let's see"

He pulled my panties down over my firm thighs and I was finally and completely exposed. I felt one of Jakes fingers push into me and heard Tommy's camera whiring. "Shit, she is tight. This really is going to hurt. Let's see if we can open her up a bit."

And I felt him force another finger into my tiny opening. I clenched in pain as he finger fucked me, never had I been opened like this or felt so full. Eventually my juices lubed his fingers and they began to slide in and out with more ease. "That's it baby" he whispered and my pussy got hotter and juicier.

Jake withdrew his fingers and started to tease my clit which grew hard under his touch. My pussy suddenly felt empty and I found myself craving to feel the fullness again. A small moan escaped my lips and my hips began to push backward, searching for those thick fingers.

"Okay, this little slut is primed and ready for her first cock" he said as he slid its head up and down my wet slit. "Camera ready Tommy? I want every stroke on film. Want Daddy to see exactly how his baby girl was fucked." With that he slammed his massive organ into my tight young pussy and at that exact moment Snake pinched my hard little nip for all he was worth. I screamed and the excruciating exquisite pain.

Jakes first strokes were slow and forced as I was not yet opened enough to take all of him but after a few hard and painful thrusts his cock started to move with more ease. The more he fucked me the more I found myself responding.

I saw the other men staring as he pumped himself in and out of my virgin cunt and it made me wetter; I spread my knees farther and my hips began to meet Jake stroke for stroke. "Oh that's my good girl. That's right take every inch as he thrust even deeper. By now, Tommy had gotten a camcorder in order to capture my every moan and whimper.

Just then the girl in the silver collar entered the room to serve the men and Jake caught her by the elbow and pulled her into a deep kiss. "Listen" he said as he turned me onto my back, I'm going to shoot my load into this slut and I want you to lick and suck my cum out."

The girls eyes widened in delight. "Really?" she squealed.

Jake laughed as he bent to suck on her nipples "Yes", I want you to make her nice and clean for the next one."

"Mmmmm...yessir" she groaned as he bit at her tits.

"But first," he continued, "why don't you bend down and lick that sweet little clit of hers. I want the first time that bitch cums to be all over my dick".

The girl didn't hesitate she bent over and began to expertly tease my clit with her tongue. I spread my legs wider to give both his cock and her tongue better access and my breath became ragged gasp as the pressure in my pussy began to build and pulsate.

Finally I could hold back no longer, I arched my back and screamed "YES!" as the cum pumped from my pussy and ran all over Jake's cock. I spasmed for what seemed like forever until I heard him say

"Oh fuck yes, fuck yes I'm going to fill your little cunt up baby. Is that want you want? Huh? You want to feel me pump my cum into you".

I heard someone say "Oh yes, that pussy is all yours baby. Shoot everything you have into it!" That someone was me. I had gone from being a tight little virgin to a common whore begging to be fucked and used in just a matter of a few strokes from a great big cock.

Jake brought his big hands to my hips and rammed deeper and harder into me than ever before as he shot off his load, pulling out just in time to bathe my clit in thick ropes of his cum rubbing the head of his dick over and around my sensitive clit making it hard again.

"She's all yours," he said to the girl with a heavy smack on her ass. "Remember, we want her nice and clean."

As she did the other men descended upon me each taking turns fucking my mouth and tits and eventually my pussy and ass and I begged each one for more...
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