Visiting the Deli
"How do you want that sliced?" Tammy asked from behind the deli counter.

"Sliced medium will be fine," replied Nick. They have the best slab bacon here he thought to himself.

"How is school going?" Nick asked Tammy.

"Real good, this semester is almost done." She answered as she was pushing the slide of the meat slicer back and forth.

Maybe it was the stitched sequins on the back pockets--how snug her jeans fit. Whatever it was, he couldn't help but stare at Tammy's ass when she turned toward the slicer.

Slightly bent over she sliced the pound and a half of bacon he'd ordered.

"She sure has turned into a hot young vixen," he mumbled to himself feeling for the fly on his fishing pants.

He'd been coming to this little country store for many years and remembered when Tammy first started working here for her Aunt Sharon. She was still in high school back then. Hell, she wasn't even allowed to run the slicer back then.

Now she was in college and working here at the store part-time for spending money.

He was amazed how she now filled out those jeans and the scoop necked "snug as skin" tee shirts she wore every day that drove him crazy.

This twenty year old strawberry blonde with captivating green eyes captivated him. The fact he was old enough to be her father had never bothered him.

As she finished her slicing and handed him the lunch meat he asked her, "So, are you still going to be a paramedic?"

"Actually, I'm taking more nursing courses. We've been learning how to draw blood and all that neat stuff. I think I'll end up being a nurse of some sort."

"Does that mean you won't be working here anymore? Who will slice my bacon for me?" he said with a big smile.

"If you want to see me, you'll have to come to the hospital." She said as she smiled back.

"Well, at my age that's probably a good possibility," Nick answered.

"Oh stop! Your not that old," Tammy snipped.

"I wouldn't feel that old if I had a cute nurse like you," Nick taunted. "I can see you lifting up my hospital gown and taking my blood pressure just to take a peak."

"What else would you like?" she asked, her cheeks turning almost crimson.

"Huh?" Nick uttered. "Oh..... give me a pound of Swiss cheese medium sliced."

Tammy went about getting the block of cheese from the deli case and loaded it onto the slicer, setting the thickness dial and then turning the power on.

She stopped, turned and looked at Nick and said, "You'd probably like it if I took a peak . . . wouldn't be surprise if you even left the draw strings of your hospital gown untied in the back . . ."

Nick chuckled out loud, feeling his cheeks now beginning to flush. "C'mon now, you make me sound like some dirty old man."

"Is there any other kind?" Tammy snickered.

"Well, this dirty old man just makes it a point to recognize a pretty girl when he sees one. I guess if calling it as I see it makes me a dirty old man, then so be it."

Tammy smiled big. And what a pretty smile it was. She sparkled.

Weighing the cheese, she wrapped and priced it. Setting it up on the counter, she put her hand on one hip and tipped it to the side. In a teasing voice she said,
"Anything else you want . . . mister?"

Her head cocked to one side with her hair flowing down over her shoulder combined with her devilish smile over took him.

He was mesmerized by her glistening eyes and the deepening blush of her cheeks. It was about all Nick could handle.

He turned away from the counter in an effort to conceal the evidence of his excitement--the distinct stirring of arousal just below his belt buckle.

"I think that's all I can handle for today." He teased.

Being typical of a small country store, Tammy not only worked the deli and stocked the shelves, she had to also run the cash register up front.

She met Nick there to ring up his sale.
Scanning each item, she hit the total button and said, "That'll be twenty sixty-nine."

Nick opened his wallet peeled out two tens, handed them to Tammy and said "There's the twenty, how should I take care of the sixty-nine?"

Tammy's face exploded with red and a huge smile formed in her lips. "You are so-so-o-o bad . . . I have change for a dollar if you don't have it in your pocket."

"Oh, I've got it in my pocket, and maybe a little more." Nick reached into his pocket, moving his now evident bulge with his finger tips and pulled out a handful of change.

Tammy's flushed cheeks were highlighted by the mischievous twinkle in her eyes. She couldn't help notice Nick's untimely predicament.

Nick counted out the proper amount and reaching toward Tammy's open hand, change in his finger tips, he reached for her hand.

Holding her wrist with his left hand, he placed the palm of his right into her open hand and let the change drop.

Continuing to hold her hand in a delicate yet firm grip he told her, "There, I wanted to make sure you got your sixty-nine."

Tammy replied "Thank you, it's just what I needed . . . ."

All of a sudden it seemed that tables were turned as Nick felt the blush rush to his cheeks.


To Be Continued:

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