WELCOME TO MY WORLD Sequel to Hungry for You
copyright 2011: Allen Freed

Two days after the metaphysical encounter with the woman I knew only as Anna, I was still shook-up. I had no evidence that Anna really did exist, yet somehow, I felt she did--that I was being watched--maybe even followed.

It was Halloween night. I expected the usual neighborhood kids who went door-to-door gathering their bounty, dressed as their favorite heroes and monsters.

I wasn't in the mood to celebrate, but I didn't want to disappoint them. Then again I suppose with my life being more complex in the past few days, it was a way for me to revert back to simpler times--re-live my childhood--hand out the candy bars that I always liked best and keep the rest for myself to eat later.

As I heard the doorbell ring, I picked up the candy dish and answered. "Trick or Treat," the children yelled. I acted scared and reached into my basket of Snicker's giving one each to Batman, Green Lantern, the Mummy, Wolverine, Jean Grey, two members of the X-Men, and a cute four year old as a ballerina in all her poise and elegance plus several others. With a loud, "Thank you," they left to continue their quest.

As I watched them scurry away, Zoe was walking up the steps. I was supposed to attend a party with her, but really didn't feel like it. I figured I'd beg off and stay home.

She was my "off again, on again" girlfriend. I think this week we were on again.

That woman always knew how to make an entrance. This night was no exception. She was dressed in a sexy Wonder Woman outfit that would put Linda Carter to shame. Her long waist length black hair, deep deep blue eyes, large breasts, and a bottom that was made to worship, were mesmerizing. In costume, her 5'2" body, was looking better than ever before. Her voice was sultry but strong. She loved to boss me around.

"Hi Dustin, you need to get a move on. We are going to be late. I'll hand out candy while you get ready."

With a quick kiss on the mouth she grinned and snapped, "I got this, you go get ready."

"Zoe, I really don't feel very much like going tonight. You should go without me and have a good time."

"Dustin If you think that I'm going to that party without you, you are out of your fucking mind. Go get dressed . . . hurry up." She pinched my ass and slapped it hard.

I put on the costume and looked in the mirror. "Maybe this won't be too bad," I growled at my reflection. A few minutes later I appeared as Zorro the Masked Man. I was no Tyrone Power but I looked the part in all black with a few touches of red and white. I felt more awake. The hat, long cape, fencing sword, whip and riding boots, all seemed to all work together to energize me.

Clapping her hands, she exclaimed, "Zorro!" Very seductively, she ran her fingers down my chest. "That's a nice sword and I'm not talking about the one in your sheath." She stood on her tip toes and kissed my mouth as her tongue slowly danced with mine.

She was always good at changing my mind. And even though we tended to fight like cats and dogs, she'd been the closest thing to a steady girlfriend I'd had since college. But for some reason, we never seem to be on the same page at the same time. Nevertheless, sexually we were.

I thought to myself, who knows, maybe one day we will figure things out and we'll end up together for good.

"Dustin, would you like to take your car or mine?

"Billy is still working on my car. So your car it is."

Steve's annual Halloween party, gets bigger and wilder each year. Zoe and I have been his friends since junior high school. When he opened the door, I saw immediately the theme. Vampires! Wonderful, I thought, just what I need.

"Steve I see you've spared no expense, where did you get the Bella Lugosi wax figure? And where's that seven foot Frankenstein?

"What's wrong Dustin?" Steve said, "I thought you would get a kick out of old Bella here." He put his hand on the wax figure shoulder as if they were the best of friends. "I found him on eBay, isn't he cool?"

"He's so realistic." Zoe moved closer to look into its face. She's an artist and isn't impressed easily. "Such detail, even down to the eye lashes. Steve you've found a treasure. Wax figures like these are rare."

While she was engrossed in the figure, Steve was happy over her praising his purchase, slowly snuck behind her to playfully bite her neck.

"Keep your fangs to yourself," she said laughing. "You know we don't do stuff like that anymore. But then again, it IS vampire night."

Amused at her flirting with Steve, I looked around the room. Suddenly, I felt a chill flow through me; maybe it was all of the vampire stuff. I made my way over to the bar which was made to look like a coffin. The music was booming "The Monster Mash." I shook my head and made her a Screwdriver. Grabbed a beer for myself.

When I rejoined them to bring back Zoe's drink, I shocked. Anna was standing next to her.

Not an aberration. Anna. The real thing. The woman who'd visited me a few nights before. Stranger yet, she and Zoe had their heads together, laughing as if they were old friends. Then together, they approached me.

"Dustin, this is Anna. She is from Macedonia."

"Hello, Dustin. I'm very happy to meet you." A smile formed on her lips. I'm sure the color drained from my face. "Have we met before you seem very familiar?"

"I'm not sure . . . how long have you two known each other?" I asked, pulling Zoe next to me.

"Zoe lives in the apartment next to mine. She's told me all about you Dustin."

Anna looked like a predator and I was going to handle her as carefully.

"How rude of me, can I get you a drink or something from the bar?" I knew when I asked she would not want anything.

She winked and said, "I'm not thirsty at the moment, but when I am I will let you know." She giggled and looked at Zoe. All I could do is turn my head slow as if to say please, oh please, no.

I had to get Zoe out of there; I knew how dangerous Anna could be. I would never forgive myself if anything happened to her or any of my friends.

As if she could read my mind, Anna looked into my eyes and said, "I have another party I have to go to. It was nice meeting everyone. I promised Zoe, that I would make appearance, but could only stay for an hour."

"Oh please don't go. . . . I wish you could stay."

"Zoe, I promise, we will get together soon, when you least expect it."

Before she went out the front door she turned back and looked at me. I'm not sure why, but it left me with the feeling that I would be seeing her far sooner than I would like.

I can't explain my feeling about her, not to Zoe or anyone else . . . hell, not even to myself. If I did everyone would think I was crazy. Truth was, I was scared of Anna, yet attracted to her. I still had a vivid memory of everything she did to me earlier.

Zoe asked, "So what do you think of Anna?"

"She seems nice," was the only thing I could say.

I took Zoe's hand and we danced together. I held her close I was afraid for her. Anna was living next door. I was afraid for myself too. How could I forget those dark eyes and how I gave in so easily only a few nights before? How when I was under her control, I had no fear just a longing. Or was it a hunger?

About four hours later the party was thinning out. Zoe and I said our goodbyes and headed to my house. While I was driving she was very playful. It always happens when she drinks. Her hands were all over me. Her fingers were under my black silk shirt and pulling the fine hair on my chest. She always knows how to get me so excited. She was kissing my neck. At least it made my mind stop thinking of Anna.

Before I knew it, Zoe's mouth was in my lap and I had to pull over she was sucking me so hard and deeply. She said she loved sucking my cock . . . hearing her say that brought forth a primitive moan from the back of my throat as over and over, she teased me and brought me right up to the edge of bliss before she'd back off. I knew what she was doing; she was giving me a taste, but really saving me for later.

She will get hers, I thought, if and when I get her home.

Her hot wet mouth was working up and down my shaft and I felt her tongue licking and teasing the tip. By the time I pulled into my drive and turned off the engine, my eyes had rolled back into my skull, and my breathing was raspy. I was sweating and opened the window.

No sooner done and the sound of a twig breaking broke the moment. My eyes opened and looked around, Zoe I said, "Stop, someone's out there." She didn't stop. "Please, I mean it. Stop . . ."

Zoe's head stayed in my lap. I looked up and saw Anna smiling, standing by a tree and watching us. I glanced down at the back of Zoe's head then looked back up and she was gone. I looked all around . . . it was if she was never there.

"Zoe, we have to go, I see a police car."

She sat up and I started the car and rolled up the window.

"Where are they?" she said looking around.

"They just drove by and made a motion for me to move along." I replied with a lie. What was I going to say? You know Anna your next door neighbor well she a vampire not only that she was watching us. Yeah, right.

I drove around the block a few times and pulled back into my driveway. I looked around, but saw no sign of her.

Turning the engine off, I ran around to let Zoe out of the passenger side and took her hand. The night was cold and the moon was full. Any other night I would have loved to kiss Zoe under such a moon. But the only thing I could think of was to get us inside. I was fumbling with my key trying to unlock the door when I heard something behind me. I turned to look and it was Anna standing there. Smiling. I gasped. Zoe asked, "Dustin, are you alright?"

I opened the door and said, "I'm fine, just got a little chill." I turned back and she was gone. I looked all around up and down the street but as before, she'd simply vanished.

Zoe took my hand and led me into the living room. "I'm sure," she said, "I can chase away that chill."

I laid the belt with the sword and whip on the coffee table. She pushed me down on the sofa set on my lap and started kissing me deeply. Her fingers were running down my chest to the bottom of my black silk shirt. My mind was starting to swim as her tongue danced with mine. She slowly pulled the shirt over my head, and I watched her through it on the floor.

I watched her unzip her costume and fall to her waist. Her breasts exposed so full tempting my mouth. I gently took the left and then the right nipple into my mouth. I flicked my tongue over the tip of left nipple while tweaking the right one with my left index finger and thumb. I pulled and teased them and made her moan.

I picked her up into my arms and carried her from the sofa to my bedroom. I laid her down on the bed and pulled off her sexy red boots and threw them across the room. I crawled up on the bed and slowly pulled the Wonder Woman costume down her smooth legs. To my delight, she was wearing nothing but a smile.

She watched as I unzipped the fly on my Zorro trousers and wet her top lip with her tongue. She helped me remove my boots and drop my pants. Her finger tips caressed my bare flesh keeping the fire going.

I cuddled up next to her with her nipples against my chest. We faced each other, and my left hand traced her face. My fingers ran down her cheek to under her chin and I pulled her lips to mine. I watched her eyes close as we kissed again and again. I rolled her on her back as my body folded around her. I kissed her neck; her shoulder; her left breast tenderly. Her fingers slowly ran down my back to my ass where she pinched my cheeks.

I felt her legs wrap around my waist as she ground into my hardness. I teased her folds with the tip of my cock. I made her squirm as it touched just under her clit. I look into her eyes and smiled without a word, I ran my tongue slowly down between her breasts; her belly; I moved to her belly button as my mouth surrounded it and kissing it softly.

My eyes locked on hers as I backed up slowly, my mouth never leaving her skin. I took in her sweetness, my mouth sucked and licked her folds. Her body responded to each movement I made. She moaned as I teased her clit with my teeth.

She ran her fingers through my hair and pulled my head into her, covering my face in her sweet nectar. Then she pulled my hair to raise me to her face and roll me on my back. She straddled me; my hands reached up to squeeze her nipples as she welcomed my hardness inside.

My right hand moved down to touch her clit as she leaned back, her hands holding my ankles. I pinched her clit with my right index finger and thumb. She ground into me moving her hips in a circular motion. My hips met each advance she made with unbridled enthusiasm. We moved together faster and deeper. We fell together our hearts beating like the wings of humming birds.

She laid her head on my chest and said, "I love how you love me."

"You make it so easy, Zoe." I said as my fingers played with her black hair.

"I have to work tomorrow I need to get home," she said.

"You could stay here it's already a little after three in the morning," I said.

She laughed and said, "I know you, if I stay here we will stay in bed all day."

I smiled as I pulled her down to my lips and said, "And what's wrong with that?"

She kissed my mouth and said, "Nothing, nothing at all."

Zoe went into the closet and grabbed a pair of her jeans and one of my tee shirts. With a smile I said, "I expect you to bring that back washed." She stuck out her tongue.

"Have you seen my running shoes?" she asked.

"The last time I saw them they were under the bed."

I watched her bend down to look. I couldn't help myself. I slapped her ass playfully.

"You keep it up Mister," she said with a smile, "and I will give you more than what you can handle right now."

She scooped up her costume and blew a kiss as she walked out the bedroom door. I heard the front door close. Without a robe I got up and went into the kitchen to get a drink of water. I heard a knock at the door. I ran to open it and asked, "Did you forget you're . . ."

It was Anna. I was butt naked.

"Dustin," she said with a devilish smile on her face. "Do you always answer the door like this, or just for me?" I blushed as she came inside I went to the bedroom to get my robe. "You don't have to put anything on for my account."

"I thought you were Zoe." I said as I came into the living room. Anna stood near the sofa looking at me. My eyes couldn't leave hers. She slowly unbuttoned her sheer black blouse which was very provocative.

She started walking toward me; I was backing away and found myself in my bedroom. She pushed me down on the end of my bed.

I watched as Anna slowly undressed exposing her beautiful body. As she stood in front of me; she ran her finger long nails through my hair, pushing my face between her perfect breasts. I couldn't help but kiss her right nipple. It was so hard and erect. A small moan slipped from her lips. She got down on her knees and kissed my mouth I felt her tongue explore my mouth. Her fingers untied the belt of the robe as it pushed off my shoulders.

Her nails slowly ran down my chest which caused me goose bumps. My heart was beating fast. She looked at me as her hand lightly touched my hardness and said, "I got so turned on watching Zoe going down on you."

"I know I saw you." I said with my voice weak and raspy.

Anna pulled me to her lips and what control I had left, escaped me. I felt her fangs but this time she did not bite me. I found myself breathing hard as we hungrily kissed.

She was kissing my neck but this time I was not afraid, maybe I should have been. At this moment I didn't care about anything but Anna. I didn't feel dazed or even confused anymore. I wasn't worried about Zoe, I wasn't worried about anything. All I wanted was Anna; to please her; to be deep inside her. My voice said with a whisper, "Anna, I want you . . . I want to fill you and feel you surround me."

Anna looked into my eyes and said, "Dustin, please fuck me . . . fuck me now . . . "I rolled her on her back. She wrapped her legs around my waist as I filled her slowly.

I felt her quiver as I shoved my hard throbbing cock all the way inside her until it could go no farther. Slowly I pulled it out half way, then all the way inside. I felt her buck to meet each thrust; we started moving faster together. Her arms pulled me closer and I felt her finger nails scratch my back as I started pounding her faster and harder.

We had become two wild animals mating and inseparable. I heard a moan and realized it was me. I looked down into her eyes that saw my very soul; I saw pink tears pooled at the corners of them.

Falling together in a final thrust, we locked together to be engulfed by spasms of pure pleasure that consumed us in the midst of our primeval moans.

We laid together in the dark the side of her face resting on my stomach looking into each others eyes. "How would you feel about never getting older?" she asked.

I looked into her eyes and said, "I'm not sure about it, I don't think I could take a life, if that's what it takes to be one of your kind."

She smiled and said, "I have not took a life for years, I don't need to."

"I don't want to be a monster, a predator." I said as I looked down at the floor, "I could never be that."

"You think that I'm a monster?" She looked as if I'd really hurt her.

"I won't lie Anna you scare me, but I don't think you're a monster." As I looked into her eyes, I couldn't believe that.

She rose up. Kissed my mouth. And with more passion that I've ever felt before, her mouth moved down my neck and she bit me.

"I want you so much Dustin and I can tell you want me."

I did not fight. I couldn't have. She was right I did want her; in fact it felt good in a weird way when she bit me. I lay back as Anna took all of me she wanted. I whispered, "Anna, oh my Anna."

Morning came and Zoe stopped by with donuts for me and a morning kiss. Two days later she filed a missing person report.

Then three weeks after Halloween, over dinner with Anna at the Les Bains Club in Paris, I found out that all was well--that Zoe was well and happy.

At my request, Anna had visited Zoe's apartment and read her daily diary.

The good news was that Zoe had gotten back together with Steve, my old friend, from the Halloween party. The one she'd been teasing. A few years back, they were engaged. Now, once again, they planned to marry. In her diary she said she loved him, and always had. That she was happy beyond words and in her heart she wished the same for me--that Anna had come to her in a dream--told her I was well and happy in France taking care of old unfinished business.

I was relieved to know Zoe was okay and not mourning over me. Anna was also. I could rest easy now and enjoy my new life. I knew Zoe would be happy with Steve. He'd always been a good guy.

After dinner, I asked Anna to dance.

"Thank you my darling," I whispered holding her close, "You are the woman of my dreams. My destiny."

In the mirrored wall behind us, I saw myself smiling and noticed fangs that weren't there hours before. Anna saw them too.

"They are your graduation present, she said, "Welcome to my world."

The End
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