World Cup fever was running rampart. Cars drove down the street flying their favourite nationality flags.

I had planned a "World Cup Party" for the guys to watch the final game on out big screen TV.

I had invited fifteen of my buddies and spared no expense to entertain them while they watched the match.

The Recreation room bar was well stocked with every kind of liquor and beer you could imagine. A catering firm had been contracted to provide a smorgasbord buffet for us.

"There is one thing I would like you to do for me to make it a day the guys will remember Sweetheart." I said to my wife.

"What's that?" she asked curiously.

"Fuck them." I asked bluntly.

"Excuse me?" You didn't think you had heard this correctly.

"I want you to fuck the guys." I repeated.

"All of them?" You couldn't believe what I was asking.

"Do you love me?" I asked.


"Then you will fuck them all for me." I ruled.

Thus it was decided that you were to be the slut for fifteen guys.

We were not monogamous as we had done our share of swinging but always together.

You had never fucked another man without my being included in the threesome or foursome.

This was completely different as you were to be gang-banged by fifteen guys while I watched.

"Do the guys know?" you asked.

"I told them I may have a special surprise for them." I smiled.

"Stephen, I know all these guys, most of them are married?" you brought to my attention.

"No guy is going to turn down the chance to fuck you." I grinned.

Unfortunately you knew what I said was true. At twenty-eight you knew guys found you attractive and you got hit on numerous times wherever you went unaccompanied. Your 38DD bust, nicely rounded ass and long, shapely legs were like bait for guys on the prowl.

Even shopping in our local supermarket Dave the fruit and veg man would save you the choicest fruit and veggies in exchange for you being friendly with him and the occasional flash of boobs.

If you dared go in a coffee shop alone without fail some guy would try to hustle you. You always declined their offers.

Now I wanted you to give myself to fifteen of his best mates.

"Why don't you just hire a hooker?" you continued to argue.

"It's been done before, but nobody has volunteered their wife to be fucked." I insisted.

"O.K., but they better all wear rubbers 'cause I don't want to get knocked up!" you agreed.

I was so overjoyed that you thought you had agreed to let me fuck fifteen girls.

I was aware I was not using birth control pills. You had had an adverse reaction from them and we had resorted to a diaphragm instead. The diaphragm was ninety-eight percent effective but with fifteen guys gang-banging you it would likely become dislodged and all that sperm would flood your ovaries.

You felt it was a bit naïve expecting me to ask the guys to use condoms or to expect them to comply. So you decided to buy plenty of condoms to be on the safe side.

To say you were anxious when the day of your sacrifice rolled around was an understatement. I had you prepare yourself to give the guys your body looking your stunning best.

A soak in a bubble bath. A freshly shaven pussy. An application of baby oil over your entire body, a splash of Opium perfume between your ample breasts and above your shaven mound.

I had purchased a negligee for you to wear for the event.

It was a very short see-through number but I did not give you the matching modesty panties. Every detail of your charms was clearly visible through the gown right down to the mole on your left breast.

You were to stay out of sight until I announced your grand entrance.

The guys started arriving about half-an-hour before the game was to start. From your hideout in the bedroom you could hear them laughing and joking. Time after time the doorbell rang announcing the arrival of more of the noisy football fans. Would they ever stop coming, you wondered.

You looked out the bedroom window to see three guys getting out of a black Range Rover. There were four other vehicles crammed into out driveway.

You knew it was too late to call the whole thing off but God there was a lot of guys downstairs who were going to fuck your brains out when I announced my surprise.

The guys were getting more raucous when you heard me making my announcement. It was your cue to head downstairs.

The welcoming cheers and whistles were deafening as you entered the room.

Seeing you almost naked confirmed the guys were in for a treat.

You had no idea what the procedure was to be but quickly Ron Howard approached you.

I had selected Ron to warm you up for the gang to use.

I guided you to a chair where I sat you while Ron knelt between your legs. Lifting your gown he buried his face in your bare pussy.

Ron's tongue began exploring your open pussy, teasing and exciting you as he played with your engorged clitoris and entered your vaginal tunnel.

You moaned and your face displayed the rapture you were experiencing between your legs.

Ron was diligently executing his task, stimulating your pussy until your juices started flowing. You felt the beginning of an orgasm stirring in your loins when his mouth left your crotch.

You realised then that you had been raffled off, each guy drawing a number indicating the order they would fuck you. Another colour slip indicated the order you would suck their cocks. Three lucky individuals had drawn fucking slips with asterisks on them indicating they had the privilege of fucking you anally if they wished.

I took you over to my weight lifting bench which was to be your work bench. You were laid on your back with your head hanging over one end and your legs the other while the group circled around you.

Ted Simpson stepped between your legs first with his hard-on in his hand. We knew Ted quite well. We had attended his wedding just nine months before. He had married a pretty young black girl named Robin.

Ted slipped into your prepared pussy with ease. All of his cock entered you until you felt his balls kiss your labia. He was fucking you bare cock without a condom! The feelings his cock was producing in your pussy changed your mind about them using rubbers!

Your eyes were closed when you felt the cock slap against your lips. You looked to see an enormous hard cock seeking entrance to your mouth. Submissively you opened your lips and allowed him into your head.

Sealing your red painted lips around the thick shaft you inhaled to form a vacuum chamber to get him off in.

Your talented tongue began caressing the huge cock in a tantalizing way. Travelling up the lower side and up and over the bulbous head causing it to begin throbbing in your mouth.

Simpson's cock was arousing you as it thrust in and out of your pussy causing you to attack the cock in your mouth with gusto.

You were sucking one cock while another was ravishing your pussy. The others had grouped around you and were jerking their cocks aiming them in your direction.

Soon the white rain began with splotches of cum splattering onto your face and tits. One after the other cocks were shooting loads of cum onto you, you were getting a cum bath.

You felt a warm surge of sperm flowing deep into your pussy. The first cock had cum in you, so much for wearing condoms.

As the spent cock was being withdrawn from your pussy, cum began spurting into your mouth. The second cock was coming in you. Hungrily you swallowed the spunk before you gagged on it.

Another cock was entering your pussy. The cum from the first cock was still oozing out of your fuck hole and instead of trying to avoid the other guy's cum the head of the replacement cock dipped into the thick white cream and with a generous coating slid easily into your wet fuck tunnel.

Large strings of sperm continued to rain down onto you from above. You were in a virtual shower of cum matting in your hair and soaking your negligee. The skimpy gown was now up around your neck and not covering anything, your ample tits were bare to be cum on.

Up until now you had felt no emotion, just being a submissive wife fulfilling her husband's perverted fantasy. Strangely the sensation that you had felt with Simpson's cock was once again blossoming around the cock now filling your pussy. Opening your eyes you saw George Thompson was fucking you.

Thompson was a black man, an ex footballer. He now worked as an "expeditor" or gofer for a large steel maker. The job did not require much intelligence and he had been given the job by a superintendent that had been a fan in his ball playing days.

Thompson had a rather stout black wife and a tribe of seven kids. The big, black cock that was now in you was certainly potent.

The taboo of possibly conceiving a black baby caused your hips to thrash. You were actively fucking this black bastard encouraging his cock to douse your womb with his seed.

His cock felt so big in you, he must have been over ten inches in length and as thick as your forearm. The massive mushroom head of his cock teased your vaginal wall on its outward strokes.

You knew you were going to cum with him.

Another hard cock was being forced between your cum-coated upper lips. You opened your mouth allowing the intruder in.

Your mouth tasted foul as if the entire British army had slept in it with their socks on. A coating of cum shroud your teeth and gums from previous ejaculations.

Thompson's cock was arousing your pussy like none of the others had. He reached into you further than any other cock, massaging the unused portion of your fucking canal.

Your hips were thrusting upwards to meet his plunges maximizing the depth he reached in your weeping pussy.

The shower of white rain had slackened to a drizzle allowing you to concentrate on going for your climax. Your legs were clamped around Thompson's powerful hips pulling him into you.

It was obvious to me that you were on fire and wanted to have an orgasm and take this black man's seed.

"Fuck her George and blow a big load into her!" I encouraged the black man who was pounding my wife's brains out with his monster cock.

Thomson needed no encouragement as he was already on the rapid short strokes, about to fill you with his sperm.

Your orgasm escaped like some ravenous beast in a feeding frenzy. Ripping through your body it forced you to scream as a safety valve to keep from blowing your mind.

The others watched in amazement as your body convulsed, racked by spasm after spasm of pure energy shooting through your muscles. Your back arched thrusting your pelvis up onto Thompson's ejaculating cock harvesting his seed.

"Oh yes, yes!" you moaned as his black baby batter filled you.

As Thompson's cum bathed your ovaries the cock in your mouth began discharging spurts of thick salty brine down your gullet.

With sperm flowing into both ends of you, you could not control the shaking and your body danced as if thousands of volts of electricity were passing through it.

Gradually the sperm puddle inside of you quenching the inferno that had wrestled control away from you. You lay lifeless as the two satisfied cocks were pulled from you.

They just became a faceless blur after that, one after the other they filled your mouth and pussy with their endless dicks.

Occasionally you would be rolled over onto your stomach and have a cock mercilessly rammed up your ass. You are no fan of ass-fucking but these guys were brutal, dry-fucking your tight brown hole without care.

With relief the guy's attention was switched back to the TV for the final minutes of the game.

No one even noticed when you crept back upstairs for a long soak in the bath.
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