I hate my job and I most of all I HATE MY BOSS. That sardonic prick had me work late again for the second week in a row. It's bad enough that I just started the job. I worked as a paralegal, one of many who work at one of the biggest law firms in the city, Wolf, De Metterick and Sloan. Now all because of him I want to leave it! He has issues and now they are raining on my parade. Ok, he is also one hot sardonic prick and every time I get around him I seem to lose the ability to think. It's not my fault; I think there is something to him and those weird grey eyes of his. Especially the way he stares at me sometimes when he thinks I am not aware of it.Hell I know when he's around without laying eyes on him,because my body overheats, my brain leave home and I stuck on duh...

Well it's now 8 pm and I getting the hell up out of this office and going home. Derrick De Metterick can fire me if he wants to I said to myself as I made for the elevator. Every bone in my body was tired and at that moment, home and bed was sounding really good. I started dragging my body toward the elevator,cursing my boss every step of the way,when I got that feeling...

"Lizzie go straight home tonight," a voice said from the direction of my bossy office.

I turned to the direction of that voice with a total look of what the fuck on my face. Who did the man think he was my dad?? Of course he was standing there looking all damn... fine, just fine. I rolled my eyes internal and quickly put my business face on. You know the one that all good little minions wear when they are being spoken to by the higher ups.

Derrick De Metterick was good three inches over 6ft. which makes my 5 ft. 9in look like nothing. He looks as if he ancestors came from a warm climate as his skin has a permanent tropical tan or maybe Mediterranean? His hair was a grey, not white, but grey like iron. You could tell that it was once black, but it had change color overtime. It wasn't do to age as he was just ten years my senior, over my twenty five. He was handsome the way older men can be elegant and virtual. He had a past, a marriage and a son, who lived with his mother, somewhere. At the present he was dating a few of the social Barbie dolls and rich bitches. There was even odds money that he would be married to one the mindless by the end of the year.

"Thank you, Mr. De Metterick, I will," I said as I turned to enter the elevator as the doors opened.

"Yes, Lizzie see that you do," Derrick said as he continued to stare at me, letting me see in his eyes the weight of his words. Not a warning but an order.

I got in the elevator and waited for the door to close before I lost it. How dare he tell me what to do!!

I was going out tonight with my friends and he could just kiss my ass, I mumbled to myself as I got off the elevator and walk to my car. I was still fuming when I left the underground parking lot and heading home. On the way, I called my girlfriend, Melissa and told her to get ready that I would be by her house in an hour to pick her up.

An hour later, I was dressed up in my going to party outfit of cum-fuck-me heels, make-up, hair done, and wearing a black dress so short that it barely covered "there". After a few turns in front of the mirror,I relented and when back into put on something a little less revealing, but not by much. I settled on a silk black figure hugging Chinese style dress that had side split up to my mid thigh.
I ended up looking like an exotic china doll.

After picking up the girls, went to new club in town called "Night ". We arrived there to find a line going almost around the corner. There was some talk about going to another night spot, but the girls were set on getting into this place. I looked a the line to get in had grow since we had arrived. I figured since places like these were letting people in not so much as who came first, but who looked to be the most impressive. So,with me leading the pack, wearing my black leather cum- fuck- me- pump and my little Chinese dress I strolled my ass right up to the front of the line.
The bouncer looked me over at first as if to dismiss me for being so bold. Then he slowly looked my hourglass figure and then checked out my girls.

"Hey Babe you and your girls can go right in," he said still showing his toothy smile, which was now somewhat unnerving.

We entered the club amid boos and cursing of those who were in line to the blaring music. After paying a cover charge, we were escorted to the VIP area. Now I was cool with getting by the bouncer, heck I had ... we had dressed for it, but VIP?? My girls didn't seem to be surprised by it, almost expecting it as if it was their due. I gave in and went out to dance when Joe's "My Mary Jane" started to play.

Three songs later, I got off the dance floor long enough to get my only drink for the night, an Apple Martini. Our spot was crowded with people coming and going. Guys who came over to introduce themselves and other who had sent drinks and then later came over to introduce themselves, I paid no attention to either group. As I sipped my drink and danced to the music in my seat, I felt someone staring at me. As I looked around to see who it might be a guy came up and asked me to dance. Knowing that it wasn't him, I continued to look around as I walked to the dance floor. The guy and I dance together then separately, I was the one who separated us when he tried to ride my butt on the dance floor and cop-a-feel at the same time. I started to walk off the second time when he tried to do it again,but was stopped. When I turned to walk in the direction of my girls walked into fabric covered walk. Looking up to say excuse me I almost bit my tongue off trying to stop the O...SHIT from coming out. It was my boss, Mr. De Metterick. Two things happened; one, I noticed that the music had change to something slow. Two, the guy that I had been dancing with made a move to reach for me and then stopped. I was looking up into De Metterick's face and was the look he gave the guy. Hell I even cringed in response, as it was a truly a "you must be kidding and go to hell look" all rolled into one.

"What the hell!" was all I could say as turn back to the jerk who I had been dancing with to find him gone. Ok, so he was a chicken shit and jerk at the same time. Then I turned back to address my boss only to find the look had gone. Now a stranger look was in his eyes and the smile on his face looked as if it had been dipped in ice.

"I thought I told you to go straight home Lizzie," he said as he reached out for my hand and pulled me into his body.

Before I knew it, we were dancing to the music as we held on to each other.

"Mr. De Metterick ...a humm why are you here?" I asked trying to keep thoughts of his closest from making me into a babbling idiot. The heat of him was working its way through his clothes and mine.

" I here with a date and I owe this club", he said as he smiled down at me licking his lips. It was as if he was imagining what I would taste like.

I should have been scared or at least insulted, but all I could do was get hot in places that I shouldn't and trying not to let him see it.

"Why you didn't go home like I told you... Lizzie," De Metterick whispered as he looked down at me. Wow, he had me feeling bad that I hadn't followed through with his orders.

Then I realized that Derrick De Metterick hadn't really been speaking to me... at least not with his lips. My pussy sized up and my chest tightened as I let the realization showed on my face. Oh damn... this was the dream! The one that I had been having for weeks along with the most amazing sex. It always ended with the" you will be mine "statement.

"Your date wouldn't she be missing you?," I asked trying to think of a way to leave the dance floor and still have my job tomorrow.

De Metterick never said a word as he spun me around the now almost deserted dance floor as the other dancers had move to the side to give us more room to move. I quickly caught the eyes of my girls who seemed to be very impressed with my dance partner after all, De Metterick was a handsome man.

"Lizzie why didn't you do as you were told...."

"As... I... was... told!!! WAIT ONE DAMN SECOND!!," I said as he threw me out and then pulled me back toward him...

The warmth of his body against mine just melted any resistance that I had left. This was a dream it just had to be!!!...

Forcing myself back to the present I looked up at De Metterick and tried to move out of his shelter of his arms to no avail... I went off!!

"I work for you during the day time, but after working hours what I do is my business.... NOT YOURS!" I said between cling teeth as the music end and applause filled the air.

"Go home Lizzie it now!," Derrick said again not saying a word. How could he possibly sound as angry as he was looking at me now? I almost lost myself in trying to figure that, but got back to the problem at hand.

"No,"I said as I stormed off the dance floor amid the shouting and applause. Gee I guess we really put on a show dancing I thought briefly.

Once I got back to the table I took my seat and reached for my drink and before I realized I had broken my rule.. to never drink that has been left unattended by me. Gone was the anger to replaced by fear of the unknown. What had been added to that drink? I sat there wait for the world to go left and when nothing happened, I figured that I had lucked out.....RIGHTTTTTTTTTTTTT.

I was already on edge from Derrick's bossy attitude and the nights of primal carnal dreaming. My thoughts went back to a dream: had me up against the wall, with my legs spread far and wide. Exposing my tender bits for his long wet red tongue that seemed to come out of a mouth of teeth... very sharp long teeth. It teased my clit as it's strong tapered fingering griped the flesh of my thighs tight enough to cause bruises with just a little more pressure. He locked his amber eyes on to mine and I fell into them. With his eyes still locked on mine he lowered (his face?) into my gaping pussy, that was now a weeping mess. Upon contact, my eyes felt as if they rolled back into my head as he,as it turned me inside out .....

All of a sudden I was hot and sweating and not for the right reasons. Whatever was in that drink was overriding my control, my precious control that I needed to keep me from...

He came from out of nowhere or so it seemed, it was the guy from the dance floor the jerk. He stood over me smiling a sick ass "I got you now bitch smile" saying something that I didn't understand. Who knows that might have been it, but then the lights seemed to fade out. When it came back in I was walking ... no being helped of the club. Thinking that it was one of my girls, I leaned heavily on the person who was helping. Again, the world faded into black and when I came to this time sitting on the ground with my dress up to my waist, no panties and two guys or something fighting. All I remember was hearing a very rough, deep bass voice saying ... "SHE MINE!" I tried to focus to see what was going on and then I tried not to. No way had I seen what was before me. I tried to move but my body didn't want to as my head rolled back I looked up at the full moon. It was then that the dreams found me, half naked,in an alley, in the middle of the night, with two werewolves fighting...I think over me. This was my last thought as the world fade black again and I went joyful into it.

My skin felt like it was on fire that was being put out by something that was long and wet. With each "lick" of my skin I felt the surface cooling and being caressed at the same time. This licking lingered on my breast and nipples, then moving down my body as I faded out again.

When I came back I was standing or being held up in the rain, no shower... naked. My body was shaking from the inside out,as I tried to figure out why was I naked in the rain, no shower... with my boss!
I forced my eyes to open, my brain to focus to deal with the reality of where I was. The light was pleasingly, gentle to my eyes, as I had the making of a very nasty headache brewing. Plus I could feel the pull of the moon growing but I was too drugged to be scared.

"Here, drink this," a calm very masculine voice said from the soft light and the screaming pain in my head.

I took a sip and wished I hadn't. It was strong black coffee and I hate the stuff, but it seemed to work. The headache reduced to a dull roar and my eyes could now focus. The figure in front of me came into focus just about the time I realized that I was naked and it had been my boss that I had been in the shower with! Oh Shit!!

"Why... I... am I here," I whispered...speaking through dry lips and equally dry mouth. I could feel the pull getting stronger...

"I told you go home Lizzie," he said looking down at me his eyes glowing softly.

I chalked that view up to my drug mental state as I tried to sit up holding the sheet to my amble chest. Damn even my bra was gone... wait I am naked and I had been in a shower, I thought again. Looking at my boss who was shirtless wearing what looked like dark sweat pants. He helped me up by holding my arms and letting me move as I felt the need to, which put me up against his chest. Oh the scent and warmth of him almost did me in as I leaned against him trying to gather myself. It was then that the dream came back to me...

.....The scent of him, of us filled my lungs as I suck the mixture of cum from his thick long cock and balls. It had my pussy in a convulsive state and it results and what we had done was running in a thick white foamy mix down my thighs. He growled encouragement, stroking my ass and played in the cum running down my thigh... no he was returning the favor of licking me clean ....

Oh hell!!... the headache came back with a roar pushing the dream out and the present in. At this point, I just gave up and let the true me come out. Burying my face into the space at the base of his neck I made a sound between a moan and growl. It was in response to the ones that I had been hearing in my dreams. He growled back and it was on.

I climbed Derrick's body from a sitting position to bury his face with my tits. I rubbed my breasts on to his face and he I immediately started to suck at my skin then moving to my nipples. The feel of Derrick's mouth and hands on me made my toes curl with pleasure. I arched my back and opening me myself to the pull of the moon and of him. Looking down between my breasts I saw eyes that were now like mine, glowing amber yellow. I pulled back to sit back out of his arms and he let me go, thou somewhat reluctantly. We sat there looking at each other in wonderment then in lust. This was what I had once saw in my dreams, us looking at each other as we did at work and then as we were doing now. He had known and I had only guessed... Too afraid to hope as it's not every day that you find someone like you walking around.

Leaning forward I sniffed at him and went back to rubbing myself against him. This time cheek to cheek, I moved down his neck inhaling his scent. It made my mouth water and loosened knots in my body that had been so for a long time.

Derick joined me as we inhaled and marked each other. At one point we were nose to sex on each other and here we had a mind split. Instead of just inhaling we start to lick and suck at the other as well. Combining scent with taste, I became so aroused, that I sucked as much of his cock into my mouth as I could. While Derrick did the same to my pussy. With our mouths full we stopped and savored the scent, the feel the and taste of it all.We wanted more, to taste the true essence second only to blood. It was what was needed to sequence the fire that was burning inside us both. As Derrick sucked and licked at me I deep throated his cock. I used my throat muscles to massage him as my hands did the same to his balls. We became more demanding in our need and actions pushing and pulling the other to the edge. Amid the sounds and actions of sex, we came shooting hot thick ribbons of cum into each other's mouth.

I had released Derrick before he had stopped pulsation in my mouth. En order to catch my breath and to control orgasmic jerking of my body. Rolling to one side, I laid there with my face turned sideways to let the cum that I hadn't swallowed run out of my mouth to mix with my sweat and hair. When I could speak I asked... no, I told him what I wanted.

"Fuck me, fuck me, like you want to,like you know how it must be done," I said speaking around the need for more air and still jerking body.

I couldn't see him to know if he was in the same state and truthfully I didn't care. I was being a bitch, which made me almost laugh, but it didn't change what I wanted Derrick to do.

Derrick drugged me to the edge of the bed, flipped me over face down, and shoved his cock so far up me that I thought it would come out of my mouth. I screamed in pain, surprise, and lastly in pleasure as he did what I asked. We fucked alternating between hard and slow, then deep and fast. Derrick had me in a position where I was face down and sideways so that I could breath. Then he taking long wet licks on my back with his tongue. I knew if I could see it would be inhumanly long and large. It just made me so fucking hot and it rallied me to join in the fucking. I started to push back as he entered me. I Worked my pussy muscles to as well to make him fight for every sensual movement.

"You Bitch!" He said from a mouth with larger than average teeth and a tongue to match.

I just laughed and kept at it. Squeezing and releasing as I moved up and down his shaft. Until it was I who was in control, but it was position that I didn't hold for long. Derrick regained control when he half turned and his size in me increased in width and length. Imagine a half man wolf thing fucking me from behind with his large clawed hands holding on to my generous ass cheeks.
The bed, on its way to being a total wreck, was devoid of covers it banging against the wall as we, licked, sucked fucked each other up and over the edge falling head first, blind and deaf into orgasmic bliss. The last think I remember before losing it all was cumming and turning all at the same time. The world shifted and faded as I heard a loud howling that echoed in the room, as the bed crashed to the floor taking us with it.

Monday evening I was asked to work late again, but this time I didn't mind. With my headphones on, I worked until it was time to go playing over and over "Tender is the Night ...." It was the song that was playing the night we danced together standing up and lying down.

It was about 7:30 pm when I made for the elevator and was stopped by my boss.


"Yes", I said turning to face Derrick De Metterick who was looking very yummy today in his black tailor suit, crisp white shirt, with a red tie. Yes the light and dark of him was very attractive me. At that moment his eyes were glowing amber yellow as he looked me over slowly.

"You are to go straight home to night ..."

"Yes," Derrick I said softly as I backed into the waiting elevator. I smiled as the last part of Dave Koz, "Tender is the Night "played softly in my ears ...

"I will be waiting," I said to him as the elevator door close with him looking into my own glowing amber yellow eyes.

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