This is part 2 to THE VERY THOUGHT OF YOU. I wanted to tell his side of the story.

He had been waiting for her for some time. He had asked about her after laying eyes on her for the first time and found out that she was one of the new employees for another company that they were currently working with. Today he watched as she walked by in her black business suit that fitted her curves to a tee totally in raptures. He could swear that he heard music in her every step and the way her hips moved from side to side. She was music in motions, and it called to him, he just had to figure how to answer it, after all, he had been waiting for her.

Days turn into weeks and weeks into the month and the op opportunity never presented. His imagination ran wild, and e very woman was her! In shape, walk, and mannerism, they all were her. To keep from losing his mind, he contacted the service of a high price call girl.

She walked into the room that I had taken for our time together like she owned the place. I sat in the chair across the room from the doorway and took my time imprinting g my desire on her. Imagining the one that I desired, standing in front of me, waiting and ready to do anything with me and for me sexually. My cock always at a less than relaxed state went to ramrod hard mode with every breath I take as my imagination took control.

She was dressed in the stylish business suit of dark material and a snow white French cuff shirt underneath the jacket that hugged her full breasts then gliding down to a fitted trim waist. The skirt hugged her curvaceous hips and thighs to end mid-calf. Her long dark, thick hair was pulled back in a low bun at the nape of her neck finishing off the outfit with small pearls in her ear, and three-inch black leather pumps on her little feet. She was the vision not the reality.

"Take off your clothes" I demanded quietly feeling the need in my body starting to rise above the hunger that was already there. Adjusting myself as I sat in the chair not caring if she saw me, after all,she would see it soon enough.

Saying not a word she began to do as I commanded, taking the jacket off first she laid it in the chair that was next to where she was standing. Taking time to arrange it so there would be little to no wrinkles. The crisp cotton white man tailor shirt followed, and it was then that I saw what I had been fantasying about for some time. I almost lost the image but I fought to keep it as this was as close as I was coming to my desire. The woman's breasts were large 36 g cup maybe, encased in a creamy white lace bra that was almost like a fitted camisole in its form. I wondered what color her nipples were and how large they were and how did they taste e? So many questions and I guess it must have shown on my face. She started to move the straps of the bra down off her shoulders.
"No continue with the removal of your clothes," I said through clenched teeth fight the desire to go and rip her clothes off her body.

She stopped and pushed the strap of her bra back up onto her shoulders. Then set about removing her skirt, which she unfasten and let slide to the floor to pool at her feet.

I gasped at the sight before me. She was wearing flesh tone silk stocking, attached to a garter that matched the bra and briefest of panties ... no, a thong. I sat there looking at all that bounty wrapped in piece s of silk and lace and smiled as I thought how I was going to unwrap my present. With my cock exposed and in hand I leaned back in the chair and just looked her over from head to toe, letting my imagination fill in and cover what was not reality. My now I was thick, hard and hot in my hand. I had taken off my suit jack as soon as I entered the room and now with one hand I started to remove my shirt. I was not as gentle with my clothes as she had been. I threw my shirt on the floor near where I had thrown my jacket and tie.
She stood there watching me saying nothing as she had been instructed. I didn't want to hear her voice for it wouldn't be "her voice." When I stood before her naked,I watched her eyes glaze over with lust,and she licked her full red painted lips in the anticipation.

"Come here," I whispered afraid to speak that I might break the dream.

She came to me in a motion of swaying hips and sensual attitude, but no music there. No matter. I grabbed her and kissed those full red lips with such varicosity that our teeth clashed through our mouths. My hands went to the bun at the base of her neck,sending hair pins everywhere as I freed her hair. Then I went about unwrapping the rest of her. Pushing and pull the bra down her body ripping it from her I cupped her large dark-nippled breasts that were amazing. I stared at her large nipples as she moaned and stroked my cock that was between us. My precum had made it slippery making it hard for her to get a good secure grip on it. No matter it would be in her soon enough. Kissing and lightly biting my way down her neck as I massage her breasts and teasing her nipples at the same time. She moaned softly and made other sounds in place of saying a name that she didn't know. Going to my knees I inhaled her scent and felt my mouth fill with saliva, but that was not on the menu. This was a suck and fuck deal with me fucking all of her major holes, she would be doing the sucking... my cock. I grabbed the seat of her thong and ripped off her body leaving the garter and stockings in place. She was wet and ready for me it made me smile. I pushed her back onto the bed and reached for one of the three condoms that I had. Two would only be used with the third as a back-up.

Looking down at her naked except for the garter and stocking,her hair like a dark cloud around her head and body I closed my eyes for the briefest of seconds and fixed the imagine of "her "into my mind. When I opened my eyes,she was there not the call girl... then she was gone... damn. Quickly I flipped the woman on to her front and pushing to her knees with the force of the frustration that I felt. Now with her ass up in the air and her pussy expose to me I could see my next move, but first I stopped to admire her. She had a heart shaped ass with hips full in the right place and nice full bottom that I had to rub my hands across and then give her ass cheeks a few smacks. She enjoyed the attention and wiggled her ass for more so I gave what I wanted.

My condom covered cock slide into her pussy slowly as I let her get use to my presence, pushing only half way before pulling out just as slowly as she moaned and re-arranged her body so she could take more of me. This time I pushed all the way until the base of my cock laid flat again her, and I stayed like that for a few second and then I started my ride. First grabbing a fist full of her hair and wrapping it around my hand I pulled her up by her hair. She came up to stand on all fours pushing back on to me as she did so. That very action rocked my control, but I was able to get it back remembering that this woman was a professional and came with high praise for her skills. I started to fuck her slowly and deeply using her hair as a reign to control her. Finding a speed that pleased us both we came, a mass of sweating hot flesh, moving with a need that would not be sated but only fed. She started to rub her clit as I fucked her pussy hitting her spot enough to have her screaming and cumming all at the same time. I pulled out of her and pushed her onto her back and pushing her fingers out of the way and I took over teasing her clit. With fingers and fucked her and teased her clit until she came again fighting for breath and clawing my arms. I untangled myself from her as I moved off the bed and went to get another condom glancing at the clock on the wall as I did so. Turning back to the bed as I dispose of the condom and picking up another, I found her body still jerking from the orgasm that s till had her in its grip. No matter I thought as I reached for the lubricated that I had bought with me. I stood near the bed so she could watch me as her orgasm subside. I put on the condom and then half way down I covered it with a layer of lube. Squeezing more into my hand I gave her a look, and she flipped over onto her stomach. Moving with some effort, she went back up on all fours near the edge of the bed ass up and head down.

I pushed her knees further apart opening the space between her ass cheeks wider,but not by much. I knew that she had done this many time before and knew what to expect. Pour a good amount of lube onto her anus muscle I slowly massage it in. Then with one finger I enter her as she moaned and murmured something to the bed where her face seemed buried between her hands. Moving from one finger to two and the three I opened her up, preparing her for my cock. She was now moaning and murmuring words that made no sense or maybe I just didn't care to understand? I position myself behind her, placing the head of my cock at the opening of her anus and slowly pushed in. She gasped and cursed as she pushed back onto my cock as I pushed forward. Tight and warm amazingly warm she was and didn't move for a second or two just enjoying the feel of her wrapped around my cock. I opened my eyes not realizing that I had closed them to see her back and the masses of dark curls, there remains of her bra and the garter still in place. I ripped from her body leaving red marks like a punishment for her not being who I wanted her to be. No matter I started to fuck her to fuck her ass with reverence and need. Again making a leash of her hair I used it to control her to bend her to my will. I could feel her using her anus muscles to drive me on as she moved against me matching my rhythm with each stroke. Sex, heat, and passion were all in that room at that moment, and I breathe it in deeply like a promise being made for another time and place as we fucked.

She came screaming this time I followed,grabbing her,breasts hair shoulders anything that I could hold onto keep from spinning off into regret. This wasn't her.

I crawl off her still body pulling my cock from her. Fighting to stand as waves of my orgasms crashed through me in and ever streaming echoes of passion. Checking to see if she was ok and she was I made it to the shower, turning on the water I just stood there letting the water run over me washing it all away but the regret.

Sometime later I left the room leaving a thousand dollar tip for the woman who had crawled onto the bed and was softly snoring when I left. It was ok I had the room for the day so that she could stay until the morning.

Walking out of the hotel,I got in my car and drove around until it was time for me to prepare to go to work. Going home,I showered again and walked around naked air drying as I fixed breakfast. On the outside, I am sure I looked calm and focused,but inside I was repeatedly screaming, it wasn't her!

Parking my car in my spot, I started to take the elevator up, but changed my mind and decided to walk in the way the employees came into the building. It was then that I saw her. She was wearing a dark gray business suit that hinted at her curves and yet was very appropriate. Her long dark, thick hair was pulled back in a bun at the base of her neck, and I looked at her back I imagined what she had under that suit, lace, and silk maybe, a thong and all the rest? I can't take this, so I move past her...

"Excuse me," I say moving in front of her to the door. It was as I went to opened it that I saw her reflection in the glass door. I smiled seeing the look in her eyes and her smile as she looked back at me.

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