Watching TV with an old Friend
We were on the couch watching TV, but my mind could not stay focused on the programming. In my head, all I could think about was how close he was. I could feel his breath on my neck. So warm and enticing. I relaxed more and became laxer in his arms.

The way he smelled was making my mouth water. My pussy was tingling as his hand was lightly caressing my arm. He was making my skin pucker with tiny goose bumps.

Something funny happened and I laughed. I looked over at him and my breath caught. His blue eyes were dark with desire. I could tell he wanted me. I could tell he was going to kiss me and I wanted it.

I wanted his kiss so much that I dreamed about it. My body began to shake from the over whelming emotions. He began to move his face closer to mines. Our lips met. We fit like a puzzle piece.

Before I knew it, I was cupping his cheek while gently sucking on his lower lip. Our tongues met and danced together. The warmth of his mouth and the wetness reminded me of my own throbbing pussy. I began to interact with his tongue as if it was my swollen clit.

My tongue over powered his as I deepened the kiss. I sucked on his tongue my body giving a tiny shiver as a soft groan escaped him.

His hands slivered up my body and under my shirt. He cupped one of my breasts teasing my already stiff nipple further. I moaned my back lightly arching up to him. I wanted him to put my nipple in his mouth and relieve the aching.

His lips moved and he kissed the sensitive part of my neck. I took in a sharp intake of breath as wave after wave of this pleasurable warmth flowed through me.

He made his way down my neck trailing kisses. Like magic, my shirt came off. He kissed my collarbone and went lower. His breath teased my nipple. He took it in his mouth and gently sucked. His other hand caressing my other breast.

I began to moan. Moan with need. Moan with desperation. My body was become stiff with frustration. I wanted him now.

Somehow, I ended up sitting on his lap. I tugged at his shirt and he took it off. His body was beautiful. Not too muscular but very fit. His creamy vanilla skin without blemish. I pushed his head to the side and began to kiss his neck.

My body felt so nice and silky against him. Our lips met again before he kissed my nipples his tongue playfully flicking them.

I moved off his lap and got on my knees before him. I wanted to make him feel good. I unzipped his pants and let his dick spring forward.

It was so hard you could see every vain. The head was swollen and shiny with pre cum. I slowly began to jerk his dick up and down. It was so hot. I put my lips on the head lapping up the bit of juices there. I then took his dick in my mouth inch by inch. Sucking as I let spit drizzle from my mouth down his dick.

I pulled his pants down and began to message his balls in a circular motion. Now I had begun to deep throat his dick moving my head in an up and down motion. I let his dick go all the way in and the moved my lips to the very tip before take him back in.

I began to jerk his dick fast. He was pre Cumming like crazy. I took his balls in my mouth and gently sucked them and licked them. He was fighting to be still at this point.

My own pussy was swollen and throbbing. I felt squirts of liquid trickling down my thighs. I could smell my own scent. I was ready.

He moved and I quickly found myself on the floor. He moved my skirt off and just tore off my panties. He went to town eating my pussy as if it was the only thing he ate today. He licked the lips of my pussy before spreading my legs wide revealing my sex.

Right away, he took my clit in his mouth sucking. I started moaning. He sucked moving his head up and down making it so much more intense. I grabbed his head pushing it down. I got louder as he slipped two fingers in me. He gently bit my clit making me come back to back. I was squirting like crazy.

"Your pussy is so fucking sweet." He whispered before he kissed me.

I hungrily probed his mouth while I moved my hips up. Now! Now! My mind was yelling this. I wanted his hard dick in me.

He was rubbing my clit in a circle making me cum again. You could hear how wet I was. I was so wet that my ass crack was slick. He put the head of his dick in me.

My body tingled. He slowly kept inching in until he was totally encased in my hot wetness. He held my hands above my head looking me in the eyes. I bit my lip against the pleasure mingled with pain. He was so wide.

My eyes began to drift closed as we took up pace. I was moaning so loud and I had not even noticed. With each pump into my body, you heard the sloshing of liquid. I was beyond wet.

"You like this baby girl?" His voice sent shivers straight to my pussy. His voice sounded good in my ear.

"Yes Daddy." I answer in gasps. "Fuck me harder."

I had said the magic words. He picked me up by my ass cheeks and up against a wall, I flew. He began pumping in me making liquid flow from me like water. I was yelling his name. He thrust deep inside of me. Deeper than I had ever thought anyone could go.

"Oh my God!!" I was yelling.

"I'm going to come any moment baby. Let me cum in you."

"MMMmm cum in me Daddy."

He continued to fuck me like no tomorrow until I yelled and my body shook from my orgasm. I felt his dick squirting inside me. Liquid heat hit my insides mixing with my own trickling juices.

I pushed my hair off my forehead. Sweat was falling down my chest. He kissed me and he tasted like my pussy.

"Daddy I want some more." I smiled at him and he laughed.
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