We Couldn't Wait: Rod's Turn

Like Akasha mentioned, I'm the shy one. Thanks for your inquiries related to sustained sexual practices. Hope I can answer them adequately.

Many years ago I had the opportunity of attending sex work shops being promoted by a team of experts who developed prolonging techniques for sexual pleasure.

They had worked with Masters and Johnson on studying human sexual inadequacies. I unfortunately had a premature ejaculation condition. Throughout the workshop adventure I learned to use this condition in my favor.

One of the instructors teamed me up with one of the subjects who volunteered to have her vagina photographed from the inside.

The reason for this study was to become aware of how a woman experiences orgasm. They used tiny cameras that could be inserted into the head of a dildo.

Since it was hard to find women to volunteer for this research, Masters and Johnson contracted prostitutes.

I agreed to have Cheryl as my partner. Our first lesson was to masturbate while the other observed. She politely requested going first.

Cheryl came up with the idea of adding excitement with massage. We intertwined our legs sliding them over and under while I softly massaged her breasts.

She masterfully stimulated her pussy by first massaging the outer labia then working her way inward. As I felt her nipples engorge her body twisted with pleasurable gyrations.

Her fingers worked their magic becoming wet with pre cum. She inserted her middle finger into her vulva while spiraling her hand in a circular motion.

As her clit emerged she concentrated on stimulating the area around it by working her fingers deep into her inner labia. Then she started penetrating her vulva deeper and deeper each time ending up by stimulating her clit more directly.

Her hips began to jolt, her back arched, her breathing became intense, she began to murmur. I began softly twisting her nipples.

She thrust her chest out as if wanting more of what I was dong. Then her murmurs became mixed with, "Yes, give me more."

I pressed her hardening nipples inward as if fucking her nipples with my fingers.

She began inserting two then three and finally four fingers as deep as she could penetrate. She formed a cone shape with her thumb and fingers and began thrusting harder and harder.

Her hand moved in such a way that the back of her thumb always made contact with her clit. She had a slight rotation in her movements as her orgasmic build up became intense.

At the height of stimulation she burst loose with a blissful moan as her body radically twisted, jolted and bucked.

She continued penetrating her pussy long after her body stopped quivering. When she removed her cum soaked hand she licked a couple of fingers then offered me a taste.

Since I enjoy eating my own cum I didn't hesitate. In fact I was secretly hoping I could eat her pussy as it continually dripped more cum.

Cheryl sensed my desire and opened her legs allowing me to rotate my head directly into her pussy. I began licking the outer edges of her labia working my way inward.

Her hips began a slow rotating thrust. I reached my hands up massaging her tits. As I felt her engorged nipples swell and her clit expand I became quite aware of how turned on she was.

As I ate her pussy like a starved sex maniac she massaged my head pulling me into her pussy by pressing and releasing in rhythm with my tongue penetrations.

We were locked together for an intense fifteen or twenty minutes when she experienced a second orgasm. Her cum filled my mouth and I drank her magic elixir with such pleasure my cock became as hard as a rock.

She broke the cardinal rule of a prostitute never kissing someone on the lips. Her body was so radiantly warm with flushed skin throughout. We made out like a couple of kids who just discovered French kissing.

I kept lowering my head to her pussy for more cum. We made out for almost a half hour as she maneuvered her body over mine, her pussy rubbing along the shaft of my cock.

Cheryl rolled off to one side and said, "We better finish our lesson. It's your turn to masturbate."

I was on the brink of shooting my wad when I admitted, "I'm a pre mature ejaculator so it won't take long."

I've developed this two handed masturbation technique where I grab the base of my shaft with an underhanded grip with my right hand. I squeeze slightly then with an overhand left handed grip I stroke the foreskin above the head to where the crown emerges with every stroke.

As pre cum oozes out it lubricates the tightness of the foreskin rubbing against the crown.

Cheryl was amazed at how long and thick my foreskin is and commented, "WOW, I've been with a lot of guys but I've never seen that much foreskin on such a massive cock. I want to be your partner for the oral sessions but I don't know if I can take that huge cock in my pussy. I can take the length but you're so thick around the head I'm not sure I can handle being stretched that much."

As I started stroking myself I realized she had rubbed so much cum along my shaft I was able to coat the inside of my crown by inserting two fingers and swirling the liquid around and behind the hood.

I reached the point where I could insert four fingers into my foreskin rotating them around my crown. By stroking my shaft the foreskin slides off my fingers then back on. My thumb holds a section of foreskin in place adding a pleasurable tightness with every stroke. While my fingers masturbate my crown my other hand strokes my shaft.

In less than three minutes I shot a wad of cum three feet in the air. The last few strokes were so intense I stopped breathing.

My hips jolted upward, my left hand stroked the foreskin all the way back exposing the crown. As I stroked hard rearward I felt the gaping opening in my crown open even wider as cum blasted straight up landing on my belly, cock and balls.

As I let go Cheryl immediately took hold of my cock licking the cum and holding it in her mouth. Again we enjoyed kissing as she continually licked more cum as it oozed out.

Cheryl was so excited when she informed me, "We're not suppose to take it further but let me help you with understanding what to do with pre mature ejaculation."

She slowly jacked me off using the remaining cum as lubrication. At first both her hands stroked my shaft then as she stroked downward exposing my crown her other hand swirled around the hood. There was enough cum oozing out so that every time she stroked there was more lubrication.

The sensitivity off her swirling around my crown was intense. The more she continued the less intense it got and as the intensity waned my cock began becoming erect again with a renewed sense of excitement.

Cheryl surprised me by stroking my cock long enough to be erect. "We're not suppose to go this far but since you ate my pussy so magnificently I'm going to suck your cock until you cum again. So lay back and enjoy every sensation."

She massaged my balls as she stroked my cock in so many different ways I couldn't last more than about twenty minutes. Then she told me, "Rod, you have the potential of being able to enjoy prolonged sex. All it takes is endurance and that comes with more and more involvement. This work shop is all about how to enjoy multiple orgasms for as long as you have the endurance to sustain your desire."

She was my partner all the way through the two week work shop. We continually expanded the lessons taking it further than we were suppose to but we were so ready to take it to the limit.

The first time we experimented with intercourse we took it real slow. The entrance of her vulva is real tight at first but as soon as the head of my cock entered completely she relaxed. Her cervix wasn't as tight but felt snug and smooth all the way into her uterus.

I let her dictate how hard I should thrust. Her pussy is short so I couldn't penetrate too deep but she liked having my cock all the way in her so that she could masturbate my shaft and feel the foreskin stimulate her labia and clit.

She would have orgasms just having me thrust up against her uterus as she continually stroked my cock. We became such good sex partners we stayed together for two years.

She taught me things even the work shop didn't cover. For instance oral sex isn't just about licking. The real thrill is sucking. Her orgasms were so much more intense when I sucked her clit after licking.

Cheryl helped me develop the endurance necessary to sustain sex indefinitely. She was so insatiable at first I couldn't completely satisfy her after her third orgasm. She wanted more and I couldn't keep up with her.

She had the patience required for learning to take place and I wanted to be that student who achieved maximum success.

After about six months we were an unbeatable combination. She would fuck me to a stand still one night then I would fuck her into an oblivious stupor the next night.

When she moved back east to be with her aging mother I joined a swing club where I met Akasha. She's said enough about our relationship so that I won't repeat anything.

Akasha is so perfect a sex partner I have no desire to return to the swing club. She truly is my ultimate soul mate who craves sex as much as me.

We're so perfectly suited for each other I can't imagine anything better. Being able to live your fantasy has to be the ultimate thrill in life.

When you find it, never let it go...

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