We Just Couldn't Wait
Hi! I'm Akasha, Rod's soul mate/sex partner. Thanks for your private inquires into our sexual exploitations and techniques.

Thought I'd take a shot at answering a couple questions you've asked. Actually, this'll be one answer to several interesting questions.

Rod will answer any other questions later. He's the shy one but I like to get after it!

What was once just a fantasy is now our long awaited road to sexual satisfaction. It has been a long hard road of rejection, depression and frustration, emotionally and sexually.

I thank Rod for accepting my lack of awareness and inconsiderate behavior. I owe him big time.

He tells me, "You owe me nothing. You're the Sex Goddess of all my dreams, hopes and fantasy fulfillment. If anything, I owe you, for being the signature on a priceless piece of art."

When we met at a swingers club party we were seeking to find a compatible sex partner who had the same intense sexual desires.

We independently chose the swinging scene because people come seeking mutual sexual satisfaction, so you can cut to the chase without all that awkward social dating crap.

Our first encounter was so awesome it's hard to describe. We never spoke a word or even introduced ourselves until after we experienced the most rewarding sexual adventure either of us ever imagined.

After being turned inside out with unbelievable orgasmic intensity Rod politely says, "Oh, by the way, I'm Rod."

We had been in a state of insane fucking frenzy for over twelve hours. I roll on top of Rod placing his extremely huge cock between my breasts.

Tightening my breasts around his shaft I slither downward drawing his foreskin back. I suck his crown diving my tongue deep into his gaping cavernous opening.

I look into his glaring eyes, "Hi, I'm Akasha, thanks for taking me where I've always dreamed of being."

We were standing at the bar, our eyes intensely drawn to each other. Rod took me by the hand, gave me a soft hug then kissed me gently on the lips.

I leaned into him with favorable interest, our hands sliding sensuously, comfortably along our sides and down our back. The tip of his tongue met mine in a mutually anticipated open mouth kiss that became a prolonged tasty treat.

I'm a kiss-aholic. If a guy has the right stuff and knows what to do with his lips and tongue he's got me right where he wants me.

Rod has the right stuff and knows how to get me in a state of sexual excitement with kisses that reach orgasmic proportions.

He continually moves his body against mine massaging my breasts with such subtle finesse my entire body lights up like a star burst of flames.

I never thought nipple kissing could be so sensuous. Rod takes it to the limit by warmly aligning my nipples with his then pressing inward while gently rotating his chest.

The only awkward moment was when we undressed each other and realized we both share common abnormalities.

Rod shyly refers to his phallus as being grotesque. I now know it's the most magnificent male organ I'll most likely ever experience.

I'm embarrassed about the size of my vulva. It's actually turned guys away from any continued sexual activity with me.

Having a petite slender body with huge breasts has it's advantages. Hidden between my thighs lies an immense disadvantage. A disadvantage Rod transformed overnight.

I was ecstatic when Rod kneeled down massaging my breasts, kissing my nipples with sucking, tongue licking fervor, licking my belly button and finally nibbling the outer edges of my labia before inhaling their dangling protrusions.

For as long as I live I'll never get over how much Rod enjoys my huge flowery labia. Once I get sexually stimulated my clitoris becomes an enormous protrusion. It's been my second most embarrassing anatomical disaster.

Rod goes wild licking and sucking my pussy lips and clit especially after we've climaxed together. We both love the taste of our cum and share almost every drop.

I'm a cum swallower and so is Rod. His cum is thick at first then gets thinner after every orgasm. I challenged him to be able to swallow all of my first orgasm. He almost did.

We joke with each other about how sweet our cum is then we share our secrets of eating lots of fruit. I'm a mango, tangerine, peach, plum lover and Rod goes for pineapple, passion fruit, nectarine and apricots.

We relax naked throughout the day sipping a mixture of cantaloupe, honeydew and watermelon. We juice our own drinks sometimes adding a little rum.

We also make sure the vegetables we eat are sweet. Rod stays away from garlic, onions and asparagus or mixes them with bell peppers, tomatoes and olives. His cum has a spicy tangy taste when he uses a lot of ginger chili sauce

He says my cum tastes like tangerine vanilla ice cream. I like mixing my juice drinks with French Vanilla half and half.

I also love Mexican, Chinese and Japanese food with plenty of sweet and sour sauce.

There's nothing like open mouth kisses with our mouths and tongues dripping with outrageously sweet tasty cum.

Rod surprised me when he experienced feeling the size of my clit as it becomes erect. No other guy I've ever been with was ever as thrilled at seeing a clit over seven inches long with a penis type head. All my boyfriends have all taken a hike.

I never realized how huge it could get until Rod did this marvelous oral stimulation routine with me.

After gnawing on my inner and outer labia with soft chewy like motion then sucking and releasing while drawing them deeper and deeper down his throat he excites my clit to where it hangs downward between my labia about four or five inches.

I felt his tongue lifting my cock-like clit into his mouth then sucking and releasing again and again. Each time he sucked I felt my clit grow longer and thicker.

The way he randomly moves his mouth and tongue each time he sucks, gives me such an intense rush I'm usually prepared for a massive orgasm.

He senses my desire to climax and sucks my entire clit down his throat then tightens his glottis squeezing my clit so hard it stops me from having an orgasm.

As he releases pressure the intensity becomes more acute as his tongue swirls around my clit one way then the other. As my body responds he literally sucks my clit harder and harder each time driving the intensity through the roof.

This is one of his secrets to sustained sexual stimulation. I like charging right into every orgasm. Rod enjoys the lingering subtleties of orgasmic build up. I'm learning Rod's techniques every day and I'm really getting into what he calls, "Quality Sex."

I never felt so huge. My clit hung so low and became so thick and heavy it felt like an oversized icicle about to break off. Just then Rod started fucking my clit with his mouth, tongue and throat, rotating his head with each thrust.

He alternates sensations by massaging my tits softly then more aggressively depending on how I respond to his oral stimulation.

Then he somehow coats his fingers with my cum and begins gently squeezing and pulling my nipples as he continues licking the entire entrance of my vulva down to my cervix. I swear his tongue is as long as his cock.

When he starts pressing his fingers into my swollen nipples I get this entire full body reaction. Every nerve in my body comes alive with orgasmic anticipation. Right when my hips thrust into his face he swirls his tongue deep and presses my nipples inward twisting his fingers.

Deeper and deeper he presses as if fucking my nipples into my chest. His face is buried between my pussy lips, his tongue entering my cervix.

I grabbed onto his head and screamed like a banshee. Never before had I ever felt the powerful build up and release of a full body pulsating orgasm.

As my body convulsively spasms uncontrollably Rod loves fucking my cum soaked pussy. I never realized an orgasm could last so long or build to such intensity and be sustained almost indefinitely.

I love the sensation of my body going completely limp, nearly numb but still tingling. Rod thrusts his cock slowly through my cervix withdrawing then thrusting as he penetrates deeper and deeper.

I can never tell how deep he's going, it's always an unanticipated challenge. The smile on his face makes me realize he knows exactly what he's doing. My body response either drives him wild or suggests a more subtle approach.

Every thrust sends new waves of orgasmic bliss throughout my body. Rod gets off on knowing I've experienced an extraordinary orgasm. It drives him wild knowing my body has completely surrendered to his taking.

His taking becomes my wanting more. When Rod senses the height of my ecstasy he erupts with an amazing demonstration of insane fucking madness.

It's taken a long time for us to experience this level of sexual excitement but the resulting effect is more than worth the effort.

After every orgasm we relax by enjoying oral sex. Rod can actually deep throat my clit. He gets so sexually stimulated by sucking my pussy lips and clit that his cock gets as hard as a brick.

I can only suck the crown and half the head of his cock before my mouth is stretched to the limit. I've developed the chewing technique Rod uses on my labia. He gets off when I chew his foreskin and lick his hooded crown.

Rod has a huge trench like opening at the tip of his crown, I mean HUGE! I can penetrate his cock with my tongue nearly all the way. We're experimenting on me penetrating his cock with my clit. What a thrill! I never would have ever expected such sexual excitement could ever be possible.

Rod's embarrassed about the length and thickness of his cock. He's never revealed it's true size but I'm not embarrassed at all to share the magnificence of every inch of his masculinity.

He admitted to me that I'm the only girl who he's ever been able to fuck for so long, so deep and so steady. At first he was extra sensitive and thought I might break in two.

Even though my pussy ache at first Rod was so gentle he made the ache feel so soothing I started craving more and more of his cock. The deeper he penetrates the more turned on he gets.

Now that I know what excites him the most I'm thrilled at wanting to be the best fuck partner he'll ever know.

When he's really turned on Rod's cock is just under sixteen inches long and the thickest part of the head is slightly over three inches in diameter. (This is just a guess. He wont let me measure his fully erect phallus so I waited 'til he was asleep and measured his flaccid cock as it hung over his thigh.)

When he's relaxed and flaccid it's nearly thirteen inches long and less than two inches in diameter. When I first pulled this massive hunk of flesh from his shorts I thought it was erect. What a surprise!!!

No, my pussy can't take his enormous appendage but I enjoy the way he makes my stomach bulge. At first it was a challenge opening up my cervix but Rod's so gentle he made it a pleasurable experience. I felt like a virgin all over again.

The crown and head of his cock with it's huge massive foreskin fills my vulva with ease. Then, I uncontrollably tighten up anticipating pain as he enters my cervix. This is where Rod is so sensitive.

He pulls his foreskin back so just the crown of his cock enters my cervix. As his wide flared hood enters I uncontrollably tighten up anticipating pain. Then he slowly thrusts with a twisting movement of his hips. As he feels me relax he thrusts further.

My cervix is extremely long so Rod penetrates halfway through then withdraws completely allowing me to relax. He lets me hold the shaft of his cock with both hands while I swirl the crown and head inside my vulva.

I love massaging my labia and clit with the head of his cock as he massages my tits twisting and stretching my huge nipples.

Rod begins thrusting again when I position the crown to enter my cervix. This time he's able to thrust deeper and deeper until the head of his cock easily enters my uterus filling it completely to where when I throw my hips upward he plunges down so hard my belly bulges out like a balloon.

I like stroking the remainder of his shaft so I can feel his foreskin sliding through my cervix with a back and forth stimulating blissful feeling. We have this coordinated movement that never fails in arousing an orgasm.

My hips synchronize with his, he rotates one way, I go the other. My clit slides along the top of his shaft my pussy lips get sucked inside my vulva sometimes one at a time sometimes both together.

For whatever reason, my pussy never stops producing cum. Rod has several orgasms that diminish in quantity of cum but embellish in orgasmic bliss.

I love it when he reaches this state of sustained penetration where he fucks me into a state of orgasmic ecstasy then has the endurance to keep me there indefinitely.

I become a complete relaxed vessel of murmuring bliss. Every muscle in my body is spent. My body can no longer respond, I lay there nearly numb with every nerve tingling like a sparkling Christmas tree.

Rod gets off on watching my relaxed body jolt forward and back, my tits flailing in every direction. I hold my clit against his shaft feeling an orgasmic sensation that continually becomes more and more intense.

Without having to expend any effort orgasms continue to flow through my body as Rod drives his cock harder and deeper. If I stay relaxed he fucks me harder until he feels my body tense.

Then he backs off. I feel a slight ache. I wait for my juices to sooth the ache then I grab hold of his hips and pull him into me. This is when he thrives on taking me to his favorite place of ultimate satisfaction.

He positions my body so he can assault my pussy with plunging thrusts that reach such orgasmic intensity that it feels as if its a permanent sensation that will never wane.

We both refer to this state of complete sensual satisfaction as our state of orgasmic numbness. Our bodies spasm and quiver for hours with Rod continually thrusting slowly, gently, until we collapse into a strange sort of conscious sleep state. We continue thrusting our hips randomly into each other and slowly descend into a deep sleep.

We wake up with his cock deep in my pussy, my clit hanging off to one side, my pussy lips massaging his balls.

Our first sexual encounter lasted from just after sunset to long past sunrise. I was completely done for but Rod has more endurance than I ever thought possible.

He admitted going to several sex work shops which prepared him for insatiable sexual encounters.

One of his swinging partners was literally a nymphomaniac. It took months of training but they finally achieved mutual sexual satisfaction. Rod told me he wished her pussy was deeper. He craves slow deep penetration. His inspiration is becoming my craving desire.

My pussy is deep enough to take nearly thirteen inches of Rod's cock. Each time we fuck I take him deeper. My goal is to take him to the limit.

Rod loves fucking me as much as I love being fucked. Neither of us has ever had the complete satisfaction of such depth of penetration we afford each other.

No matter what we're doing throughout the day we randomly seek each other out just for a quick attack. The stimulation of each encounter builds so that at night we're ready to go the distance.

I'm excited to learn from Rod about prolonged sexual stimulation. He has the ability to fuck my pussy even when his cock is flaccid. Of course it helps that he's so well endowed and that my pussy is constantly wet with anticipation.

That first night I wanted to wait until we regained more strength but he was too excited about wanting to experience what he calls docking. It's when two guys penetrate each others foreskin and fuck each others cock.

Rod wanted to experience this technique with my clit. He has this huge amount of foreskin that bellows up in folds and hangs down a couple inches lower than his crown. When he gets erect his foreskin tightens quite a bit then stretches extremely long. His cock is so heavy it hangs down loosely along his thigh even when erect.

After our exhausting episode of amazing proportions he started sucking my clit until it became outrageously long. At that point it's almost two inches in diameter.

He slid the first couple of inches into his foreskin then swirled it around his crown. I felt this unusually stimulating sensation unlike anything I've ever felt.

His cock was relaxed and flaccid as he kept penetrating my clit deeper and deeper into his foreskin. Then he stretched his foreskin completely to the base of my clit, wrapped both his hands around his foreskin and began masturbating by sliding his foreskin completely over my clit. There was plenty enough pre cum to keep us lubricated.

I had no idea I would respond the way I did. I thought I was exhausted but when Rod slowly stroked his foreskin over my clit I became aroused. The head of my clit was kissing the crown of his cock. I immediately thought this might actually be what he experiences fucking my pussy.

He told me later that he wondered if the sensation he was having was anything like what I felt as he fucked my pussy. Obviously it couldn't be exactly the same but what we felt simultaneously was so stimulating we both climaxed together after about thirty minutes of soft, slow masturbation.

Every so often the head of my clit would enter the opening of his crown. Our eyes became ecstatically emblazoned. At first he wanted to see how far my clit could penetrate his cock but we both decided to wait. This first docking experience was amazing. It couldn't wait!!!

I know several women and men with unusually large sex organs. If you are among us you no doubt know the disadvantages as well as the advantages. Once you meet the person you're completely compatible with, hang on, he or she may just be the one you'll never want to let go.

Enjoy all the pleasures available. Never fall into the trap of thinking you've experienced all there is to experience sexually. Strive to keep sex alive!!!

Thanks for your interest. Hope this helps understand our shared stories. Let's keep them going.

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