We Were Friends Growing Up
Like I told you, I had just turned 18 and he was 20 I think. We had been friends as kids growing up.

So we were talking about sex one afternoon when he propositioned me, and after that we had a lot of hot sex for about a year and a half. I'm not bi-sexual, and back then I wasn't attracted to guys. What I was attracted to was SEX.

I had a man's mature body and a big cock, but being 18 I was naive compared to him. Mostly it was all new to me--he taught me everything, and it was all sooooo fucking hot.

I can tell you a lot more if you want about the sex we had and about some of the girls and guys he occasionally brought here to his house where he grew up, right across the street from me. All his friends thought it was cool that I was only 16, the girls especially lol.

Anyway, here's a description of how we would do it sometimes.....a typical hand-job

we were just doing what we usually did.....laying on the floor in his bedroom, just talking about sex and relaxing, naked and erect.....touching each other lightly to get us both really hard

every once in a while we would suck each other just for a few seconds to keep each other hard while we talked.....he told me about the people at his apartment and how open and easy it was to have sex just about whenever you wanted to......anybody would approach anybody else, guy or girl.....nobody seemed to mind

while he told me about it and I would ask questions, we were both just casually pulling each other's erection....squeezing and pulling....rubbing our thumb around and around the precum-wet tip.....oh man so sensitive

then he raised up off the floor so that he was leaning back on his elbows and said "You can go ahead and make me cum" or something like that

just hearing him say that turned me on even more than I already was.......I could feel my cock getting harder......I started seriously pumping his cock in a steady rhythm from balls to the tip......the feelings that I had were that I was ready too and I really wanted to make him cum.........I wanted to get him off and watch him cum.....I always really got hot when I saw his cum shooting out

he loved it.....I loved was so fucking hot.....we both looked great naked, with good young men's bodies, our cocks were big and looked great and we knew it

I pulled him faster, still steady, and he started making groaning noises, saying things like, "Oh man......oh yeah that's it......"

he'd let his head fall back for a few seconds then raise it up again to watch

I knew i was going to see him cum and was really sexually excited .....i was jerking him off.....both of us naked.....he was up on his elbows arm was getting tired......then in a quiet voice he groaned out "uuhhhhhh.....Oh yeah! Oh yeah!"..........right when the first cum squirted out........god it was so FUCKING HOT......I had only seen my cum before being with him, so seeing him shoot his cum every time, jerking his big cock for him, seeing it shoot up in the air then fall on my hand and running all over his cock---god my feelings were going crazy with horniness and my cock was so hard it was stretching in it's skin.....I had his thick cum all over my hand and started pulling him slower, then real slow, pulling it up and squeezing the head making fat globs ooze out the tip


he was breathing hard.....let his head fall back, then raised it up again and said quietly, "Oh man that was good.....really want me to do you now?"....and I felt my cock instantly stretching to its full length
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