We have the builders in - part 1
I have to tell you something,' he seemed embarrassed and uncomfortable, fidgeting with fingers rough from many years of contact with sand and cement, shifting uncomfortably from buttock to buttock.

I looked at his face, but he averted his gaze, looking everywhere but at me.

What is it?' I asked, expecting bad news, perhaps he would have to up the price or maybe he had uncovered some additional problem with the foundation work.

I was taken aback when he said, It's your wife,' he paused and now looked me in the eyes.

She's been flaunting herself,' he paused and looked at his hands, still fidgeting, I think she likes the attention.'

I nearly fell off my chair and would have done had I not found myself standing, the abruptly empty chair teetering backwards but recovering.

She what?!' suddenly the idea of sinking foundations seemed a minor problem.

I know,' he paused looking flustered and not a little ashamed, I know how this sounds.'

How it sounds....?' I was lost for words and stood gaping like a beached fish before dropping down heavily, almost missing the chair and consequently failing to complete the image of a stranded fish!

Have you not noticed?' he said, his eyebrows were raised questioningly, disbelievingly. She takes every opportunity to give the boys a treat.'

What do you mean, no I've not noticed anything,' I hadn't, stupidly I didn't know what he meant.

When we arrive in the morning, she comes down and offers tea, but she isn't always dressed.'
Not always...?

You really haven't noticed?'
I thought about it. I know she makes tea,' it sounded lame.

She makes it in her bath robe and she lets it slip sometimes.'

Accidentally...?' I knew it was a naïve question.

Perhaps,' he said, but she seems prepared.'


She dresses very provocatively under it.'
Something stirred inside me. I'm embarrassed to admit that I wanted to hear him tell me more.

What do you mean?' I knew what he meant.

She dresses like...well, I'm sorry, but she dresses like a whore under her robe, stockings and suspenders, very sexy and erotic underwear.' I detected a change in his attitude in the telling, he seemed to be growing in confidence now that he had broken the ice on the subject.

I felt myself becoming aroused, You've seen this?' I asked, trying to sound as detached as I could.

Yes, I've seen it, and other things.'

What other things' have you seen?' I felt a strange and unfamiliar mix of increasing arousal and dread.

Sometimes she doesn't wear any knickers.'

He clearly enjoyed telling me that, talking about my wife's most intimate clothing, or rather, lack of intimate clothing - I believed he had told me he had seen what lies between her legs. There was no denying it now, the conversation was exciting me.

How do you know that?' I asked the obvious question, I wanted him to say it.

Her robe fell open when she was sitting in the kitchen with us, I saw.'

What did you see?'

We saw your wife's pussy,' now there was no vestige of embarrassment, his smile was broad. He had emphasised we'.

Who was there with you?' I asked, my cock hard as I squeezed it between my thighs, surreptitiously - and felt wetness.

Two of the boy's - the plasterers - were here for the day,' he said, she knew we could see.'

How do you know they could see, how did she know,' I asked, wishing I had seen too.

She was sitting on your swivel chair, she turned it toward each of us as we were all chatting, besides, it was pretty obvious because of what happened next.'

I waited expectantly for him to continue.
He hesitated, uncertainty seemed to have crept back and with it his discomfort had returned.

I want to know,' I said, helpfully.

Look, I'm sorry about this,' he said, I like you and your wife and I'd hate to cause any problems.'

I laughed at the absurdity of what he had just said.

Don't you think that you might already have done that?' I asked, grinning widely to relax him.

I guess so,' he said, but what happened next is probably a step beyond a little exposure.'

Go on,' I said encouragingly, you are only being honest and I appreciate it.'

Well, she had been letting the robe slip open a little at a time but when she stood up to collect the cups, it slipped right off her shoulders and she just left it there and collected up the cups as if nothing had happened. It couldn't have come off like that accidentally and she didn't try to stop it or put it back on.

She was naked?'

No, she was wearing a bra - but, yes, naked below.'

I tried to picture it, my own wife wearing only a bra as she went about a normal kitchen chore, watched by three men, no doubt with their eyes on stalks!

You all got an eyeful then,' I said, you saw everything?'

He was back to grinning.

Her pussy and her backside,' he said, we all watched her and she acted as if nothing unusual had happened, it was very hot, like happens in a porn movie.'

Nobody said anything?'

The conversation halted completely for a minute or two and she washed the dishes,' he was remembering and looked distant for a moment, but then we started trying to make conversation between us, about the job, but still watching her as she stood at the sink, she has a great arse.'

I think she does,' I said.

Then she turned around so we could see her pussy, though we could only see the hair. She leant back against the sink, holding its edge and listening to us, she didn't join in but acted completely normally. Then she suddenly said she'd let us get on and we watched her walk past, enjoying the view, then she was gone.'

That's was it?'

Yes, we were all a bit gobsmacked, one of the plasterers said what a sexy lady', but we just got on with the job.'

Doesn't sound like builders,' I laughed,

They are usually much cruder than that!'
He looked embarrassed again, I'm afraid they were the next time,' he said.
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