Weekend Getaway
Weekend Getaway

My sister always included me in her plans as a teenager even though she was 4 years older than me and I guess it had always been that way. She was a bit shy and I was loud and boisterous and curious about everything. I think she used me to break the ice with groups of people she didn't know but was always very protective of me.

Catriona had just landed her first career job out of college and she was excited to begin her new life as a therapist, just like our father and I was very proud of her but me, I just wanted to be a stunt car driver or rappelling rescuer or be in the Coast Guard or... Hell, I had no idea what I wanted to do but I wanted it to be exciting.

Cat and her ex-boyfriend Bill had planned a big weekend getaway and like usual they included me in their plans even though I reluctantly declined because I knew they were trying to work things out and didn't need me tagging along and distracting them from renewing their love for each other. My big sister eventually talked me into coming along as they were going to go fishing, hiking and camping and she claimed she needed me there because she was not the outdoors type and she knew I was. Days before our big weekend Cat was asked to be available for weekend work and she profusely apologized to me throughout that week but I assured her it was no big deal.

My phone rang Thursday afternoon before that planned weekend. It was Bill and he never calls me unless he's looking for my sister.

"Anna," I heard through my phone, his voice so sincere. "Do you still want to go up the mountain?"

"Didn't my sister tell you..." I said but was cut off.

"I...I...I know, she starts her new job and is working over the weekend but I was just curious if you still wanted to go because I'm going anyway and would love to have you along." He frantically spoke and nearly fell out of breath. "If you don't want to go that's ok too."

"Actually, I would love to but it's certainly not necessary to take me along if Cat won't be there. I'd just get in your way and you should just have a good time with your buddies." I said as I smiled and pinky waved at a friend of mine smooching with her beau on the park bench

"Anna," He said as he let out a breath. "It won't be any fun if you don't go." He chuckled and then mumbled into the phone. "You know?"

"Well," I sighed. "If you're sure it won't be any trouble, I would love to tag along. Are you taking the boat?"

"I was going to." He stated. "But that all depends on if you go or not ‘cause I need a first mate."

"Ah, I get it." I chuckled. "You need a ship slave. I can see right through you, Billster!" I could hear him laughing in the background. "Does Cat know you're taking me?" I said and he quickly replied.

"Absolutely and she's fine with it. I'll pick you up in the morning, ok?" He paused.

"Sounds good to me, see you tomorrow morning." I said and pulled the phone from my ear, looked at the screen and watched the call button lose it's color. I saw Patty talking to a group of boys in front of me and wandered over to join the conversation and punch Jimmy in the arm for no reason.

"Bitch." Said Jimmy frankly.

"Dick." I replied and smiled and we laughed.

I woke to my alarm at 5:00 am, climbed out of bed and headed to the shower, turning it to a familiar position and flipping the handle up. The water rushed through the pipe and spilled out onto the tub floor slowly steaming up the bathroom while I perched my ass on the toilet and yanked the little white mouse tail hanging from my vagina. I smiled because there was no blood. Joy filled my heart and my day became a Disney tune.

Bill was promptly outside waiting for me at 5am and bounded out of the house and into his truck with a big smile on my face anticipating a fun day on the great lake fishing for whatever was out there. We laughed and goofed around through the whole hour drive and then met with another group of Bill's friends who were going to follow us on another boat. There were two guys and two girls and the girls were already in their bikinis which I had omitted from my travel bag. Bill noticed their attire also.

"You guys can swim all you want." Yelled Bill to his friend. "Anna and I are gonna catch some food." He chuckled and looked at me in my cutoff shorts, spaghetti strap and baseball cap with a quick little wink and smile.

"Sure Bill!" Cried his friend. "Come join us when you can't catch anything, then." He said with a friendly laugh. "Cute shipmate you got there. Are you sure you're going fishin'?" He said with a sly grin.

"This is Anna, Cat's little sister." Bill hollered. "Best help money can't buy!" Bill looked at me with worry lines on his forehead. "Did you bring a swim suit in case he's right?" He chuckled slightly. I puckered my lips as if I were thinking and then bit my lower lip and nodded a negative. "No worries, we'll be fishing all day anyway. I can feel it!" He said raising his fist to his mouth.

We all took off from the dock and they followed us for at least 3 or 4 miles and then headed towards the shore. It was nice and warm out and water on the lake was very refreshing. Bill would look back at me once in a while and catch me feeling the wind through my hair and watching the other boats through the binoculars. He would point to the cooler every so often and I would retrieve a beer for both him and myself. I felt so free out on the water.

Bill slowed the boat down and we crept along for a few minutes until he finally shut off the engines and looked around. I stood up and looked around also and noticed we were far from any other boats on the lake. The silence was only broken every several seconds by the slapping of the water from the boat bottom and an occasional squawking of a gull.

After retrieving two fishing poles from the top of the boat, Bill handed one to me which I quickly grabbed, disengaged the lure hook and headed for the opposite side of the boat and got ready to make my first cast. I heard Bill struggle with something in the background and turned to see him snap the pole back behind him causing the lure to fly toward him and before I had a chance to panic, there it was, his scream.

"Oh shit!" He cried out in pain. "Fuck!" I dropped my pole and ran over to him quickly and while I scanned for the lure on the floor of the boat I saw him grab his thigh. "Dammit!" He cried as he bent down to look at what his hands were covering but didn't lift his hands. Blood was already soaking his khaki shorts and I grabbed his leg just above his knee. "I can't look." He said with a slight chuckle and I looked up at him in astonishment.

"Are you serious?" I asked. He closed his eyes, got that worried look again and nodded yes and laughed. "Let me see, Bill." I said and almost had to pry his hands off his upper thigh. "Let me see." I said in a motherly manner. Blood was leaking from him fairly quickly and running down his leg but I could see that the hook went into his skin past the barb of the hook. "Do you have a knife on you?" I asked him smiling up at him.

"Oh God," he cried. "Is it that bad?" He blew the air out of lungs in a way that fully expressed his frustration. I held my hand out in hopes he would hand me a knife.

"No, silly." I said as I shook my head at him. "I just need to cut the line and then," I hesitated as I assessed the damage. "I'm going to have to push the hook through and cut off the barb. I don't know how you managed to do this but we are going to laugh about it for years." Again, I smiled up at him. He slowly arched back and grabbed a knife off his console while I gripped his thigh tightly around the wound and he brought the knife to my extended hand where I flipped it open and placed the blade against the fishing line. Behind the knife in my field of view was a bulge I had never really noticed until now and a sheepish grin came across my face. "Do not move!" I stressed as I folded the fishing line over the blade and cut the line. "There. That could have had an adverse effect on your future children." I said, laughing in an evil voice.
"Yikes." He said as I stood up, still with a grip on his thigh that kept my thumb over his wound. He looked down as I set the knife down and grabbed the waist band of his shorts with my free hand leading him back towards the console seat. "What now?" he said with worry in his voice.

"You have wire cutters, right?" I asked and he nodded, reaching into the console again as he leaned against the seat. I stooped down in front of him again as he was half sitting and half standing. I grabbed the inside of his left thigh with my left hand attempting to get my thumb over the wound and raised my arm up against his other leg, pushing against his bulge which was now practically in my face and noticeably heavy against my arm. I couldn't help but wonder what monster lurked under those shorts but I had a task at hand and his blood was staining his shorts. I chuckled and reached up under his pant leg and found the base of the hook. "We have to get your shorts off." I said reaching for his snap now with my left hand. "But, we need to do this carefully because the hook is through your shorts, too.

"I don't think your sister is going to like this." He said slightly laughing and unsnapping his waist band. I chuckled and rolled my eyes while instinctively grasping his zipper between my thumb and forefinger. He quickly grabbed my hand in an obvious reaction and then let go and sighed. "I guess you got this." He winced in pain as I pushed a little harder against his wound. I could feel the zipper roll over his semi erect penis and as I gripped the wilting waistband my knuckles brushed his cock. I distinctively remember feeling the lip of his head on the back of my forefinger but I had to reach down into his shorts to pull the hook and line through the punctured material.

"Just be still." I said laughing and sliding my forearm against his cock as I stood up slightly and bumped out the shorts with my fingers away from the hook and small piece of line left. I shimmied his shorts down and quickly looked up at him, noticing a wide eyed look of disbelief on his face. I realized the position I was in at that moment and being the controlling caretaker that I am I had taken over the whole situation to the point where I was now embarrassed.

"Oh my God." I cried and laughed. "I am so sorry. Maybe you should be doing this." I said blushing with my hand gripping his thigh and his shorts draped over my arm. "Do you..." I muttered but he stopped my quickly.

"No, no, no. Please." He pleaded. "I can't stand to see my own blood. Besides you seem to know what you are doing. You do, don't you?" He asked.

"Yes," I said assuring. "I got one in my thumb once and you can't just pull it out." I looked back at his wound and let go of his thigh, allowing his shorts to drop to the ground. "OK, look. This will be quick so have the wire cutters ready and just kinda lay back." He leaned back into the seat as I lifted my thumb up from the little hole where the hook entered his skin. I leaned into him and laid my arm against his other leg but right up against his cock which seemed a bit larger now in his cute light blue, silky boxers. While manipulating the hook in my fingers to get a better grip for the task at hand, I raised my arm and draped it across his abdomen leaving his full package between my wrists. "This is going to sting, Bill so be ready and whatever you do, do not move. Please." I pleaded while glancing down at his silken covered cock just below my chin. It had grown to nearly the size of my forearms but I could tell he was not completely erect. I paused momentarily and began to push the hook through.

"Oh fuck!" He cried out and began to writhe a little and even though I kept assuring him it would be alright he raised his hips in pain. I pressed my arms down onto him to hold him down but I couldn't contain him much. Eventually I pressed my neck and cheek into his cock while the hook was forging through his skin and he bucked slightly and I could feel him getting softer against my neck. The barb popped through his skin and I placed my hand over the head of his cock in fear that he might hurt himself.

"You better stop moving or you'll hook your dick." I said sternly holding my left hand there while the right hand was over the hook. There was a brief silence from the both of us and I'm not sure what thoughts were going through his head but it was affecting the head that my hand was covering. As a burst of blood surged through his cock I lifted my hand and looked down. Biting my lower lip, I looked up at him and smiled. "Wire cutters, please." I said as I held out my hand over his chest. I could tell his brain was taking time to reset but he eventually spoke.

"Oh yes, yes here they are." He said apologetically, reached for the cutters and handed them to me. I quickly scooped them out of his hand and placed them in my other hand. I fumbled a bit as I didn't know where to place myself without repeating the awkwardness but I also couldn't help thinking about his huge cock that was in my near vicinity and even though there was blood all over my hands and his legs, I was still incredibly turned on. I ended up laying my arm right across his manhood as it was much softer now. I got the hook barb into the grasp of the wire cutters and clipped it off without him wriggling too much and then stood up.

"Where's your first aid kit?" I asked staring at the hook still in his leg. He pointed to the toilet area down in the front of the boat. "Don't move." I said sternly. "I gotta clean this up." I headed down the little steps and found the first aid kit above the door and snatched it off the wall. Returning to him at the console, I opened the kit and searched for anti-bacterial wipes and a band aid and stood directly over him while he slightly lay back in the console seat. I smiled at him. "You're a mess." I said jokingly and he smiled.

"You're a hell of a caretaker." He said shaking his head. I looked down at the blood I needed to clean up and prepared my wipes and band aid. I knelt down again and placed a wipe over the hook. I could feel his cock again against the inside of my left arm and I looked directly at his cock. I smiled as I could see it growing again and pretended to not notice. I grabbed the clipped hook and pulled it out in one quick stroke, laying the wipe against it and holding pressure on it. He had thrown his head back and bucked leaving his cock draped over my arm and yet still contained in his boxers. I grabbed another wipe and began to clean his leg up around where I was holding pressure down with the other hand. Pulling my arm in toward my body I lodged my arm even more between his abdomen and his slowly hardening cock. I could see the full girth and length of it now and a faint outline of his head. My vagina twitched, I swear it.

"I've done a little nursing." I said smiling and hoping he didn't notice where his tool was and how close it was to my face. I continued cleaning up his leg and lifted my arm pulling his cock up with it and as I stood his thick meat slapped against his tummy with a thud. The sound was noticeable and I looked at him and he looked at me but neither one of us acknowledged his obvious erection. "You're ok now, right?" I asked while cleaning up my hands and fingers and checking around for more blood.

"Oh, definitely." He said as he began to sit up.

"Is this blood?" I asked as I dabbed my finger on his silky boxers and quickly realized I had tapped the very tip of his head and moistened my finger in his slick excitement. I looked at my finger and it was not blood, instead it was clear and I felt a warm yet cool feeling in my panties. I looked up at him, puzzled and his eyebrows raised as if to ask me if everything was ok. "Not blood, Bill." I said with a fake angry look. "Not Blood." I took a deep breath and stood up. "You can stand up now. You should be fine." I smiled at him lovingly as he looked puzzled and then he quickly realized how hard he was.

"Oh, uh." He stuttered. "Thanks, but I'll just sit here for a minute." My grin became more evil.

"No, Sir." I demanded. "You will stand up right now." I grabbed his arm and tried to pull him up but all I could really do is coax him out of his seat.

"No, really." He laughed as I flipped my fingers at him signaling for him to get up out of his seat. "Aw, come on, Anna. This is not right. I shook my head at him and flipped my fingers again.

"Billy Fontaine," I said as I glared at him. "Get up now." I was loving this and so wanted to see how he was going to handle it. He took a deep breath and stood up, his boxers pointed straight out keeping him from standing fully erect which is ironic. I stepped to the side and more in front to get a full view. There was an obvious wet stain to the slight side. I couldn't help but grab his erect monster and he backed up and leaned back into the console seat. "Oh my, look how hard you are." I said giggling and grasping his wand. "Are you into pain or something?" I asked while giggling into his neck and working my hands down into his boxers.

"It's your fault, Anna." He said seriously but chuckling along with me. "You're so fucking hot." He continued as he put his hands around my waist and began to squeeze my ass. I could feel his cock throbbing in the clutches of my fingers and a slippery feel at the tip of his tool. He grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me into him, forcing a kiss on me but I didn't resist, instead I began to stroke and squeeze his cock while his tongue darted in and out of my mouth. I felt his hands round my ass and then felt his fingers work their way into my shorts where they were quickly enveloped by my wet, inviting lotus. I barely felt him slide them in as I was soaked. I threw my head back when his finger hit my g-spot and he began to devour my neck.

My hand slid all the way down his tool to his testicles and it seemed like such a long way. I was aching to have him inside me. His hands came back up my back and around to my breasts and his kisses began to work down the front of my neck and I felt my shirt come up to my chin. Without hesitation, I let go of his cock and lifted my arms, allowing him to slip my shirt over my head. I unbuttoned my shorts and shimmied out of them, panties and all then climbed up onto his lap and introduced my flower to his slippery head. I forced my ass down onto the tops of his legs and took his cock all the way in with hardly any resistance, save a bit a stretching that I was not accustomed to. I started to bounce slowly up and down his thick shaft and nestled my face against his neck. His breathing was so erratic and I began to kiss his neck and let him thrust up into me. His thick head attacked my g-spot over and over until I arched back and let out a shriek. I shuttered and put one hand on his leg and the other on his abs and pushed myself off of him, squirting liquid all over him.

"Fuck!" I cried while twitching and lowered my lips back onto the head of his cock but I didn't put him back inside me. I slowly rubbed my clitoris against his head until another wave of orgasm came to me. Again, I squirted all over him while quickly rubbing his cock head across my hardened clit. His eyes were wide and I could see he was in shock. "Fuck, fuck, fuck." I cried as the wave subsided. I held his cock against my lips moving only slightly until the sensitivity calmed down. I chuckled and growled at him then slowly guided his cock back in, bouncing quickly only twice because the sensitivity was too much to handle.

He was so fucking hard and I held his cock there against my lips and rubbing his head with my hand when he jerked and expressed his own extreme pleasure. I looked down and I felt his semen rush through his cock and erupt from him with such force that you could hear it slap my clavicle. Wrapping my fingers around his beautiful head I stroked him slowly and he bucked again like a rodeo horse, shooting a thick stream right into the corner of my mouth and instinctively I raised myself up and pushed his cock back into me. I sat down as far as I could and held him tight while he pumped his pleasure into me over 4 more movements. I could literally feel the first one inside me. He grabbed my head and kissed me deeply.

We sat there coupled for at least 5 minutes until we realized what had just happened. We both took in a deep breath and blew it out slowly and smiled at each other. I raised myself off of him and stepped slowly toward the cabinet in front of the console and grabbed some paper towels. I handed him a couple of towels while cleaning myself up and looked at him, pointing a finger at him.

"Not a word." I said in a serious tone and before I could finish he cut me off.

"Nope, not a word." He said. "Not a word." He looked around at all the boats way off in the distance and then turned to me and laughed. "Let's go catch some fish."

"Hell yeah, Billy" I said looking around also and laughing while I slipped my shorts back on. "Hell yeah!"
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