Weekend At The Garrison's
Chapter 1: You Are Now in Oz

I attended a college out in the Midwest, since I wanted to get away from home and meet people different then the ones that I lived with. I had never felt like I fitted in there as the ideal of living the ghetto life was not mines.

Family members thought I was crazy and that I would be back home before the week was out. I never bothered to tell them that I had no intentions of coming back and what happened to me later pretty much sealed the deal.

My roommates were the glory of white womanhood. Blond haired,blue eyed, you know the Barbie doll type. They were twin sisters, Sandy and Candy Garrison, both 19 and shock to hell to see me when I rolled up and announced that I their roommate. I figured from their response that the only black people that they saw regularly were on TV and on the guys on the college football team.

Let me introduce myself I am Ellian Clark, I am 18, 5'7" tall, a full bodied mocha colored sister with big tits. around ass, narrow waist. It seems here at college I am somewhat a rarity, while there are lot of black guys, there are only 5 black women and 3 of them are teachers. So needless to say, I was welcomed with a lot of curiosity, which is cool. I have no problem with that as long as maturity is with it. So don't assume shit with out asking first!! This a lesson that I had to give to the twins the first day. They had their shit all over the room and they assumed that I would be cool with it. After I informed them on how it was going to be they spent that evening getting their mess under control.

.As the weeks rolled on we had all become comfortable with each other enough to think of each other as roommates. Being in a dorm room with it own bathroom you tend to let your boundaries down. The first thing I had to get use to was the twins being in nudist. Now where I come from the only time you took your clothes off was to get some and take a bath. These girls got naked as soon as they walked in the door. They had tried to talk me into and I only went as far walking round in my underwear, that was until the a/c went out. One afternoon I came back after class to a room that was a furnace. It was hot as hell in that room. I open all the windows and turned on the one fan that we had, which I had brought with me from home. That still wasn't enough. By then sweat was running down my body and my once shoulder length curly hair was a limp black wet mess glued to my head. So I stripped off my clothes and stood in front of the fan. That is how my roommates found me and I don't know which hit them harder, the heat of the room or me standing there in all my chocolate naked glory.

Candy who had cut her hair into a bob at my insistence which actually made her looked different and still attracted, stripped of her clothes first. She walked toward me naked, her sister Sandy closed and locked the door as she started to take her clothes off.

Now I am a person who will try something for the first time. At this time in my life I have never had sex with a woman or even been touched by one in that manner. So eating pussy, I don't have a clue, but my roommates did. Candy went right to her knees in front of me and grabbed my hips as she slid her pink tongue between the lips of my shaved pussy and started licking. Her sister, Sandy walked over and grabbed my right tit with both hand and started sucking on the nipple. My nipples are my weak point, as the are very sensitive once I was aroused. White girl on my tits and one licking my pussy I was more than aroused. Little did I know that I was on my way to being fucked out of my mind, as the girls tag teamed my ass all night long.

We ended up with the beds pushed together before the night was over. Somewhere in all of that I tasted my first pussy of any kind black or white. It wasn't bad, but I am dick girl and I love and worship the cock. I tried it and believe I gave as good as I got. Both of the girls came screaming into their pillows. So some where between 8am and 9am realizing that we had missed our first class of the day, so we decided to stay in bed. We did sleep some,but mostly we laid around talking fondling,kissing, sucking licking finger fucking each other. As I sucked on the large pink nipple of Candy's right tit sandwiched between the twins, Sandy asked me if I wanted to go home with them for the weekend?Figuring that the A/C wouldn't get fixed until Monday I said ok. Then I pushed her head down between my legs and told her to get busy as I finger fucked her sister. We both came screaming into our pillows at the same time.

Chapter 2 : Meeting the Family

We left campus early the next morning and headed for Sandy and Candy parent's place. It seems that their mother had remarried when they were younger to a man who had an adoptive son from previous marriage. He was older then the twins and attend college in another state. There was also a younger adopted brother who was 18 from the current marriage. Just like the twins,they too were nudists.

As we reach the front of their property, the girls stopped the car got out and started taking off their clothes. Ã I joined them as by now I was enjoying being with d we got back in the car and we drove the last 3 miles from the front gate to the house.

The house was nestled in among trees with a large pond out back. Sandy said it was one of two places that the family went skinny dipping, there was also an in ground pool on the other side of the house. We got out the car and Sandy and Candy got on each side of me looping their arms through mines as we walked up to the front door. Before we got there, it was opened by an older version of the Candy and Sandy,their mother Laura naked and very inviting.

I had figured earlier that the girls had called home told their parents that they were bring there roommate. I am sure that wasn't the only time that I had been the topic of conversation. Mama greeted her girls with hugs and kisses and she did the same to me and I am almost certain that in that hug was feel me up hug. They must have told her everything ,as I could see the look in her eyes that she want to have a taste of what her daughters had been feasting on.

The house, was a barn that had been remodel into a living space and it was quite charming decorated inside. As we walked thru the house the girls and their mother gave each other looks that I wasn't quite sure what it was all about until going around to the kitchen area. Now I haven't had too many deals with white people or even white men before and I had heard all of the stories about size and shape. First thing first, Malcolm Garrison was one good looking white man! He reminded me of the British actor, Jason Statman but a bit older, but still had the body. With his black eyes I could tell that he was looking dead at me and liking what he saw. Humm I thought to myself this could get interesting.

Then from around the other side of the kitchen came the 18 year old brother Mark who took one look a me and stopped dead in his tracks. Mark was most definitely adopted and someone in his family tree was black. He had a permanent tan with a body that was banging. Short curly black hair with big brown eyes and sweet naughty smile. I am sure the girls were loving him and not don't just mean his "step, adopt whatever sisters". Baby brother was sporting a good 8inches of semi hard dick and daddy was leading with 9inches, my mouth watered. Then big brother Eric came in, OH MY, Mm I could have fucked him right there in front of his folks and all. I was sooo taken with him all I could think of was wow. He was clean shaven all over as they all were but his blue eyes in that deeply tanned face with that smile just made my pussy cream. He smiled and I smiled and they smiled.

Over dinner, conversation flowed freely and they asked me questions about myself my family. There wasn't much to tell,my father and mother were dead, worked themselves into early graves for 8 kids which I am a the baby of the family. I was raised by my grandmother who passed away my last year in high school. On my own I got a full four year scholarship to the college that I was now attending to get my degree in teaching.

So what do you think of us, Mark said as he sat there looking me over through dinner. I couldn't tell if he thought the food was good or what he wanted to do to me. The twins sat on each side of me like a reverse Oreo cookie, stroking my thighs and touching me. They love to play with my hair twisting curled between their fingers as four pairs of eyes stared lustfully at me.

"I think, you all are very interesting people." I said as I looked each one of them in the eyes.

"Well I think it is great that you are going to spend the weekend with us", Garrison senior said he did something with his left hand out of sight underneath the table. I could only imagine.

After dinner Laura showed to my room. As she escorted me down the hallway she would touch me on the arm or the butt. One time she let her hand linger there longer then necessary. I looked at her and smiled. When we reached the bedroom where I would be sleeping, she stepped into the room and leaned against the door. I went to walk past her into the room and I turned as I did so, leaned into her and kissed her on her pink lips every so lightly. Mama reacted by grabbing me by the back of my head and pulled me to her naked body. I kicked the the door closed as we kissed passionately, our naked bodies rubbing against each other has her hand grabbed hand full of my ass and squeezed my soft flesh.

"Oh God I want taste your pussy you black bitch". She said against my lips. A bitch huh, well then I thought let me show her how bitchy I can be. Backing up a little and I pushed mama to her knees and hooked my left leg over her left shoulder

"Now bitch eat this", I said as I pushed my wet warm pussy into her face. Mama opened her mouth and start to licking as I moaned and held on for dear life. I now knew where the girls had learned how to eat pussy.

Twenty minutes later she left my room with a her smile on face.

They all waited for her return. When she came down stairs with a smile on her face and sweet juice of Ellian on her face, the twins laughed and the guys looked really interested.

"What did she taste like" Garrison senior said as his dick was now at full salute.

"Here taste her yourself," Laura said as she kissed her husband.

"Damn she taste so good" he said as he licked her lips.

The other boys join him in licking Laura lips and tasting Ellian sweetness. By the time they had finished all the cock were hard and looking for some release.

As I walked down the steps with my sandals in my hands I could hear what sounded like moaning going on. I sniffled a giggle and went back up to my room as the Garrison's were down stair fucking each other.

"I told you she was so sweet and good didn't I mother,"Sandy said as she laid between the out stretch legs of Eric who she had just finished sucking off.

"Oh baby she is more than that, I cant wait to see you guys fuck her, That black pussy and ass are amazing. Her tits I just couldn't keep my hands off them. How do you girls to it," Laura said as she looked over at her daughters who laid over the bodies of their step brothers. Mark was still in Candy ass hole and had pulled her too him to spoon. Garrison senior had fucked his wife doggy style so that they could watch the others at play.

"I think we all need to go clean up for our guest and get ready for the evening. We want to make her feel welcome, don't we," he said as he stood up and help his wife up off the floor. The other got up and went off to bathrooms to clean up. Later the twins went up and knocked on Ellian door.

I figured that while they were all at play ,it would be a good time to take a shower and just freshen up. By the time I was drying my hair with a towel, the twins knocked at my door. I opened it trying not to laugh but I couldn't help it as they both turned red.

"OK but it is your fault. You bitch , Candy said as she laughing hug me and rubbed my ass at the same time. You let mama taste that sweet pussy of yours and then she let the other taste your damn fault we were down there fucking like crazy."
"Nooo "I said as I we sat down on the queen size bed the three of us.

"Have you put your lotion on yet," Sandy asked holding the bottle of vanilla scent lotion in her hands.

"No but you can put it on for me", I said as I looked at her and then at her sister.

They didn't miss a crack nor crevice and I just had to return the favor. Walking on weak knees ,we finally joined the rest of the family

We went out to join the others on the patio with the night time sky high over head . Now that is one thing that I found still amazing since moving out of the city, the night time stars. I stood there looking up as the other talked among themselves or in some cases looked at me in wonderment. That was the look I saw in Eric's eyes as I looked into his when I stopped staring at the stars. I let his eyes draw me in, and I went to him, as he sat along the patio brick wall. I stood in from of him shutting out the others and just focused on him and he seemingly on me. I leaned into his, to his lips and we kissed softly at first, and the passion ignited. As he held me closer, his hand stroked by body caressing my hips, waist breast anything and everywhere.

Now I knew deep inside that I was going to get fucked by all of these people before the weekend was over, maybe even before the night was over. I wanted the first dick in me, the first dick in along time, to be Eric's. There is something there between us and it strong but that we would discover later.

He picked me up with is lips still locked to mines as our tongues explore the sensitive area of each other mouth, and carried me to a large round bed that was in the center of the patio. He laid me in the middle of the bed and stood looking down at me. I could see the passion in his eyes and body. His cock was sticking straight out slightly bobbing up and down like it was tuning fork searching out my pussy. I decide to help it by spreading my legs wide enough so that he could see my clit which is on the large side sticking up like a miniature cock. That was all it took, Eric dived head first into my pussy and sent me flying. The girls and their mother were great, Eric was amazing.

Now, I don't know when the others joined in. It must have been somewhere between Eric fucking me so good that I was screaming his name, to his father fucking me from behind as his youngest son eat my pussy from underneath me as I suck his cock. I am not sure, but I think at one time I was totally covered by white/tanned flesh. Either in my mouth on my body or in my ass or pussy. Those white folks fuck this black girl soo damn good that I passed out. Now that was just Friday, Wouldn't you like to know now the rest of the weekend went?

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