Wet and wild in the '5th Dimension'
When I was nineteen I had a crush on a girl named Ruth. We were both introverted, but Ruth had a tendency to flirt unrepentantly with other guys and since we'd never formalized our own relationship, I was out of luck when it came to complaining about it. Ruth seemed to take a perverse pleasure in torturing me in this way.

Though we had gone on dates, and I had professed love for her, she couldn't commit. Our relationship had grown into an intense, often scary, friendship based on mutual interests and how we each could fulfill the others carnal desires and yet not let the other know the truth of the matter. By this I mean we would call each other up and make up role-playing adventures based on our favorite television, movie and book characters. Often we'd invent new characters for existing "universes" which gave us complete creative freedom. And what we did with that freedom... !

Inevitably, the plotline of these stories would turn intensely sexual. It went something like this. While in character, I would say, "He's (meaning I'm) licking her (meaning your) inner thigh - lick, lick, L-I-C-K," and Ruth would moan, saying, "MMmmmm..... yes... oh yes...." and so on. Or Ruth would say, "She's (meaning I'm) licking his (meaning your) cock, taking it into her (meaning my) mouth... sucking on it.... tasting the precum..."

Now, this went on for months and months... and at the end of each of these "stories" we were role-playing, the "characters" would erupt in mind-shattering orgasms which we would "role-play" to the hilt.

Look - I know I was stroking my cock the whole time, and when my "character" would cum, I'd end up shooting a load so hard it would miss my chest and hit me squarely in the face. I'm not kidding! This is how I learned what my own cum tasted like, by accident and from the intensity of the orgasms I was having while we "role-played." Now, I never asked Ruth if she was fingering her hot, wet little twat while we talked, but either she was the best actress the known universe has ever known, or she was coming for real. Plain and simple. And her orgasms made MY toes curl!

We would engage in this "role-play" from 2:30 in the afternoon when we'd get home from school until 3am, even when we were both in school. Nine times out of ten we'd fall asleep on the phone with one another! For my part, I was sure I was in love. Yet when I told Ruth my true feelings for her, she said she was very sorry but that she didn't like me in "that" way. WTF??

I was such a confused adolescent that not a single day of my life in the twenty-five years that have passed goes by that I don't think of her in a sexual way at least a dozen times a day. I even fall asleep fantasizing about her still. And lest you think I'm a sad and lonely 40+ year old virgin, rest assured... I'm happily married and have three kids. Ruth really screwed me up inside, yet I still think back to those days and fantasize about having a time machine to go back and do something to change things so I'd end up with Ruth.

I always return in my mind to a warm Spring day in May of 1986 as the "nexus" for my best opportunity to change how the future unfolded. And ironically, it was at an event celebrating a certain television show about time travel that my best shot at finally "sealing the deal" with Ruth was missed. Or so I like to think in retrospect. I have written the way things should have gone over and over in my mind, but decided today to share this story. Maybe Ruth herself will read it some day and at long last know the truth and just what was lost that day.

May 1986 - "The 5th Dimension" RV - Parked Beneath the Washington Monument on the Mall in DC...

Ruth E. and I have been invited by the local television station to come down to the launch of a traveling exhibition being held in town. The exhibition is a celebration of a particular television program whose longevity and creativity have made it an icon around the world. We were excited to be here as we'd often shared our particularly naughty brand of "collaborative writing" with one another on the phone late at night.

We were both, no doubt, thinking of the countless times we'd "role-played" our "special brand" of adventures together, safe from any accidental physical contact with one another by the fact that we were each alone in our bedrooms, doors closed, mutually pleasuring one another from across town, all the while pretending it was just "writing collaboration." We were horny teenagers and this was a safe outlet. It let both of us "pop our corks" without any of the usual backlash from such behavior. What I didn't realize at the time, and maybe Ruth realizes now even as I do, that what we had done left lasting emotional marks on us both.

However, today Ruth was very nervous because she was about to meet one of the stars of the show, and I knew she had the hots for him in a big way. In fact, just the night before we'd "role played" a scenario with the character this actor she was about to meet portrayed, and she had cum so hard during her "make believe" orgasm that she'd knocked the phone off of her bedside table. As I stood beside her, I kept thinking about how wet her little pussy must be right now, and how much I wanted to get her naked and stop with the play acting and get on with the reality.

We were invited inside the exhibition's spacious and luxurious RV, ironically named the "5th Dimension," to wait for the guests of honor to arrive. Ruth and I made small talk and tried desperately to ignore the sexual tension in the room. It was always like this when we were physically in close proximity, but we were both two shy to act on it. Now that we were inside, and so close to her on the couch, I could smell the heat of her arousal over her perfume and it made my cock bulge visibly. I tried to cover up the fact, but I know she had to have seen it.

We never acted on our physical attraction in the normal way because of the unique nature of our friendship. Ruth was unwilling to risk losing that special form of "friendship with benefits" by going further. She reasoned that if a physical real-world relationship went wrong, our friendship would end, and she'd not have her "safety valve" form of sexual release she'd come to rely on.

I, on the other hand, was willing to risk it all for just one chance at getting her naked and losing myself completely with her. I wanted to touch her heated flesh with my flesh, savor her scent and her taste in long, never-ending sessions of lovemaking, and fill her deeply with my throbbing cock by every means possible. I wanted to take her right here, right now, and be caught in the act by the people we were waiting for, screwing each other's brains out on the floor of their VIP RV.

We were both tired of waiting and tired of the tension between us when the RV door opened. The exhibition coordinator, Brian, stepped inside, followed by his boss. Next came Peter, one of the previous stars of the show. Brian introduces us to the pair and I tell Peter that Ruth is her biggest fan and give him a wink. He grins (I think knowingly) and she cringes and tries to shrink behind me. Her scent by now is so strong that I wonder if everyone in the room has noticed it.

With an evil feeling of satisfaction, I grasped my hands around Ruth's shoulders and bodily push her towards Peter. As she passes to him, I stare at her ass in delight. I can't be sure in this light, but is that a wet spot beginning on the backside of her jeans? I imagine that by now Ruth is so wet that her juices are starting to dribble down her legs. I long to run my hot tongue up from her knees, across her thighs, and intercept each rivulet as it forms. But I shake off the sexual fog forming in my head and try to remain composed.

I watch as Peter gives Ruth a long, tight hug. I think, surely he knows this poor girl is about to cum with his arms around her, but to his credit he ignores it and finally releases her from the embrace. Ruth looks at me, and in her face I can see that three predominant emotions are fighting a pitched battle inside of her - hatred toward me for her embarrassment, ecstasy from the feelings in her pussy, and terror that she will cum right then and there, falling to the floor in writhing spasms of pleasure. For my part, I'm hoping to watch and take some small measure of satisfaction in her humiliation. I have so much pent-up anger towards her for denying what I know we both want and need, and want to see her suffer as I have for it.

Poor little Ruthie looks like she is about to faint on the spot. I can see that I wasn't imaging the wet spot. She either peed herself just now, or more likely, knowing how much she is attracted to Peter and fantasizes to me about him, creamed herself completely. I can't keep my mind off of that image. Ruth excuses herself clumsily and darts into the bathroom, slamming the door shut. We hear it lock with a loud click. Inside, I think I hear a low and tremulous moan.

Looking around, I wonder if anyone else heard her. There's an awkward silence for a moment, some throat clearing, then we all chuckle. "Fangirls," I want to say, but keep my mouth shut. The polite fiction is that Ruth is inside the bathroom freshening up and composing herself. I know the truth, and suspect I might not be alone in that knowledge.

The moment has passed and the assemblage begins to say their goodbyes, as they have others to meet outside at the event and in an hour's time, the official kickoff ceremonies with begin.

[Author's Note]

THIS is the nexus point. From here on out to the end, the

story will unfold as it SHOULD have done that fateful day in May.

They excuse themselves, and as Brian is about to close the door, he leans his head in and says, "take your time, mate!" He tosses me an ink pen, saying "For the lock. You'll know what to do." I grin and nod my head.

I find myself all alone in the RV except for Ruth, who is still locked in the over-sized bathroom. I listen at the door and still hear soft moans and rapid breathing inside. My cock pops up at the sound and I know that this is my chance! I look at the pen in my hand and quickly remove the top, extricating the ink cartridge. Holding the long, slender plastic metal-tipped cartridge, I slip it silently into the little hole in the center of the bathroom doorknob. With a soft click I pop the lock.

In a fluid, quick motion, I swing the door open and watch as Ruth flinches backward on the closed toilet lid. She is completely naked, and her legs are spread wide and her dark brown pubic hair is slick and wet from her arousal. There is a small milky white puddle on the toilet lid, and her right hand is grinding against her clit while her index and middle fingers are buried deep inside of her wet pussy.

The air is heavy with the scent of her vaginal musk. She moans even as she realizes she's been caught, looking terrified but so close to coming that she can't stop herself. This is exactly what I'd always pictured her doing on the phone with me and longed to watch! Only the time for watching and waiting are over for me. The overpowering aroma of her wet pussy is making me dizzy with desire... and oh so hungry!

I smile, making a shushing sound and stepping closer, closing the door behind me and relocking it. My eyes never break contact with hers and I smile as she starts to whimper with pent up desire as she realizes that she and I are finally going to break the unbearable sexual tension that has plagued us for months.

She remembers, as do I, all those long, long hours on the telephone play-acting with one another, fully aware that we were engaged in heated phone sex though too embarrassed to ever admit it. Now, she knows, we are going to get it on for real. Fuck. Screw one another's brains out. Finally do the deed as it's meant to be done!

I kneel before her and watch as her legs part even more as she subconsciously grants me full access to her swollen vagina to do with as I please. The scent of her moist cleft has given me the most swollen erection I have ever experienced and I can feel it throbbing with an unbearable desire to plunge deep inside of her. She moans again as she feels my breath against her wetness.

I close my eyes and open my mouth to allow my firm tongue to flick quickly and electrically across her swollen clit. I listen to her moan deliciously as I slide my hot tongue into the folds of her pussy lips and into her wetness. To finally, after so long of dreaming of it, feel the walls of her pussy clinching around my darting tongue and to taste her sweet nectar is almost too much to bear without blowing my load in my pants.

I take one last plunge inside of her with my tongue then stand up, undoing my belt and dropping my pants to the floor around my ankles. One step, two step and I'm out of my pants altogether. My shirt comes off over my head. My near-bursting cock is fighting to escape my boxers and presses so hard against the cloth I think I can hear it ripping. Instead, it pokes through the flap and, like a guided heat seeking missile, aims it's dripping head directly at Ruth's mouth.

I move forward and press the rigid oozing red tip against Ruth's lips and they part to allow my cock to slide inside. The feeling of her warm tongue as it curled around my shaft is indescribable. Immediately I begin to thrust against the velvet resistance of her tongue and mouth, feeling her soft lips wrapping around my member to form a perfect seal. I pace myself, pumping in and out, in and out as slowly as possible to prolong the inevitable.

In my mind I picture that moment ahead when my cock will erupt inside of her mouth and send all of my long-pent-up juices of desire cascading down into her throat in a torrent. At last Ruth will taste my cum, I think! Somehow I've become obsessed with the concept of my semen becoming a part of her as it's slowly digested, the testosterone fueling her own wanton needfulness.

Sensing that I'm about to explode, Ruth opens her mouth and pulls back, grasping my shaft with both hands and massaging the saliva from her mouth into my tight skin. With one hand she reaches down to her crotch and allows the dripping river of her essence to coat it, then cups the sticky fluid in her palm. Slowly, teasingly, she lifts her cum-soaked hand to my cock and rubs her cunt-cream into my penis as a lubricant.

I know that I will erupt at any second! I only have time to twist my hips in order to aim my primed and ready to blow cock at her now fully open mouth. Ruth sticks out her tongue mischievously, begging with her eyes for me to explode against the glistening pinkness of it just as we'd fantasized illicitly with one another so many times before over the phone.

The core of my being seems to burst into a nova-bright explosion of pleasure as my cum erupts in what feels like a never-ending ejaculation. My aim, though deliberate, was off and streamers of white sticky semen coat Ruth's flushed cheeks, her eyelids, her nose, her lips, her eyebrows, her hair... and still there is enough that landed on her tongue for her to savor as she closes her mouth in a huge smile, licking her lips contentedly.

She loves the taste, the texture, as I always hoped she would. She's going to want more, and often, and I will be the one to provide it to her!

Just then Ruth begins to convulse as she loses control over her orgasm and allows her pussy to spasm uncontrollably for what seems like minutes.

I feel my feet become suddenly drenched as she ejaculates with such ferocity that I think for a moment she must have lost control over her bladder. However, one look at her goo coated face and the look of sheer ecstasy writhing upon it and I knew that she was releasing months of pent-up sexual energy as I had in one enormous and satisfying explosion of orgasmic bliss.

My energy to continue standing spent, I collapse onto my knees and allow my face to fall against Ruth's sticky, dripping pussy. The essence of her sexual abandon instantly adheres against my flesh. I relish the sensation of rolling my face from side to side in her cunt cream in order for it to become as sticky with cum as her own face is. I look up into her twinkling eyes and can tell that she is already building up for another powerful orgasm. From our telephone sessions I know that Ruth is a multi-orgasmic nymphomaniac once started, and nearly impossible to satiate. But oh to try!

Though sexually drained, physically and physiologically, I've waited and dreamed for this day for such an agonizingly long time that I know I'll continue to please her orally until I have regained my strength. I begin by slowly and deliberately using my tongue to lap up every drop of her heavenly juices from her pussy, sucking her still-swollen cunt lips into my mouth to clean them properly. Beads of her cum are glistening on the tips of her pubic curls, and I relish the deliberate care my lips and tongue give each and every one.

I begin to feel the temperature of her flesh heating once again as I press my cheeks against her sticky thighs. In my mind, I fantasize about pumping my next eager load deep inside of her cunt, grinding the tip of my cockhead against her cervix as if I could somehow burst through that tiny opening and empty my semen-laden balls directly into her womb.

Yet despite such visions, I continue my slow oral ministrations, listening as Ruth's breathing becomes erratic once more. I can feel her muscles tensing and her thighs clamping unbidden against my head, trapping my face and nose and mouth against her pulsating pussy. I know what she has in store for me, as this was one of her fantasies, and I can feel my cock beginning to rise once more, untouched. I reach for it and began stroking the still tender flesh.

In a sudden flash of insight, I recall the end scenario for Ruth's favorite phone fantasy... to ride her partners face to orgasm while they were helpless to escape the impending flood. I realize with mounting excitement that Ruth intends to hold my head against her crotch while she uses my nose like a mechanical dildo!

Ruth stands, and with her thighs clenched tight, I am compelled to move with her. She forces me to rise with her, then begins to press downward. My position is to be prostrated on the floor, laying on my back, with her astride me. Ruth's pulsating sodden crotch grinds relentlessly against my face as she sits on it. My nose becomes quickly trapped inside of her cum-slickened slit and my entire world becomes her pussy. I have become her plaything!

My every tortured breath, squeezed out from the folds of her genital flesh, holds the essence of Ruth. Her scent is deep inside of my nose now, her juices filling my nostrils and making it impossible to inhale through them without sucking her cum into my sinuses. I can taste her and nothing else as her cuntal fluids trickled down the back of my throat. What a sensation this is, to taste a woman in this way!

Above me, I can hear Ruth moaning though her thighs cover my ears and clamp my head in place. I can sense her rapid heartbeat as it seems to pound all around me. I know that soon she will come again, and like before, she will open her orgasmic floodgates and unleash a torrent of hot, sticky juices against my nose and literally drown me. I have but one chance, and she knows it. I open my mouth and form a tight seal over her twitching vaginal canal, grinding my nose upward against her clit even as she works to grind her pubic bone into my skull.

With a sudden intake of air, Ruth E. begins to cum like I'd never thought possible. Her thighs are squeezing my head so tightly that I think surely my head will explode from the pressure. Her full weight is now bouncing up and down on my face as she rides me to the heights of her orgasm as if I were a human Symbian machine.

My last breath came a full forty five seconds earlier, and even then it was only a partial one. I begin to see sparkles as my brain reacts to the early stages of hypoxia. I imagine what it will be like to suffocate with the woman I love using my death to drive her to the ultimate pleasure. I wonder, does she know? More to the point, does she care? Would she sacrifice me for carnal bliss?

I pray that Ruth will begin to gush her ejaculate down my throat so that I might catch a quick gulp of air at the end. I prod her clit with my tongue to no effect. Does she realize I'm out of air? But Ruth's orgasm is going to come on its own terms and not mine, I realize. Yet surely she must know I'm about to asphixiate for her pleasure... Unless her ultimate fantasy is to ride my face until I die, my now-engorged cock erupting at the moment of my extermination and giving her the ultimate satisfaction?

No! I thought and clamped my teeth down hard against her sensitive and swollen clit. The tender, soft flesh yielded and I tasted my lover's blood as my incisors broke the skin. I feel Ruth react with an even harder grip on my head with her thighs. Her salty blood is flooding freely into my mouth now, and mixing with her pussy juices on my tongue. Despite feeling lightheaded from my lack of air, I realize that this is the last sensation of taste I will ever have. Yet I cannot ever remember tasting anything so utterly divine!

With only moments of consciousness left to me, and perhaps only scant moments beyond that of life, I begin to gnaw on her clit more seriously now, increasing the flow of blood and exciting Ruth still further. Pain, apparently, is something that she enjoys! I feel her spasm uncontrollably once, twice, then a third times before it finally happened.

Above me and around me, Ruth begins an orgasm so powerful, so intense, that her grip slackens just long enough for me to get in a gasp of sweet air. No sooner than I have drawn this lifesaving breath do I feel her pussy convulse like a seizure and the deluge begins - straight down my throat!

I swallow rapidly, trying to stay ahead of the flow, now worried I won't die from suffocation but from drowning. Whether Ruth intends to fuck me to death or if she is just so far beyond reason in her ecstasy, I'd never know. Ruth's juices cascade down my cheeks and I begin to sputter, engulfed in her ocean of sex.

I snap my teeth down on her clit once again, drawing still more blood, and she reacts like I'm poking her with an electric prod. Her legs release my head and I roll away, gasping for air as her pussy secretions dribbled from my mouth and nose. My face and lips are smeared with her clitoral blood, and I realize that I hadn't even noticed that I'd blown my load in the process.

The evidence of this is dripping lazily from Ruth's dark hair in gooey tendrils. Her face still carries a pearly sheen from my earlier ejaculation. The entire room smells like two hundred people had just had the wildest oral sex imaginable, and as I realize what has just occurred, I smile despite myself. We hadn't even gotten past foreplay!

Looking into Ruth's cum-be speckled face I see the most beatific expression forming. Her eyelids are heavy, her breathing shallow, and her limbs look lifeless, like limp noodles. My own cock is not in much better shape, I thought. Ruth, too exhausted to speak, as I was, collapsed against my chest. Her sticky, cum-slickened flesh pressed against my own mixed with her blood, exhausted and sighing with utter contentment.

[Author's note: Based on real-life events and penned a quarter century later with the phrase "time can be re-written" blazing inside my head. And Ruth, if you should happen to read this... you know where to find me.]
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