What A Capture
A soft groan floated from her lips. It had been another long hard night. One in which sleep was illusive. Thoughts of the day had swirled within her mind creating a vortex. She had replayed the entire day over and over again. Now the early morning sunlight filtered its way through the mini blinds. She squinted against its glow. The alarm clock would be sounding its wake up call soon. She laid still looking at the ceiling. The palms of her hands slid up her oval face. She could easily turn the clock off and avoid that annoying sound. "Screw it" she said to herself and flipped the white egyptian cotton sheet.

It was solid white with only a small design in gold along the top edge. Long sun tanned legs slid off the side as she sat upright. The white tank top held snug to her form. The dusky pinkish tan of her nipples peeked through the thin fabric making their presence known. All ten digits plowed through her honey blonde hair. She tousled it carelessly. She loathed early mornings. Especially when she had no sleep the night before. Newly painted crimson toes disappeared within the fur lining of her house slippers. She stood to her feet and scooted them deeper inside.

Nimble fingers pulled a satin bath rob from the back of her computer chair. Starting with her left hand. She slide the rob on and tied it closed with the black sash. The sleeves were gaping open wide. It made her wrist seem much smaller than it was. The edge of the satin gown reached mid thigh. The black to her thigh made her tan look exotic. The green within her eyes were bright. Though sleep deprived they sparkled with each thought of her Master.

Their paths had crossed while he was on leave. It had been a crowded bar. Their were people dancing. The music was way to loud. Just the way she liked it. She didn't have to think about anything when the beat was that loud. She had tucked herself away in a dark corner. That particular evening she had gone to the salon and had her hair washed, trimmed, dried then curled. While her head was tucked beneath the loud hair dryer another of the girls in the shop came over and painted her fingernails to match her toenails. They had been sweet enough to embed tiny golden stars. She had chuckled about it. When her appointment had ran its course.

She left the salon with a new pep in her step. She had driven home with the stereo pumping its beat through the speaker. When the song came on that always made her smile. She'd turned it up even louder. The neighbors could hear her for what seemed like a mile away. When she'd maneuvered the large pickup into the drive and she had switched the radio off and slid out of the seat and practically ran up the steps. Once inside she'd carelessly tossed her purse and keys on the table beside the door. She'd been careful to lock the door behind her as she had walked to the bedroom. She had started stripping. The blouse she was wearing had been the look she wanted for tonight. Jeans followed the pile of clothes on the floor.

She had ran a nice hot bath and soaked until she was wrinkled like a prune. Then she had left the bath and dried. She had picked out a white free flowing skirt with a red bandana design top that tied in the back. Beneath she'd worn a white satin thong. If she stood in the lights just right a person could see her body beneath. She'd worn her cowboy boots. When her clothing was on and in place. She had stood in front of the full length mirror. She had worn a small pair of earrings. They were gold hearts to match the gold in her Master's collar that felt comfortably snug to her throat. Fingertips had trailed its surface so many times. It was no longer a dream but a wonderful reality. By the time she had finished with a hint of perfume. She'd grabbed her purse and keys and headed back out for the evening.

Twilight had begun to fall. It had cast its rainbow of colors through the trees. She'd always enjoyed a sunset or sunrise. Today it felt even more special than before. She whipped her truck into a parking place at the Sea Side bar. She had gone into the bar and ordered a drink. Tonight was a margarita night. The toe of her right boot tapped out the rhythm to the song being played. The lights had been low. There was saw dust on the floor. Her favorite kind of bar.

She had sat sipping her drink watching the band. When he had approached her. He was dressed in a loose white tee shirt and jeans. He'd caught her attention when she first walked in his hair was dark. It had been cut some what short. His eyes were different. It seemed like every time she had glanced in his direction they were a different color. She had tried not to look at him to much and appear to be interested. She liked having a cool exterior. Yet he had walked up to her table with such confidence her heart had dropped to the pit of her stomach and flipped over itself several times before coming to a rest. His voice had been unforgettable.

The first words from his mouth were blunt and straight to the point. "Want to get out of here? Its a bit crowded." he had smiled and offered her his hand. Normally she'd have laughed at someone doing that. Looking into his eyes she started to say no but there was something there that stopped her. She had slid her hand into his and slid from her seat. She'd stood grabbing her purse at the same time. He'd slid his arm around the small of her back and guided her out of the bar. They had walked together to the parking lot. He had opened the door to his car. She'd slid in without a thought. He walked around the car with the same confident stride that stole her voice mere moments earlier

Once settled in the car. He had smiled and said "okay where to?" Up until that point she had no plan. "Where every you want to take me." He chuckled and with a nod fired up the engine. Within seconds he was pulling out of the parking lot. Within minutes they were going down the highway. An old rock tune played through the speakers. Neither of us spoke. She wasn't sure if it was due to nerves or excitement.

A few miles down the road. He whipped the car into a driveway. Right in front of a two story country house. It had been painted a bright yellow. It had a wrap around front porch. White shutters were around every window. Flower pots filled with colorful flowers. The lawn had been freshly mowed. A hint of fresh cut grass still lingered in the cool night air. He had cut the engine and walked around and opened the passenger door. She slid out of the seat fearlessly.

He offered her the bend of his elbow and lead her up the brick walkway, up the three wide short steps and over the front porch straight up to the front door. He had maneuvered the keys within his fingers and unlocked the door without taking his arm away. As the door swung open she was surprised. The hardwood floors were a dark cherry. They held a glossy finish. A dim light was directly over head. She stepped inside and looked in awe. The furniture looked new yet slightly out dated. He followed in behind her so close his toned thighs brushed the curve of her ass. She bit her lip and pushed back against him.

A low guttural moan came from him. It was a sound she'd never heard before from a man. Faster than air could fill her lungs. He scooped her up in his arms and cradled her to his broad chest like an infant. She'd gasped in shock from the swift motion. Her arms slid around his neck. There had been a grin on his lips. It stretched all the way up to his eyes. They were sparkling with mischief.

Their lips met in an unspeakable hunger. He kicked the door closed behind him and carried her to the down stairs bedroom. Their kiss had only deepened since the moment their lips met. He'd carried her through the bedroom door and with no warning he threw her to the bed. She gasped and giggled. His hands moved to his hips and he looked at her sizing her up. "How adventurous are you?" he asked with a teasing tone. "Honey if you can think it up. I'm game to try it out!" She'd met him head on with a daring grin. He gave a nod and grinned. "Alright take your clothes off. Let me watch you." She thought he was being a little freaky but what the hell. Everyone had their demons and it wasn't the first time she'd been told to strip for a man.

She eased off the bed and stood to her feet. The tips of her fingers twisted the red designed bandana until the knot rested between the full swell of her breasts. They skillfully untied the knot. The material fell from the tips of her fingers flowing open as it fell to the floor. She turned the skirt around over her shapely waist. Her fingers twisted the brass button open the zipper slide down the tracks easily. She stood boldly facing him. Her nipples were twin rose buds with only a hint of tan. They had wrinkled to tight peaks. He bit his lower lip as he watched her. The free flowing skirt slid down her hips along the toned thighs to a puddle around her boots. She stepped out of it.

The thin white thong had a damp spot right along her pussy lips. He gave an approving nod. "Now the boots' he said coolly. She grinned and raised her left foot. Her fingers wrapped around the toe of the boot to the heel twisting it forward pulling it off her foot. She dropped the boot to the floor. Then raised her right foot. She'd pulled the boot off the same way as she had the first. Much to his surprise she was wearing a pair of short stockings. Her fingers slid down her leg and peeled the hosiery down. She pulled it off and tossed it toward the boots. Only her panties were left. She had stared into his eyes as she'd slid her fingers inside the satin trips.

She pulled them down slowly then pulled them off and tossed it away. When she stood straight. He gave an approving nod. Her honey blonde curls were put up in a clasp. Her makeup was light and blinded well with the tone of her skin. She had beautiful breasts. Her hips flared out from the sensual curves of her waist. She'd had her pussy waxed. It was totally hairless. She gave him several seconds to enjoy his exploration of her body. When he didn't speak right away she put her hands on her hips. "Do you like what you're looking at?" she'd said coldly. He gave a nod. "I do, kneel for me." If looks could have killed. He'd have suffered a horrible death. "Should I repeat the request?" There was something within the tone of his voice that encouraged her to do just what he said. She sunk to her knees. They had held tightly together.

He shook his head slowly. The toe of his boot slid between her legs and nudged them open. "Wider" he said. Again it was something in his tone. She spread her knees wider for him. "Good, now take the clasp from your hair. Throw it onto your clothes. Then put your hands on your thighs with your palms up." She stared at him head on. A fire had been lit inside of her and it burned hot on her cheeks. Both hands raised above her head. A soft click of the clasp allowed the unruly curls to fall about her face. She carelessly threw the clasp to her cloths.

Then placed her hands on her thighs with her palms up. She was growing impatient he had better be good. That was all she was thinking. He walked up to his dresser and pulled out a thin collar encrusted with cold and jewels all the way around. He walked back to her and said simply. "Raise your hands above your head cross your wrists and tilt your neck back." She complied and did as he requested. ""Will you be my slave?" He said with a coy grin. She looked up at him with sparkling emeralds. Something about his tone she couldn't resist. "Yes" She nodded quickly. He smiled and placed the collar around her neck buckling and locking it at the back. He attached a leash and then picked up her clothing including the boots and walked out of the room. She left her knees and followed him. Which was good he still held the end of the leash in his hand.

Once in the living room he stopped in front of the fireplace. Then turned back to see her naked flesh in the glowing flames of the fire. "Kneel as you were first in my room." She slid to the floor with her knees open wide. Her ass pressed to her heels and pushed that extra inch open. Hands floated to mid thigh and turned over revealing her palms to him. "Not bad. Stay." He commanded. He had her curious now. So she didn't move a muscle only nodded. He walked to the roaring fireplace and threw her clothes and boots into the flames. She started to lunge for them but stopped herself. It was to late they were ruined. Now she had no way to leave if she wanted to.

She would have to steal clothes from him. That or possibly he had some just for such an emergency. He turned back to see the devastated look on her face. "No worries, you won't be needing them." he said flatly. Then gave a tug on the leash for her to follow. She stood to her feet and followed behind his every step. He led her up the stairs to the second floor. If she hadn't been shocked already. She definitely had been at that moment. There was a fur lined cross against the far wall. A table set a couple of feet from the corner. It had shackles and leather restraints. An entire wall was adorned with floggers, cuffs, paddles and anything you could think of that would be used for sex. A huge fur covered bed was just ahead. It had a large metal ring in the center of its headboard. Four small rings were on each corner.

"What are you going to do to me?" she said her voice cracked with nerves for the first time. He turned to look at her and smiled. "Anything I want to. You are now my property. Don't you remember saying you were down stairs?" she nodded slowly. She had given herself to a stranger who was going to keep her. As he walked to the fur bed he started to unbutton his shirt then stopped. He turned around once more and looked at her face. Fear had been written all over her face. "Undress me." He commanded. She slipped off her knees and walked up to him.

Her eyes stayed low half in fear she wasn't sure what the other half was but she knew it was foreign to her. Her fingers trembled as she worked the buttons open one at a time until the shirt fell open. She had stepped closer to him and pushed the material off his shoulders. He allowed her to have the left sleeve. Then switched hands with the leash she took the left. She started to throw it in the floor but stopped. She laid it on the foot of the bed. His chest was broad the muscles beneath were sensational. He wasn't a muscle bound freak but he was definitely toned. A soft blondish fur covered the center of his chest and tapered down the center of his belly. The trail disappeared into his pants. She looked up at him. He smiled at her. "Like what you see? Continue." She nodded slowly and opened the button of his pants.

The tips of her small fingers slid the zipper down. She could feel his cock react to the touch of her fingers and it sent a little shiver down her spine. He stepped out of his boots and pushed them to the side. She swallowed nervously and pulled his pants down. His cock flesh was half erect. A wiry nest of hair was thin but curled around his cock. The sight of this beautiful man made her mouth go dry. He raised his leg one at a time and let her take them from him. She folded them neatly and placed them on the bed. "Good, now kneel before me again." She slide to her knees and he stepped closer. The masculine scent made her belly tie in knots.

There was an unspeakable heat growing within its pit. She had never felt it before. The only thing she could think about was pleasing him. "Open your mouth." He said softly. She obeyed instantly. "Good, don't bite. If you do, you'll regret it. Understood?" She nodded slowly. His eyes burned through her. They were an intense blue. His fingers held the bottom of his shaft. He took one more step between her wide spread thighs. Then guided the thick rounded head along her lips. She could smell him, almost taste him and it was driving her insane. Her heart was pounding within her chest. He barely dipped the head into her mouth testing the waters.

Her soft lips closed around it and he groaned. Thick fingers sifted through her curls and pulled her mouth down on him tighter. She could feel him growing within her mouth and it made her dizzy. The thick bulbous head pressed against the back of her throat. He wasn't massive in size but she knew he would have no problem pleasing a woman. The softness of her mouth consumed his ever growing cock. When the steel within the velvet sleeve had swollen to the hardest it would get he thrust it within her throat. She growled and her hands moved to his thighs. He thrust several more times then pushed in deep and held it. He could feel her gagging around his cock.

He held her until he knew she needed air then stepped back. She gasped loudly. Strings of spit and precum stretched from her glistening lips to his wet cock. They snapped one at a time. The broken strings fell over her chin. He gave the leash a tug and she immediately stood to her feet. He lead her to a huge chair. He sat down and tapped his lap. "Come" he said and she did not hesitate. She slid onto his lap facing him. Toned thighs kissed by the sun came around his. So that she was straddling his lap. She started to inch higher and slide down on his cock. He stopped her. "Do you have permission?" her face flew bright red.

She slowly shook her head "No Master" she said softly. His hands were strong as they slid down her back over the firm heart shaped cheeks of her ass. "Good you know my name." with that he lifted her and guided her onto his cock. His cock felt as if it were on fire as it slid deep inside her. When she had every rock hard inch. His left hand twisted in the leash. His right came down on her left ass cheek hard. It made her buck forward. She cried out and looked up at him with instant tears. He smiled and did it again. She bucked again another cry left her lips. His palm slid over the burning flesh. Each slap to her rump sent a wave of delight through her. She couldn't explain it but she liked it ALOT!

He slapped her right ass cheek. She bucked again. This time her teeth bit into her bottom lip. Her cheeks puffed out as she attempted to be strong. His long arms wrapped around her. His left went around the small of her back and held her tightly. His hips thrust upward hard and fast. He growled the heat between them intensified. His right hand slide over her ass. The tips of his fingers slide within the cleft of her ass. Until the tips were pressing directly against her puckered star. It felt hot and thigh. She ached to ride him but couldn't. He had her held to tight. He was taking what he wanted from her and nothing was going to stop him and she didn't want it to. Her hands slid over his chest. She kissed him.

He didn't decline instead kissed her harder than she'd ever been kissed. The tip of his middle finger slid into her ass. She gasped and wriggled on his lap as much as she could within the embrace. He wouldn't let up. His arm held her tight as he thrust inside her hard and fast. The tip of her tongue matched the rhythm of his cock. It darted into his mouth. The pit of her belly was hot and the flames licked at her beckoning her to surrender. He pulled his middle finger out and replaced it with both his index and middle finger. It was to much the sensations were surreal. Her small fingers tightened on his shoulders. The kiss deepened until it was soul searching.

He growled like an animal. She felt his cock twitch deep inside the velvet walls of her pussy and then explode. She cried out with delight into his mouth and gave him all of her love as he gave her his. He held to her as if she were the breath of life. When their orgasms stopped coursing through them. He looked up at her and kissed her again. As they kissed he pulled his fingers from her tightly puckered ass. She groaned against his mouth. He held her lovingly and whispers breathlessly against her lips.

"If you wish to go. I will release you but I would rather you stay." his voice sounded a bit tortured. It was something she wasn't use to. It wasn't a needy man pleading with her for anything. It was a dominant man surrendering to his own desires. It was something she had searched for, for what felt like an eternity. "No, please don't let me go." she pleaded on a whisper. He kissed her again and nuzzled the side of her neck groaning softly. "Never my slave!" She could feel him growing again within her and she relished the thought not only of having sex with this man but belonging to him.

Now she as she walked to the kitchen as naked as the day he collared her. Nothing on her body but the collar around her neck. A cursive K on her thigh and His initials on her ass branded for eternity did she finally feel as if she belonged as if she were truly loved. Thank you for giving her that feeling Master. She loves you with all of her slave heart.
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