What A Show
Pete and I had been going through a rough patch, we hadn't made love for a while and argued after I found his porn stash, I wasn't annoyed because he was looking I just wanted him to do some of the things with me, tonight was meant to be a special night out so I had bought myself some new silk lingerie, ivory coloured half cup bra and matching thong, I laid the underwear out on the bed along with some hold ups and a black dress, I picked out some shiny heels and headed for the shower. The hot water soaked me and I used some vanilla bodywash to soap my skin. Cupping my boobs my nipples swollen and I couldn't resist pinching them and gasped as my stomach jumped, I resisted the urge to touch my shaved pussy.

I dried my hair and put on my make up I dressed slowly and looked into the mirror, smiling. I sat downstairs and had some wine while I waited, my phone rang and it was Pete he had been out from work and wasn't going to be able to make it, I was really pissed and slammed the phone down.

I stormed upstairs and into my room and was about to close the curtains when I looked down into the window opposite, Curtis had always been nice and a friendly neighbor I could see the light from a TV , as I watched I could see a couple on the TV, as Curtis laid back a little I could see he was naked,then I could see his cock sticking up straight, I gasped and almost turned away but just stared as he took it in his hand and stroked the shiny tip appearing from his fist. My nipples stiffened and my pussy tingled as he stroked, almost without realizing I pulled up my dress hem and stroked my pussy softly the silky material making me cry out softly, my eyes closed as I gently rubbed, when I opened my eyes I looked down to see Curtis looking up, his cock still in his hand.

I gasped as I realized he had stood up and was looking at me , I stepped back my hand reaching for the curtains. I looked again and was sure he was smiling as he slowly stroked his cock, staring at his cock my pussy ached, the glass of wine had made me a little braver so I stepped into the window switching on a table lamp and looked down his hands were on his hips his cock curving up, I pulled a chair into the window and sat, as he watched I parted my legs the dress riding up to expose the top of my holdups then higher my wet crotch on show for him, I slipped my hand into the waistband of the flimsy silk and felt my moist pussy lips I cried out as my fingertips parted my wet lips slowly circling my clit, my hips jerking. I looked down he was staring ---

I couldn't believe I was doing this I lifted my ass a little and slid off the panties, placing my feet on the frame pulling up my dress I cupped my exposed pussy staring at him, his hand around his cock. I slowly slipped 1 finger into myself then another slowly pumping my pussy, my fingers coated in my juices, I smiled and sucked my fingers then pushed them back into me, starting to pump faster crying out
I looked down at his cock as his hand slid up and down the hard flesh his hand almost a blur as his hips pumped faster, I stopped fingering myself as our eyes met

Suddenly his hips jerked and he cried out I saw his cock erupt strings of white cum, gasping my eyes wide.

Turning my ass to him I pulled my dress up and bent over opening my legs I pushed 2 fingers back into me pumping my pussy faster I couldn't believe I was doing this looking back he was staring at me his cock still in his hand as he watched I pressed back as close to the window as I could. My nipples were hard aching rubbing against the lace on my half cup bra. God I needed to have them sucked.

Suddenly I got a fluttery feeling in my stomach, I took my soaking fingers from my pussy, I eased back the hood of my clit and circled it slowly, then faster, faster I was crying out my eyes half closed I hoped he was watching as my fingers worked my sensitive clit my thighs clamped round my hand as suddenly my pussy convulsed, as I came I squealed, feeling my juices rushing out of me , cooling as they ran down my thigh, my legs gave way and I ended up kneeling on the floor wondering what he had seen - - - - -
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