What Happens in Vegas
The names have been changed in this story to protect the innocent and the not so innocent. It is a story about and older woman and younger man and we never intended for what to happen to happen. However, it did and we are living with it the best way we can... Here is our story...

We met within an hour after I arrived in town to visit family and friends. My best friend asked if I would like to attend a party that her finance' family was having. I said sure why not and agreed to have her come by and pick me up from where I was staying while in town. When we walked into the place, he was the first person that I saw in spite of the crowd. It was like the old saying across a crowded room I saw you and the rest is history. He was tall at least humm 6'ft, with a swimmer's built, black hair shot with a touch of grey, that seem silver when compared with the grey of his eyes. Yes, he was understatedly handsome with a commanding presence or at least I thought so.
When we were finally introducedI watched as the slight smile that I had noticed when I saw him watching me during the many introductions was now showing him his eyes. We shook hands as Americans do, as it is our way, but not his. When he took my hand, he held on to it a bit longer than necessary, allowing me to feel his warmth and to see his intent in his eyes. Those cool grey eyes were not so cool anymore.

I spent the next ten minute in a daze with a smile of greeting mercifully glued to my face. He seemed to hang out in the peripherals of whatever group I would be chatting with listening in. Before the party was over he was able...we were able to find a quite a window seat to chat but still be in the party."So how do you like Italian parties?" he asked smiling down at me as I tried to stand up to every inch of my 5ft.3in. (the 3 additional inches due to my heels).

"I love it, as it is the first one that I have ever been to," I said trying not to look at him too closely. I was a bit disturbed by him and because of what I had learned, of that I will not discuss here. As it is not my story to tell, but know that it will play a big part in what is to come in how we handle it and ourselves.

"Do you remember my name?" he asked sliding down next to me on the window seat.

I smile and knowing that it was a reasonable question, as I had been introduced to at least thirty people and that was just the adults.

"Marcello," I said as I gave into my desire to let my eyes take him in.

"Good, he said with a soft accent that I couldn't quite catch. Now let me tell you a little about me and then you will do the same."

I looked at him questioningly, as I knew that I had been discussed for months before coming to here, but saying nothing, I let him tell me about himself.

He was the only son of a prosperous executive and his wife, who had returned to the States to take care of family business. As I listen to him, I realized that his accent was British and before I could ask him about it, he explained that he had attended school and University in England. I then told him of my many trips there and how much I enjoyed my visits. The conversation continued as we exchange information about ourselves, fully aware of what we were really doing with each lingering glance and speaking in whispered tones.

When it was time to go, the parting seem to be hard but it had to be done. I thanked my host for a wonderful evening and I left with my friend. As she drove me back to where I was staying, my cell phone went off. I checked to see that I had a text message and I read it and then read it again.

"Please call me .... Please"

I looked at the number and it wasn't one that I knew, but I did know it. After my friend parted agreeing on the time to meet in the morning for breakfast. I went into my room to prepare for bed, but stopping first to say goodnight to my host who was still up. She and I talked a bit about the evening then I left and went up to my room.
Once there I pulled out the phone and without thinking I dialed the number back. As it rang, I glanced at the clock and was shock to see the time it was almost 1 am. I started to hang up when he answered the phone on the second ring.

"Hello, Kes," he said in a voice that was warm and inviting.

"Hi, yourself," I said back sure that my voice was dripping with my southern accent, as it would do when I became nervous or excited. At this moment, I was both.

"I didn't want the evening to end, but I understand if you are tired we can talk another time ..."

"No, I am fine really; I don't sleep much these days ..."

"Why," Marcello asked as I heard him shifting around on his end of the call.

"Oh, something call menopause and if this is all the problems that I am going to have I will deal with it." I said wondering if I had done a TMI.
Marcello just laughed in his deep so male way and then went silent. In the silence, I could tell that he was thinking. If I pushed it I might even know what, but did I really want to know?

I knew that there was an attraction between us. From the moment, we laid eyes on each other, but...

"Do not do that," he said all of a sudden in a very proper all business British accent.

"Do what?"

"Over think us."

"Us, is there an...Us?" We just met a few hours ago," I said trying to dampen the fire that I felt brewing inside of me. I was excited and pleased that he felt something for me as well but...

"I am going to be here for another week and then back to England. I do not want to interfere with you visiting your friend while you are here, but I want time with you as well.

I felt my blood rush to my head with excitement that quickly turned to alarm when reality hit me upside the head.

"Marcello, you are what... 42? Well honey, I am 57 that makes me old enough to be your mama."

"No, my Mama is 58 and my father is almost 85. So please do not play the age game with me. When we have gotten as far as we have in life, it not the age, the person interest us. You interest me greatly Kes. Just in the short time that we have spent together, I love your sense of life and your soft strength. I want to know more about you and have you know more about me. Kes, it is only a week that is all I am asking... for now, "Marcello added saying the last part in a whisper.

As if, I wouldn't have heard it! I just smiled, I got what he meant, and part of me seemed to be ok with that. After all we were both adults and it was no one business but our own. Ok my sex drive was talking, but it was making sense. My friend worked days so she was only off in the evening. I had already planned to do most of the sightseeing on my own. Sooo....

"Kes, baby...."

That sent lovely shivers down my spine when he said that ... I just love when a man calls me baby.

"Yessss," I said my voice all in a quiver from the effects that he was having on me.

"Do you agree to my terms?"

"Yes, I can spend time with you during the day and in the evenings with my friend," I said while part of my brain was asking me what the fuck was I really agreeing to? The other half had left the room...chicken shit!

"What will you tell her?" he asked what I had been thinking about...what would I tell her?

"Nothing, there is nothing to tell. You and I are going to meet and spend time together. It is no one's business but our own, "I said as I heard my brain say RIGHTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. We are just friends I saying to myself knowing how hollow it sounded.

"Kes, can I see you tomorrow?"

"Hummm not early I am having breakfast with my friend..."

"No you aren't, I know that she will be getting a call to have breakfast with her finance'...."
"You set it up!" I said incredulously.

"Yes." he responded smugly.


"Looking if I could, I would have you all to myself while you are here, but I have to share you. Therefore, I will take or make any chance I can get, "he said with the touch of soft laughter in his voice.

I almost purred with pleasure...Yes; have to love those proper British accents!"Yes, you do, but don't I have to share you as well?" I had it from my friend that he was to be married in a few weeks.

"No, let me explain please it not what you think..."

"Oh, what do you think I think that it is? " I asked tersely.

"It's not love... it duty, of which I can explain, but right now all I want to do is to talk to you about us,"


"Yes... what are you wearing?"

I laughed and the seriousness that had crept in to our conversation disappeared, to be replacing with laughter for the next hour or so. We finally got off the phone after a few false goodbyes and good nights.

Later as I slid down into the bed between the cool sheets I thought of possibilities and a spot deep down in my core came to was on.

He was right, my friend called to cancel our breakfast meeting, apologizing profusely saying that she would make it up to me. I told her that I would just go and have it somewhere on my own if she could suggest a place. She did so, I called Marcello who said great,but he had another place that would be better. It turned out to be where he was staying the penthouse suite at his hotel.
At first I wasn't going but then I saw no reason not to after all he was family to my friend's fiance'.

Marcello sent a car to pick me up around ten and it dropped me off at his hotel where he was there to greet me. He escorted me up in the private elevator to the penthouse where a sumptuous meal was laid out for us on the balcony. We eat and talked about pretty much everything that two people who were well educated by life and had travel some could talk about. I think I was the driving force in behind the conversation as I was afraid if there was silencing between us what would come out of it, but it did anyway.

When got up to some plates back into the kitchen I had to walk past Marcello, who was sitting near the door. As I moved past him, he gently but firmly grabbed me and pulled me onto his lap. In was surprise I gave a very girlish yipped when he did it, but once there I settled right now. Lying against his chest as he cuddled me like a parent holding a child. I sighed in relief and pleasure to be past the tension of trying not to want this and then the pleasure of having it. As he rubbed my back Marcello whispered against the side of my face near my ear. I could feel his lips moving almost caressing my face as he did so...

"I know that you think that we are not right for each other, but ...If things were different I would convince you that you are wrong,"

Every nerve in my body stood still and I think for a moment that I had stopped breathing. It was in anticipation of him to making his next move. When Marcello didn't I started to breathe again and feeling the heat between my legs become almost unbearable with every breath. The pain started as a tingle sensation that went from my toes to my head. I swear that I was blushing, and then my body betrayed me further. The tee shirt dress that I was wearing was made of thin material to combat the heat, but it couldn't combat my nipples as they push forward thru the material of my bra and of the tee shirt. I knew without looking down what he would see and I closed my eyes for a second to steady myself for his reaction. I watched out of the corner of my eyes as he looked and as the smile on his face drifted into a look of triumph and something more. Then it quickly transformed into a kiss with all the fire and heat that I was feeling in it. The rest of the world went away as I went from sitting on his lap sideways to straddling it. I found his cock and the state of it was seriously betraying his emotions, as I started to ride him through our clothes...

Lipped locked and trying to eat each other mouth, we started to claw at our clothing, forgetting that were expose to all who could see us. It took the doorbell and his cellphone ringing a few times for us to stop. I started to climb off him but was held in place by his arm as he answered his phone. Laid my head against his shoulder trying to catch my running way breathing, after having given up on my runaway heart and I listened with each breath as he spoke in Italian to someone on the phone. The conversation was short and seemingly to the point. When Marcello hung-up he looked grim and gone was the passion of a few minutes ago. This also was about the time I started realizing things as my brain was whole again.

I unwrapped myself from around Marcello and got off his lap all the while chatting like a Magpie about having to leave to meet my friend for dinner. It was a lie, but I needed to be off him and out of this penthouse with what dignity I had left. After all, I had just tried to maul a man young enough to be my son. Still talking a mile a minute I made my way to the door only to find Marcello blocking it.

"Kes, we aren't finished our lunch and then there is dessert," He said firmly but softened by the inflection of his British accent.

"I need... I need to go Marcello," I said stammering like a child caught with her hands in the cookie jar.

Too many emotions, needs, and just reality falling in on me all at once, I just wanted out and away from him before I did something... something that I couldn't and wouldn't want to take back.

"Kes, I will let you go and have my driver drop you off anywhere you want..."

I was thinking the airport or the train station at this point. I knew what was coming, and I was becoming that train wreck that you couldn't turn away from!

"...If you agree to spend the weekend with me any place in the world. All expense will be paid by me... all you have to do is say yes."

I looked up at him, now seeing how far we had gotten with undressing him. His shirt was open to expose a smooth golden brown sculpture chest, with a beautiful gold cross hanging on a gold chain from around his neck. I reached up to touch letting my fingers stroking the metal made warm being next to him. It seemed to me at that moment everything that was touched by him became warm... even me.

"Vegas," I said in a whisper and trying hard to fight the desire to touch his chest, to see if his skin was as smooth and inviting as it was looked.
Why Vegas he asked watching me fighting myself not to touch, to caress his skin that was now soo close to my face... The scent of him was leading me on and I couldn't have stopped even if I wanted I didn't. In the folds of his white cotton shirt, I found his right nipple. It was the color of milk chocolate lying on the smooth skin of his pecs; I licked at it once, then twice before sucking it into my mouth. I washed it with warm wetness of my touch as I tease the other with my fingers, rolling back and forth with each sucking pull of my mouth. I heard Marcello moan and then say something in Italian. I took it as encouragement and went after his other nipple, and did the same. Then I had an outer body experience ... or maybe I was just out of my mind. I went down on my knees in front of him and unzipped his pants. I pushed and pulled his pants and blue silk boxers down, to leave him bare before my eyes, my mouth, and hands. He was beautiful, long, smooth, and meaty with large balls to back it up. I started to rub my face against his muscular thighs and cock like a cat trying to mark him with my scent and to get his on me. Noooo it wasn't enough I leaned back struggling to pulled of the black tee shirt dress that I was wearing and then taking off the bra... there were no panties to follow.... I hadn't put any on. Now naked with Marcello leaning with both hands on the door above me I went back to rubbing myself against him. Spreading my legs wide, so that the thick lips of my pussy would open like a flower to drop dew on him as Marcello stood over me moaning and chanting my name. I then slid back down his body after placing a chase kiss on his heated lips to suck the precum-covered head of his cock into my mouth. I licked and sucked my way around and over his cock and balls as sweat dripped down on me from the human tent above me. Later, I would know that is was not sweat but tears, but at that time all I knew was that, I needed to mark him and him to mark me. I kept at him until he pushed and pulled me off him sending me on to the couch. Where I spread my legs wide for his viewing pleasure and mines as well, then Istarted to seduce him. Marcello came and me on the couch as started to stroke his cock. I reached for him but he smacked my hand away. Therefore, I watched him as he masturbated then I joined him letting him see me fingering my pussy and stroking my clit... Then he came hard, fire his cum all over breasts, my tummy, pussy and me. I rubbed his gift into my skin as he stood over me moaning his release through clinched teeth. When he had finished, Marcello took a staggering step back and fell into the chair behind him. As he sat there looking at me with sated eyes I slowly rubbed his thick sticky cum on my nipples and breasts down my tummy and into my pussy with my legs spread wide so he could see. I let him watch as I now came hard, squirting into the air... I fell back on to the sofa my body still twitching with soft moans slipping from between my lips and my fingers still in my pussy. As I laid there sticky, smelling of sex and my body ringing like a bell, the thought came to me that maybe Vegas may not be enough.
We left for Vegas that night after making our separate apologies to our hosts. Taking the same flight on the way, we work on the rules for our three day of fucking

1. What happens in Vegas stayed in Vegas...
2. We would fuck as if we will never going to fuck again (well not each other anyway).
3. There would be no talking about what was to come.

And this last one we didn't say, as the plane flew us toward Sin city we knew that when the time came we wouldn't be able to let go...This was when I realize that this was more than sex and we were FUCKED...

To be continued...

Trey Songz: What Is Best For You....

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