What If Part II

What if Part II

I felt my cock, hard, warm and wet moving inside Anita's pussy as our bodies moved hard and fast. Anita's hips matched the motions of my cock enabling me to slide in and out with wild fervor and hot passion. Our lips pressed hard together, as our tongues danced, fast and slow while my cock fucked her hard, deep and fast. I pushed my cock inside her, shoving it deeply into her warm wetness as I bore down and continually thrust my cock inside her.

I fucked her so hard, never stopping to rest and never slowing down. After fucking her so hard I could not hold back and I was cumming deep within her moist pussy.

"Anita, do you have any idea how much I love you? Do you know how much I adore you and love to fuck you until I shoot my cum deep inside your pussy?"

"Yeah, I really think I do...and I love you too and I love the way you fuck me, hard and with passion.. Do you know how much I enjoy sucking your cock?"

"Well, Baby...Do you know how much I love to..." With that I held Anita's arms over her head and positioned myself between her legs.

I felt the dampness in her pussy and her nipples stood erect as I tweaked her nipples and sucked them hard. . .

I could tell from her erect nipples that she was ready! Always hot blooded and passionate, she had been quick to rise to the occasion; then, once there, quick to attain her peak. Now was no different as she whispered, "Suck me now. . .I want to feel your mouth on my pussy!"

Still kissing her pussy I heard her moan as I parted her lips while rubbing two fingers up and down just next to her clit.

"Don't stop" she says.

"You have a beautiful body, Honey...and a wonderful pussy, let me taste your pussy baby..."

I kissed the swollen lips of her pussy then sucked her pubies into my mouth. Anita's pussy is sweet and I love to taste her...I widen my tongue and give her a long hard lick then start to flick at her clit, I twist and turn my tongue, sucking her clit as she starts to moan louder. She takes my head into her hands and strokes it slowly. I stick my tongue into her pussy and move it in and out, alternating with sucking her clit.

Anita moans loudly then with a thrust to my mouth she screams that she's cumming. Her pussy walls start to squeeze my tongue and she cums in my mouth as I lick it all off. She's left breathing heavy "wow that was so good!"

I placed Anita's leg on my shoulder so her pussy is so hot and exposed. She moves her pussy against my face as I melt at the feeling... warm, wet and slippery.

Flawlessly Anita moves around and takes my throbbing cock into her hands and without missing a beat she strokes me until I am totally out of control...she rubs slowly at first, then fast and slow and fast...and I start to feel myself cumming as Anita strokes my cock so fast, not hard but with just the right force to send me over the edge.

We are in the sixty-nine position and as I suck her clit a very powerful orgasm washes over her and we both cum at the same time, getting even wetter.

With my finger I rub Anita's clit and she starts to moan as I slide my fingers very slightly beside her clit.

"Suck me" she says as I start to suck on her clit again. I want to cum again Honey..."

I suck on Anita's pussy, gently and slowly when she says,

"Harder suck it harder" Anita is in the heat of passion.

I start to suck harder and faster, her muscles cave on my mouth then release the built up cum.

I placed my hand between her thighs and felt her wetness while I rubbed her clit slowly with short movements. I felt her shudder as I moved my mouth down to her pussy inhaling the sweet musk of her scent and I began to lick her pussy. Slow Long strokes with my tongue licking every inch of her pussy from front to back until she was grinding it in my face. I began sucking on her clit and stuck one finger inside of her until I found the sweet g-spot and I began caressing it as I sucked and licked her clit. Anita began bucking wildly.

"OH My Goodness!! Please Don't stop Robert!! Please !! Yes Baby it feels so fucking good. I'm going to Cum!" I got more and more turned on by hearing her call my name over and over and knowing I was making her feel this way. I felt her body stiffen and heard her gasp. I then flicked my finger inside her against her g-spot and pulled my finger out only to replace it with my mouth. I drank and drank every drop of her sweet nectar. When I felt she was finished I pulled away. Anita looked at me, panting. "What the fuck?" she asked. "You just sucked me like I have NEVER been sucked before!"

What was that finger thing? Oh, Who the fuck cares?" Anita was still on her back. Once again I explored every part of her pussy with my tongue and finger. She came over and over covering my face with her sweet juices.

We slept for awhile but all I could think about was being inside Anita, fucking her, sucking her, fingering her...anything I could do to make her feel better, knowing I would feel better as a result.

My erect cock proved that I really wanted this. I was already breathing heavy while she sucked and kissed my neck. I wanted her so badly, it was insane. I'd missed her, I knew I missed her. It had been way too long. With every contact her soft lips made with my skin, I felt the moisture only increase as my cock oozed pre cum. She swiftly lowered her head towards my chest, her right hand on my lower back holding me as close to her as possible. I felt her lips caress my chest, her fingers running through the hair, and then I felt a sharp but pleasurable pinch on my nipple.....

I woke up gasping and sweating. My shirt was thrown on the floor and I lay there panting. Suddenly I noticed my thumb and index finger squeezing my nipple. How long had I been involved in this pleasurable dream? I wanted her, I needed her. My lips craved hers, my tongue craved every single inch of her curves. I couldn't take it anymore; I reached over and stroked her curls as I felt a burning deep within.

I desired her touch; my whole body quivered just thinking about her. I imagined her beautiful, feminine self underneath me, her nipples peaking as I breathed on them. I imagined kissing her soft, luscious lips.

I stroked my cock slowly as I lay beside her, it was so relaxing. I could focus on thoughts of Anita lying there her legs spread as she fingered herself; my face only inches away, ready to taste her, suck her, cause her body to arch in passionate heat... I could feel my hard cock dripping on my inner thighs. I was soaked with pre cum!

I looked over at Anita as I continued to stroke my cock...she lay there with only a thin sheet on top. Her tank top hugged her beautiful curves and her erect nipples stood proudly poking through her top. My mouth watered for them.

I slowly stroked her nipples and massaged her scalp, my hand moving in a circular motion on her soft, feminine belly. She was still sound asleep. I pressed my lips against her back and began to kiss her neck. I caressed her upper arms and shoulders with my fingertips. Her breathing started to increase. She was enjoying this. I traced my fingers over her waist and down her stomach. I felt her breathing speed up with every touch. I rubbed her back and kissed her shoulders. I wanted her so badly... and she wanted me too. I dared myself to go further. I slid my hand up her tank top and brushed it over her bare breast. She turned to me as I sealed her lips with a deep and passionate kiss and she started to kiss me back, telling me it was a wonderful way to wake up. I kissed her hard and with heated passion. I felt more pre cum as my cock started to throb with lust. I wanted her to touch me, to feel me, to taste me. All the things I wanted and they were about to happen.

I pulled away from the kiss to get a look at her face. That beautiful face I had longed to see. She looked so beautiful and her eyes burned with desire. Mmmmmm I wanted more. She smiled at me and then pushed me onto my back. Her tongue entered my mouth before I could even react and she sucked hard on my lip with so much hunger as I worked my hands at removing her tank top. I had to get her nipples between my lips. I kissed her hard, our tongues battling for dominance. She tasted so good, her body was hot and I felt the heat between her legs. She only had panties on, perfect. I love her.

I decided it was time for me to get exactly what I wanted. I rolled her over so she lay there underneath me. She gave me her look, that look of lust and desire. She was so sexy, and I was going to taste every part of her. I was going to make her scream. I leaned in and kissed her hard, but then I lowered my lips down and kissed her chin. I reached her neck and I kissed and sucked it. I nibbled it and felt her pulse steadily increase against my lips. I traced my tongue down her neck and kissed her shoulders. I nibbled them and nuzzled them. She was so beautiful. No, she IS so beautiful. I reached for her nipples as I sucked and kissed her. I nibbled them with hunger and she breathed heavy underneath me. Every rise of her chest made her breasts jiggle slightly. Her nipples were so hard.

I continued to kiss and suck her nipples. I could feel her erect nipples in my mouth. She had her hands on my head trying to force it down on her chest. I wasn't giving in that easily. She was going to have to wait. I loved to tease her, I felt her pussy burn as she wrapped her legs around one of mine and squeezed. I sat up and kissed her again. I didn't stop this time. I started to trace my fingers all over her breasts. Over them, between them, every single inch purposely avoiding her beautiful, rosy pink nipples.

"Don't worry Baby, you'll get it soon, I promise," I whispered. I continued to trace around her nipples with my fingertips and to kiss her, hard and deep. She moaned in my mouth and she wanted me to touch them so badly.

I was ready to give in, my hands approaching her nipples. I slowly crawled towards them. Just inches away from her nipples, I broke away from her lips and moved onto her nipple and flicked it furiously with my tongue. She started to moan loudly and pant hard. I continued to flick it, and roll the other between my fingers and thumb. She loved it so much her back arched and she moaned even louder.

I sucked hard on her nipple and squeezed her other breast with my hand. Suddenly I felt a pinch on my nipple. She snuck her hand down there; she was pulling and squeezing it. Just the way I wanted it. I moaned while she did so and I continued to suck on her breast. I moved to the other and flicked it with my tongue. I love her, and her rock hard nipples. I could do this forever. We both moaned at each other's long awaited touch.

I knew that she was craving me. Her pussy was so hot now and I wanted it, I wanted to suck her, to fuck her. I began to kiss down her breasts and stomach. Her legs released from being wrapped around one of mine and spread instantly. She knew what she wanted and that she would be cumming. I stopped halfway down her stomach and kissed a circle around her belly button. I gently caressed the area right above her pussy and she began to pant again. I was going to tease her hard this time. Nothing was going to make me give in. The wetter I made her, the more delicious she tasted. I couldn't wait. And neither could she.

I kissed lower down her stomach and stopped right above her pussy. I felt the heat burning on my face and I could smell her juices. It was so tempting but I had to control myself. I traced my fingers up and down her thighs and massaged them gently. I kissed her lower abdomen with so much lust and traced my tongue over it. She spread her legs more for me, hoping I'd give in. But I didn't, not yet. I started to kiss, bite, and suck down her inner thighs and back up the other. Her pussy burned right before my eyes and I knew she was aching for my touch.

I had to have it. I had to give in; I slipped her panties off and kissed all around her moist pussy. I traced my tongue down the sides and then up her slit. I lapped up an overwhelming amount of juices. She tasted SO good. She let out a very loud moan and begged me for more. My tongue danced over her lips. I sucked them and flicked my tongue over them. I cleaned up every drop but more kept on flowing. I wanted more. I wanted her and I wanted to eat her forever. It was time to suck her and show who really was in control here...

My tongue penetrated her and she let out the loudest moan I had ever heard. I flicked it over a few times and then slid it out and up towards her clit. I found it and gently pushed my tongue into it. I circled it and made her wriggle underneath me. If she thought this was intense, she had no idea what was coming next. I started to caress her inner thigh again with my right hand as I continued to flick her throbbing clit with my tongue. Her moans came in softer sounds and her legs spread more. I pushed two, then 3 fingers into her and felt around for her G-spot. I rubbed it gently and slowly flicked her clit with my tongue. Her moans told me She LOVED it.

My fingers penetrated at a faster rate every second. My tongue worked its wonders faster each time I increased to speed of my fingers. Her body began to arch and she screamed. I thrust my fingers in harder and faster and began to suck on her clit. She screamed for more but begged me to stop. Her whole body convulsed and I felt her muscles tighten and release underneath me. Her head was thrown back and she let out a very loud scream:

"Suck my pussy, Robert! Suck my FUCK-ING pussy Honey!" She said the word fucking slowly and in two distinct syllables.

I felt her juices flowing out of her and she collapsed onto the bed. I stopped everything, but then started to gently and slowly finger her pussy as she took my hard, throbbing cock in her hand.

I lay beside her and kissed her forehead. She was still breathing heavily.

"I" was all she got out. I was pleased with what I had just done. Her breathing slowed and I thought she might be tired. She laid her head back and shut her eyes. I rolled over and closed mine too. Then suddenly I felt my whole body get pulled back and I was face to face with those lust filled eyes. "It's your turn now," she demanded, "you don't call me your cute little cock sucker for nothing!"

I watched as she opened her mouth and wrapped her warm lips around my cock and started sucking me, sucking my pre cum into her mouth. I could feel her warm lips slide down the shaft as she went all the way down then up...starting to suck on my balls and pump my cock with her right hand. My cock was fully erect and my moans reinforced how she had me turned on.

She continued pumping my cock with her hand as she took the head into her mouth.

"I love the way you suck my cock, but I also love to suck your clit, Baby..."

I moved my body around and kissed down to her stomach then continued until I reached her wet pussy.

"I love you and I love your pussy so much, Honey!" Between words I continued to lick and suck her clit.

Anita continued sucking my cock and listened to me moan as she slid my cock in and out of her mouth between those beautiful, luscious lips. I could barely move, only touching her pussy as I was eating her, moaning pleasurably, shivering when she pressed her lips all the way down my shaft, keeping my cock deep in her mouth.

She gave me fifteen minutes of cock sucking bliss when she decided to tease my cock with slow, deliberate strokes with her right hand. I was rock hard and she could tell I wanted to explode...but no, my cute little cock sucker says not yet.' She was in total control of my cock and wouldn't let me cum just yet.

"How will you cum for me?" she asked.

"Suck me off, Baby." I responded, then I continued sucking her pussy. "I want you to cum again...but Anita...I NEED to fucking cum! Finish me off Honey. Make me cum...swallow my cock...swallow my cum...I want to feel my explosion in your mouth, Baby!"

You wrap your lips around my cock for a few strokes. As I moan you stop and ask, "And what will I get if I blow you?"

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