What If Part III

What If Part III

"I will get you off again and again, Honey. I will make you feel like I do right now. Please I want to cum so bad." I French kissed Anita's pussy and my tongue went ballistic around her clit as I licked and sucked as she gave me a gentle kiss while stroking my cock fast while she sucked me. I felt her lips slide down the shaft as suddenly I shuddered and moaned, then loudly uttered...

I shot my hot, thick cum into her hungry mouth filling her mouth with my cum. I could not hold back..."Anita, Baby!! Oh Honey...Ohhhhhh Fuck, Baby!

Anita slowed her pace and clamped her lips tight to my cock as my breathing became shallow and I moaned "Fuck I'm cumming, AGAIN."

She kept up the slow pace while my cock shot my cum into her mouth. She kept me going with long, slow deliberate strokes with her lips. My hips bucked hard as I convulsed, filling her mouth as she continued getting every last drop of cum out of my cock.

Later that night I wanted to show Anita that I can play tough too. I was on the bed next to her, sliding my right hand up her leg as she pressed her lips to mine and filled my open mouth with her tongue.

We made out for a few minutes as I was feeling her up and getting both of us worked up.

Anita spread her legs apart and guided my finger to her clit to show me how she wants to be rubbed.

"Do you want me to use my mouth instead?"

"No, this time your fingers will do fine. There, right there, Honey." I moved into her little groove, rubbing her towards her orgasm.

Her body turned to mush as she got very wet quickly.

"You lie back and let me do to you as you have done to me."

Anita pulled my mouth to hers and we made out as my finger kept giving her pussy pleasure.

I continued stroking Anita's pussy and kissing her lips when I felt her first orgasm start to boil. My mouth sucked her tongue as she started to breathe shallow and quick. I kept my pace of slowly circling her clit with my fingers. Anita looked into my eyes as her body started to tremble.

"Keep doing it just like that. Oh Honey...that feels sooooo fucking good!" Anita muttered as her body rocked hard with her first orgasm. I kept rubbing her and as I looked at her face she closed her eyes and soaked in her orgasm.

She kept cumming and moaning

"Keep going. Like that. That feels good.OhWayne...Honey...Baby...That is so good Baby! Oh Honey...Baby...That is sooooo good Baby!"
Anita finally asked me to stop and I did. She lay there motionless, breathing very hard with her heart pounding and fulfilled.

I stared into Anita's eyes and kissed her as she soaked in her orgasm. After a short time, Anita guided my hand back to her pussy.

"I'm just getting started and I hope you can keep up." she told me as my mouth was on hers and my finger worked her clit again.

"I will go as long as you can, Honey...I want to fuck you, suck you, finger you, hold you, brush your hair...everything Honey...always.

Anita looked at me and said, "I want to cum again, Baby. Keep rubbing me up and down on my very special groove tenderly, I can have another orgasm." I rubbed Anita's pussy, moist and ready.

She closed her eyes and felt my warm breath against her cheek. My fingers were so eager to feel her folds, to slide into her natural wetness and linger in all the right places, teasing the sides of her swollen clit. Anita moved her hips forward and back with my hand motions. Her hips raised, her body wrenched, her heartbeat increased and her moans and subtle deep breaths alerted me to the fact that she was going to cum.
Anita shouted out suddenly, "I'm cumming!! Honey, I'm cumming!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Baby!!! Oh FUCK!!" Then with a quivering voice she said softly..."I love you Wayne Tolbert."

I kissed her lips sweetly and she said..."Maybe if you pause for a moment and then slowly move your fingers up and down my special place, just maybe I could cum again, and I rubbed as she asked while her hips rose and fell. I looked at her beautiful face, her eyes closed as she came a third time...

"Anita, you are without a doubt the sexiest woman I have ever known and will ever know..." I said as we snuggled our way back to dreamland.
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