What She Wants
Ava La Rue has never been one to wait on what she wants. Be it in business or relationships, she got what she went after. This lead to a comfortable life. Secure in finance and self, she decided it was time to do what everyone says is the hardest job on earth. With that she planned her next step in life.

Children, is what would complete her. Of course she would marry a exceptional man and give him the children she and he both wanted. Her current man just wasn't the marrying type. They had great sex and he treated her as she demanded, but her children wouldn't be perfect with him as their father.

He was good for one last night of pleasure. And she was going to enjoy this last time, her mind filling with ideas of what to have him do to her. Her legs parting from just the thought. The slim pencil skirt she had on hugging her thighs. Her office suite was made to her design, like everything else she owned was made with her needs in mind. The master bedroom behind the french doors, had a full bath and all her playthings.

She buzzed his extension, she would play with him for the rest of the day, tomorrow she would find her husband. In two minutes, he walked in her office. Broad shoulder, nice chest and a dick worth riding already starting to bulge. Oh yes this is why she choose him. "On the bed", was all she told him. He stripped off his clothes and obeyed. The length of his erection always got her wet. It stretched to his navel.

She walked into the room and closed the doors. Taking out her favorite leather crop, she ran it up the length of his body from foot to head. Watching as is glided over his firm form. His dick twitching as she came to sensitive spots. She loved that, having him respond to her touch. Running the crop over the head of his dick, brought the pre cum she loved to have fill her mouth. "Mmmmmm" she moaned "good boy."

She returned to the foot of the bed and wiggled out of the skirt and peeled off the silk blouse. Standing only in her four inch heels, lace thigh stockings, sexy strapless bra and panties so small there was no real reason to wear them, she straddled her prey. Her long nails following his legs to what she wanted. Her nails getting the same reaction as the crop, when she dragging them from the base to the head.

Her lush full lips taking the head inside, her warm greedy mouth. His hips bucked as she enjoyed the full length of him down her throat.
Feeling him throb was turning her on, her pussy so wet and ready for that dick to start pounding into her. She ordered him up and took his place on the bed. She opened her legs, knees up, heels digging into the bed. "Lick" she ordered. He was great at obeying.

His mouth, tongue, nose and fingers worked that pussy as he was taught to. Licking at her clit, sucking it to its full erect position. Her hips followed as he worked her over. Making her need grow. It showed in how hard her perfect nipples were.

After releasing the first of many orgasms, she said one word, "IN". He took his position and placed one of her legs over his shoulder, he thrust his engorged dick deep inside her. Her silky walls stroked him from the tip to the base as he pushed in and glided out. Working her just the way she wanted him to, damn he was trained well.

Taking him in was so easy, he know what she wanted and did not mind giving it to her. She loved the way he felt deep in her, she got lost in the rush. On que he lifted the other leg raising her ass off the bed, which forced his dick in to the base. Her moan came from deep in her throat, she arched her back, her hands squeezing her nipples. He thrust in her a few more times and changed positions again.

This one he was built for, bring her up off the bed both her legs laying against his chest. There was nothing to stop that thick dick from stretching her pussy wide. You could see from the look in his eye, this was his favorite position. He had control, she would have hated it but it felt too damn good. He continued to fuck her, making the second orgasm flow down his dick. The pleasure was in her face. He put her back on the bed, withdraw his throbbing sex and lick the cum from her. Rubbing her clit as he did.

His dick didn't seem to waver in its thickness, it wanted more. And she was going to give it to him. "Come here", she ordered. His massive pecs making her forget her plans for the time being.
She let go of all thoughts and gave in to the lust. "Lick my ass", her demand was followed. His fleshy tongue forcing open that tight little hole. He moaned at the taste of her. Pulling her closer to his mouth to get more of his tongue in. It opened to allow more of him in. She enjoyed it a bit longer and then commanded "In side". He stroked his cock readying it for its next job.

Placing his knees on the end of the bed, grabbing her ankles. He positioned her living toy at the hole he was just eating. "Now", she said. In it went deep in her ass, staying for a moment. Then gliding as it always had. Rubbing her in the places only a long thick dick can. Her loving that penis, squeezing her ass to milk it of cum. What else she enjoyed about her toy was he did know how to last. Could cum on the moment she wanted to be bathed in his warm creamy seed. His thighs like pistons, running till she didn't need them to. His strong arms, chest, abs, everything was firm and oiled. A fine ass man. The perfect arm candy.

The force of his pumping grew stronger, his climax sure to follow. "Not now" she yelled as he kept the movement going. He did as she commanded a held him release, fucking her till she allowed him to cum. When she finally did allow him to release his huge load all over her , he was still hard from the strain. "Bath me", he rose and lifted her from the bed. Carrying her into a bathroom only someone like her would have. Lavish gold and lavender tones covered the walls, towels, floors, flowers, candles and marble tub.

He placed her gingerly on the ivory chaise lounge. Starting the bath he added the salts and oils to the water at the temperature she wanted. Returning to her, he gently wrapped his arms around her showing how he cared for his queen. Walking her to the tub and dipping her feet in first. Allowing her to sink into the scented water. Loving the sight of her body being caressed by the water. He allowed her head to be supported by the cushion and began massaging her shoulders. Pampering her perfectly formed 42D breasts.

He payed attention to ever inch of her. As she was washed and massaged her nipples grew hard. Her lust rising as he did his job. His mistress was enjoying his touch. He wanted to insert his fingers in and have her cum in his hand. Watch as her body moved to his hands movements until she couldn't take anymore. His hand rubbing her thigh, seeing the sex he wanted in. Her legs parting even for giving him the access, but not the permission.

His cock was throbbing, he so wanted in her. Squeezing her thigh, waiting for his command. She loved doing this. He wanted to fuck her and she wanted it to but having him wait for it was one of her favorite controls. Her core was pulsing for his long thick fingers. She arched her back allowing her breast to breech the water. His large palm running over the firm hardened nipples. She was going to given him the command soon. He caught the scent of his arousal and his touch became rougher.

"I know what you want" she purred. "Take it". With that his fingers entered her. Both moans filled the room. Two fingers then three. God he was making sure she felt this. Adding the fourth gave her the same pleasure as her dildo. He worked her clit with his thumb, pumping in deep with his fingers. Water splashing as her body thrashed about. The swollen head of his dick was oozing a thick clear flow.

His fingers covered with all her warm thick glistening juices. The waves of her release were drawing his fingers deeper in. He was going to take this chance and make sure she remembered it. Moving his thumb quickly back and forth driving her lust higher. positioning the thumb next to the other fingers he forced them inside. A scream came from his mistress's mouth, bringing a grin to his.

She reached for his wrist. She had no chance of taking his hand out of her overly stretched cunt. The thrusts began, his hand gliding out and back in. Ava's head falling back from the pain and the pleasure. He had her. And they both knew it. She was going to have to punish him for this. But now she just took everything he gave. The first cum was strong and rocked more water from the tub. Having to grab the brass rail as the second hit was not what she was used to.

When his dick released its load he was feeling the control and ecstasy she usually saved for herself. Taking his fist from her pussy, drew a gasp from her again. After a few moments she could focus and gave her sub a look that was nothing short of seething. He bowed his head returning to his place. "You will pay" she spoke grasping the rail again to regain her legs composure. He came to her, holding the bath sheet out to collect her in the soft folds of it.

Dabbing at the wetness he dried her. She slipped her feet into a pair of patent leather studded slippers. Walking from the bath into the suite and opening the door to the closet. As the lights glowed to life, she entered her skin still a bit dew covered. Power,Punishing those were the words she heard as she picked a latex dress that left nothing to the imagination.

Returning from the closet. Her sub was in his position. Head down, kneeling on one knee fists planted on the floor. She was going to work him over for what he did to her. Even if he did make her cum like no one else. He needed to be put back in his place. And she would take her time doing it.

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