What a fuckation
The hotel where I normally stay during my vacation had messed up my reservation badly. They weren't expecting me for another 2 days. Needless to say , I was disappointed.

Not only due to the fact that I wouldn't be able to lay eyes on the beautiful Elsa who at 20 something was a bit younger than myself. I would undress her slowly with my eyes and fuck her so hard in my imagination. I was light years away from home. There was no option but to find alternative accommodation.

The lovely Elsa said in her soft , sultry voice : "Please try at the Royal Hotel , I have made some arrangements already , but you can extend your stay if you want to."

I had a drink at the bar and headed over to the Royal Hotel. Not expecting too much , except a temporary stay. As I walked through the lobby I saw a woman that caught my eye. She had a serious , business-like demeanor , but attractive nonetheless.

The receptionist had me sign in and gave me the directions to my room. I was feeling a bit hungry and decided I would have to make run to the restaurant if I wanted to catch them in time.

Having dropped my belongings in the room , I had to make haste to the 3rd Floor for dinner. The elevator doors opened and the lady from the lobby was inside. She backed away slightly and a fantastic smile made a quick appearance and vanished nearly as fast. I greeted and got inside. As we made the ascent up the 2 storys I felt her breast softly touching the back of my arm , so firm for a woman I suspected was in her 50's.

The doors opened and I moved aside for the woman to exit. Again there was the slight brush of her breast , but this time against my side , and a bit harder than before. I sprung an erection immediately and to my surprise , I blushed! How silly of me.

I watched her walk towards the restaurant , so elegantly and gracefully. It seemed as if she was floating. Mesmerized by her movements , the elevator doors nearly closed before I got out. Softly cursing myself for my behavior , I followed in her direction.

The restaurant was wonderfully decorated and looking very stylish indeed. The Maitre'D showed me to a table which was also reserved for me - wonderful Elsa thought of everything. I sat and had a look at the menu. I ordered and felt I could start relaxing and enjoy my vacation.

A man was talking quite loudly to my left , at tables where more suits sat. Clearly a bit too much under the influence , he appeared to be quite important , as everyone laughed at all his silly comments.

"Sir , a bottle of our finest with compliments." The waiter put a bottle of wine at my table. "Sorry , I didn't order any wine?" The waiter replied : "It is from the lady at table 69." I looked around , the waiter pointed to the opposite side of the room. "It is not he correct table number , but she insisted I tell you that."

The woman kept popping up everywhere. I lifted my glass in a gesture of thanks and she nodded , the same magnificent smile , this time lingered substantially longer.

I moved to a different seat at the table , wanting to view my mystery lady from a better angle. The loud man flopped down on a chair beside her. This must be her husband. They exchanged a few words and he stood up again , resuming his place at his friends' sides.

Every time I looked up , she would be looking at me. Each time I tried steal a glance , she would have her eyes fixed on me. I was so aroused by this. The restaurant had started to empty. Only a few patrons left , and my dinner was nearly finished as well.

My eye caught her undoing her jacket , I wondered what she was up to. She scanned the restaurant from side to side. She opened her jacket and I could see the breasts that gave me such a hard-on earlier. Wow!

The husband wobbled his way over to her table as I was finishing dessert. He collected his jacket and exited the restaurant alone. As I put the spoon down and looked up , it seemed she had also left. What a disappointment.

"Are you done here?" I nearly tipped the bowl. She hat already sat down next to me , unnoticed. "Yes I am , thank you for the great wine"

"My name is Helen and it's only a pleasure." She put a hand on my leg underneath the table. "What about your husband?" I asked. "He has retired for the night. Are you tired?"

"Absolutely not. What do you have in mind?" With this I put a hand on her leg as well. "I would like to go to bed now." she replied , "but definitely not to sleep..."

We both left the restaurant , but not together , so no suspicions would arise. I walked into my room and realized I never gave her my room number. How stupid , utterly stupid.

There was a soft knock at the door , I opened immediately. Helen walked in and closed the door behind her. I never thought a woman of her age could be so desirable for a man of 37.

She started kissing my neck and I had my hands on her hips. "You have fantastic breasts Helen" I muttered. "Oh yes , I saw they gave you a mighty hard-on earlier! I looked."

This just sent me into the same frenzy again. I stripped her in a matter of seconds. She returned the favor. We were lying on the bed , my cock in her mouth , my tongue caressing her clit. She moaned every time I sucked on her pussy as I played with her clitoris.

I heard a door open. Still working my tongue in her pussy , I felt her mouth leave my cock. I felt a mouth on my cock immediately , but it felt cooler than hers did seconds ago.

I looked up from my position and saw Elsa lying naked on the bed with us , sitting on Helen's face , sucking on my cock. What the fuck was going on here? I didn't care. I wanted this.

"Come , lets change positions" I heard Elsa's voice. Helen took my cock in her mouth and Elsa opened her wet pussy to me. How long had I desired this?

As the night went on , we sucked and fucked. All the positions I knew , and quite a few I never knew! After quite some time , we all lay on the bed , still fondling each other gently.

"Ladies , what exactly happened tonight?" I had to ask. "Helen is a fuck buddy of mine" Elsa replied. "Having seen the way you look at me each year , we decided we would like to fuck you together if she wanted to."

Helen said : "Once I saw you walk into the lobby , I wanted to fuck you right then and there." This gave me a new burst of libido. We all fucked again , just as hard a before.

Due to the situation , I decided to extend my stay at the Royal for the full 3 week vacation. We had the most amazing sex every night with these 2 special ladies.
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