What is Fantasy? Or Fantasy vs. Reality
The thoughts, musings and rants of a confused woman just trying to find her way!

What is fantasy? Definition by Is... Imagination extravagant and unrestrained. A mental image when unreal or fantastic. A vision. Pyschology: An imagined or conjured up sequence fulfilling a psychological need.

I have heard comments on this site that this is really not the place for love or poetry and I have told many that I feel True Love is more the fantasy than sex.

So you tell me dear friends. Is sex or love the greater fantasy?

I think that the writing of True Love is more fantasy than writing of sex. We can have sex when ever, where ever, with whomever, however we chose, with as many as we chose. Can we say the same of love? Can we say that love is even remotely possible? No, I don't think so! So I ask you again which is really the fantasy?

There are a few who know me. I have no interests in having sex in groups, multiple partners (hmmm well I have to admit to my fantasy of two lovers at one time always a woman and a man) I don't want to fuck my relatives or them me. I don't wish to fuck farm animals or even domestic and no I am not into children either.

My idea of fantasy is to have a very loving relationship with someone that I love and someone that loves me. Loving and making love to each other in every way possible. With no restrictions of just making love but having wild animal lust sex as well. Here is where the fantasy comes in at...I don't want others in that relationship. I am very monogamous by nature. I want my lover to feel and know he is the only man that I want in my bed and between my legs, fucking, sucking and making love to me. In turn I want that same feeling. I don't want to feel or know that he is saying the same things to me that he says to other women. I want, need and have to know that his cock is clean and that his lips and mouth does not smell of another woman's cunt. I want and need and demand that I am the only woman he wants. I want to be special and I want him to be and feel special. I don't want to feel like I am inadequate and that I cannot fulfill his needs. I want to satisfy my lover and I want him to satisfy me without the need for others. Is that too much to ask? I think maybe it is! That is I think the fantasy part...the unrealistic part of my wants and needs. That is why I have not taken a lover.

I honestly never came to this site looking for that special someone. After all Velvet is the hottest erotic and fantasy site. I came here for the Free Erotic Stories. To enhance my sex life or what there was of one. People come here for various reasons to fill various empty places in their lives or to make them a little bit hotter or better. I found what I was looking for and oh so much more. I have made great friends here. I thank you always for being here for me when I needed you so much. You picked me up, dusted me off and kissed my boo boos and sent me on my way. I have made and lost a few a few friends too. I miss them very much. I have had hot conversations with a few and I want to thank them too. You were there for me and for that need when we both needed it. I found feelings here for people that I never ever intended to have.

The fact is I found that often the lines of fantasy and reality are blurred. I think some people have a better handle on that than I do. For me fantasy easily slips into reality, when my heart becomes engaged. For others the heart matters not and all of it is fantasy. I think that perhaps they have a healthier vision and view on the whole thing than I do.

Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass...It's about learning how to dance in the rain!

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