When Life Hands You A Lemon
I quietly walked into the house through the garage and found Paula standing at the kitchen island, mixing lemonade. The rhythmic sound of ice clanking against the glass pitcher was sensuous, especially when I was close enough that I could see her hand stirring in a clockwise direction, the cubes moving like a miniature avalanche through a lake of yellowish liquid. Her metal spoon periodically tapped the glass creating a percussion section to the stirred symphony that held me momentarily spellbound.

I watched her fingers as they gripped the curved ladle, her hand moved smoothly as she suddenly reversed direction and now her counterclockwise direction caused a temporary collision of the ice cubes, the liquid sloshed and again the metal spoon tapped the edge of the glass pitcher. She made the making of lemonade sensuous.

I removed my shoes to keep quiet, and then I removed my shirt, my pants and my boxer shorts so I was standing just out of site, naked...totally naked...and ready.

As Paula continued to stir the lemonade, I snuck up behind her and softly grabbed her hair and gathered it into my hands. I could tell from her response that she had closed her eyes and was immediately enjoying my gentle pulling and twisting of her hair. I pulled tenderly, forcing her head to tilt back then I pulled her close to me so she could feel my naked body behind her. My erect cock pushed against her, hard and already throbbing and weeping slippery pre cum over the domed head and down onto the shaft.

I whispered to Paula, asking her to go into the bedroom undress and lay face down on the bed for me. She did and then she called me in when she was ready for me. I went in, lit a couple of incense candles, dimmed the lights a bit to create the mood and started very slowly applying cocoa oil and massaging her neck. She had a sheet draped over her and the outline of her body was driving me crazy.

Her body was stiff and tense with anticipation; I slowly relaxed her with small sensuous strokes and tenderly slid the sheet down to the small of her back and asked her if she would prefer Lavender Oil instead. She had relaxed a bit by now and said "That's Fine".

I then switched to Lavender Oil and smoothed it into Paula's supple skin, beautiful and smooth as silk. A mere drop on her pussy lips and they were smooth like the finest silk.

I started working on her bottom, wonderfully round, pert and blemish free. I took some oil and poured it in the crack of her bottom, the oil trickling down to her pussy lips, pink and moist before the oil reached them, even wetter now.

She shivered as the warm oil ran down between her cheeks; little goose bumps appeared on her lower back as I continued massaging. Once in a while my hand darted into the crack of her bottom massaging her but stopping just short of her pussy lips. I could now see her pussy trembling with readiness and anticipation.

I then parted her legs and continued massaging the inside of her thighs and continued downwards all the way to her toes.

She sighed and said "that's heavenly please don't stop."

I didn't intend to.

I slowly made my way up her thighs once again up to the point where my fingers were massaging and tantalizing close to her pussy. I could now see her pussy juices trickling down onto the bed. I said "Turn over" with a light pat on her bottom.

She turned over and my eyes drank in her beauty. Twin peaks of ecstasy with luscious rosy pink tips, flowing into a nicely formed navel down to her cute little curls leading to the valley of pleasure. Everything was firm and just right. This is going to be fun, I told myself as I started to work on her chest.

I trickled some oil in between her breasts and started to massage them, taking care not to touch the breast itself but around it. She closed her eyes and her breath started coming in short sharp breaths.

I drew lazy circles around them with the palms of my hands, marveling at their firmness and texture. Needless to say my cock was throbbing. As I was kneeling in front of her, she could see the massive bulge and that added to all the excitement.

My hands traveled down to her stomach as I poured some oil onto her belly and she gasped. I then inserted a finger into her pussy and kept squishing the oil in and out gently. She clutched my thigh and a slight moan escaped her lips. As I kept doing her belly, she started to stroke my cock, coming wonderfully close to making me cum already. She had a sly smile on her face that told me she was feeling good.

I then started to get into a 69 position and moved my thighs so she could stroke my cock while I laid down and massaged her legs, taking time to do her inner thighs with long lingering strokes. Her pussy was pulsating and she suddenly said "I want you to fuck me."
She said, "well there are some parts of my body which you have grossly neglected" I said "no they are special and I always save the best for last"

Since that was explained, both of us knew, we always did really, what was coming up next on the menu. I continued massaging her until she couldn't stand it any longer. She took my hand and laid it directly on her very wet pussy.

No words were spoken, no words were needed, and both of us knew exactly what she wanted. I started to massage her pussy with the base of my hand, pouring a little more oil. Her pussy was now slippery with oil and her juices; I then parted the lips and slowly started a wavy line along the inside of her lips with my fingers. She was now on fire; she was moaning in low guttural sounds and after sometime started bucking. I changed the tempo ever so frequently, fast to slow to fast and so on. She was on fire.

All of a sudden I increased the speed and she matched it by bucking her pelvis violently against my hand. I increased the tempo and just as I sensed the wave of her orgasm was building to a crescendo, I swooped onto her left breast and took her rosy pink nipple into my mouth as I continued to rub her with my hand. As her hips moved faster I moved down, sucking her pussy into my mouth, my tongue going
crazy, racing up and down the length of her pussy lips, then circling around her clit.

"Oh Honey, suck me! I love it when you suck my pussy! Eat me Baby, I'm so fucking close! Make me cum Baby...Oh FUCK! Make me cum Honey!"

I kept sucking and licking Paula's pussy, playing with her moist inner lips with my finger as I sucked her. I could sense how close she was and I know she was going to cum hard.

"OOOOOOOHHHHHH FUCK! John, suck me! Make me cum honey! eat me baby! ohhhhh jeeeezz!!! fuck me with your mouth! oh fuck! honey! i-i-i am fucking cummimggggg! suck me! give me your tongue baby!!! ohhhh i am cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmming!! fuuck!!
i am fuckinggggg cummmmmmmming!!!! ooooohhhhhhhhhh!!!

She came like there was no tomorrow, in wave after wave. She gripped my thigh while I continued to suck her pussy until she begged me to stop. I then lay down with my head on her thighs, savoring the after effect of the orgasm with my eyes, my hands caressing her body.

She was languid now, utterly relaxed and said "Thank you that was fantastic. I wish this would go on for pussy fills so good!"

"What feels good?"

"My FUCKING PUSSY feels so fucking good!"

She got up and said "It's my turn now."

She asked me to lie face down.

She then straddled me, sitting on my thighs and poured some oil on my back. She was great when it came to rubbing me...hands moving in every conceivable direction and I was waiting to see how this was going to turn out.

She rubbed rather than massaged my back rather hurriedly and then moved down to my bottom. Here she slowed down her pace and took her time rubbing it, stroking it, squeezing it. She then got up and sat to my side, spread my legs, then my cheeks and poured oil right on my balls. The sensation of her touch made my cock even harder in anticipation.

She then reached down and cupped my balls and continued to massage them gently for a very long time...just my balls... I was waiting for her to stroke my shaft but she was content in just paying attention and a lot of it...just to my balls.

It was heavenly and i savored the feeling and sensation, she then abruptly left them and quickly rubbed the rest of my legs and said, "Turn Over."

I couldn't agree with her more. My cock was so hard by that time I thought it would explode. When I turned over, she smiled. Paula just said "Very nice" and straddled me again on my thighs. She spent some time on my chest. Playing with my nipples and then made lazy circles on my stomach all the time her eyes never leaving my cock. Every time she did something to excite me, my cock twitched and that is what kept her eyes fixated on Winky the whole time. She seemed fascinated by the power in her to make it twitch at will.

She then came tantalizingly close to holding it, but much to my dismay, overlooked it and started rubbing my thighs and legs. Her elbow brushed against my cock many times and that sensation was amazing. She would linger every time her elbow brushed, but never did she once hold it. I was going crazy and the twitching was ever present. She just smiled and licked her lips reveling in her new found power to make my cock twitch. The pre cum on his head was excessive now as Paula touched all around but never directly on my cock. She knew she was driving me fucking nuts.

She then abruptly got up and said "Massage over." Disappointed as I was I just lay there and said "thanks." Just as I was about to get up... she pushed me back down and said. "Oh wait, there is one important area I have overlooked."

"What a fucking cock teaser you are!" I said, watching her every move.

"There is the one area that I overlooked."

Lying back on the bed and I waited as she poured oil on my groin in a slow trickle, she then massaged all the area around my cock. Once again she paid special attention to my balls.

My shaft was crying for attention, she knew it too and while she was fondling my balls she was blowing her warm breath on my shaft.


"Fuck!" I moaned. "Oh Paula...Suck me Honey!"

She then sucked on my head and the underside of my shaft, her fingers never leaving my balls.

She then swooped onto my balls and sucked and licked them with gusto. I now knew why she had saved the best for last and hence hadn't applied oil to my shaft.

She continued to suck my cock for over 20 minutes and every time she sensed I was about to cum, quickly squeezed the base of my shaft, to let my ejaculation subside.

I could control it no longer and told her I was cumming. She stood up and took all of my cum on her tits. She then rubbed it into her chest and once again swooped down and engulfed my cock to suck out the remnants and clean it up.

She then lay down beside me continuing to stroke my cock, hoping for an encore.

After a while, we got up and went to the bathroom to shower.

We soaped each other lazily, taking special attention to areas of great interest. I felt her hands, both of them, slide along the length of my cock as she mixed the lather of soap with my pre cum. At the same time I stroked her pussy and with my finger I found her clit, still swollen and ready.

All that soaping and rubbing under the shower made us horny again.

I grabbed Paula under the shower and raised her, positioning her juicy pussy directly above my rock hard cock.

She said wait and quickly dropped down to her knees, the shower beating on both of us.

She licked my cock and softly caressed my balls. She sucked the tip of my cock, her hands tracing patterns up and down my thighs. She sucked me deeper into her mouth and cupped my balls, feeling them tighten up a little.

She slid me deeper down her throat, swallowed a little and rolled her tongue all around my head, sliding my shaft back out to lick the tip. Teasing the tip with her tongue and working the head with her lips. I was beginning to make soft moaning sounds as she became a little more aggressive with the blow job, adding a little hand work but never letting go with her mouth. Swallowing me down again, she reached for the base of my cock with one hand and rubbed circles around my balls with the other. In and out, up and down I began moving side to side, my hands found her hair and pushed her head down to the rhythm we had going.

She reached up for my nipples her tits bouncing against my thighs and balls. I put my hands on her tits and traced circles around her nipples.

As she went down again, she used her hands and on the way back up, used her tongue tracing around my big cock and let it flick the tip of my head before plunging back down. She held there for a moment working my full length in her throat with swallowing and licking action.

My hands pulled at her hair moaning out a deep, "Oohhh Paula! I'm gonna cum!" and as I tried to pull her off, she held on to my hips and swallowed, rocking me in and out a little as I emptied my cum into her mouth. My balls loosened and she massaged my cock vigorously.

Drained and happy as I was, I lifted her right up, until her pussy was in line with my mouth and her legs spread on my shoulders.

"Now your pussy needs some attention...and Baby, she is going to get it." Paula squealed in delight as I positioned myself so that the shower also beat down on her pussy while I went to work on her.

I got between her legs and her pussy smelled so fucking good. I buried my tongue in her sweet pussy, making her moan loudly. She told me I was such a good pussy eater and begged me to make her cum in my mouth so she could see how much I loved her, and reiterated how I was her special pussy lapper now.

I was so fucking hot from Paula's voice; I was eating her hot pussy and I could not get enough. I hungered for her sweet pussy. I made her hips buck off my shoulders many times as she poured the most delicious cum in the world into my waiting mouth.

Making her pussy so hot that her pussy juice was running out of it all over my hand, I lowered her across my arms like a baby and spread her legs out. I then started out with one finger in her pussy and was finger fucking her brains out, while at the same time she had two fingers buried in mouth, finger fucking my mouth while I was finger fucking her.

My poor brain exploded from all of that sensory input, cum was pouring out of her pussy. I was in a place I had never been before and I couldn't even talk, all I could do was make animal sex noises. I was now talking to her while finger fucking her hot hole, telling her what a delicious pussy she had, how I was born to fuck her. Paula told me I was the best pussy kisser she ever had, and I told her how beautiful she looked with my fingers up her pussy, making her even hotter than she was. I made her beg, I made her plead, I made her scream, she was so happy to be in her fuck heaven that she just kept cumming and cumming until she nearly passed out from the sheer pleasure.

When she was aware of what was happening around her again, she pulled my fingers out of her pussy and let me lick her clean, her pussy juices intermingling with our faces.

Tired, happy and squeaky clean we made our way to the bed and lay down in each others arms, drifting into soundless and contented sleep.

Paula woke up, rolled over on me and straddled my body, her elbows digging into my chest as she looked deep into my eyes.

She kissed me, little nibbles on my chest, urging me to wake up and is delighted that I am stirring in more ways than one. Having cum twice, my balls are aching in delight. Never have I known such willingness, in such a short period of time to slip into her warm, moist pussy again.

I grab her face and kiss her, slowly at first savoring the sweetness of her lips and then with such force and passion that it takes her breath away. My tongue parts her lips and searches for her tongue, finding it I start sucking on it. After a short time we switch and she is now chasing my tongue around my mouth and finding it start sucking strongly on my tongue. After a long and passionate kiss, our tongues sucking on each other, we break away for air, She gasps as I break away and start trailing a line of hot kisses around her ear and down towards the crook of her neck.

I continue my downward descent towards her breasts, her nipples pointing skywards in anticipation. I pay attention to one, then the other in quick succession, alternating my flicking tongue between one engorged nipple and the other. She moans in ecstasy and suddenly flips over to form a 69 position. I look at her very moist and swollen pussy with glee as she engulfs my hard and swollen shaft with equal enthusiasm.

I hold her round bottom in my hands as my thumb slowly rolls down to her puckered hole and down beyond her labia, they part as my tongue enters her pussy, wetting the vicinity and finally across her clit. I repeat the action in the opposite direction. Then I lower my face and begin to kiss her opening, sucking her swollen clit and with slow purposeful motion running the flat of my tongue across her opening starting from the clit and ending with full tongue penetration. Her legs open wider, my thumbs pulling apart the soft insides of her legs to reveal her pink pussy. My tongue explores deeply into her, alternatively teasing her clit with my tongue while I slowly enter my middle finger into her hot wet pussy.

With slow even movements I gently slide my now wet finger in and out of her pussy, each time thrusting it back in slightly harder and faster than the last, in no time at all I hear what I have been waiting for.....her begging for my hard cock to slide into her.

She in the meantime has paid an equal amount of effort to my swollen cock, which is now rock hard and glistening with her saliva, very reluctantly she lets it out of her mouth with a loud plop as I quickly turn over and raise her legs above my shoulders. Lifting her legs high in the air and parting them wide so as to bury myself deep and full into her moist pussy.

I match her rhythm and we are both soon lost to a primitive desire, knowing only we can satisfy each other fully, I arch my back as she digs her nails into my back. I repay her by biting her shoulder and nipping her earlobes

All the time I am whispering dirty lil nothings in her ear.

I continue varying my strokes, bringing her to the edge of ecstasy and then letting her down before I bring her back to the brink again. Just as she is about to cum, I pop out.

She has a confused expression on her face, but I flip my cock onto her clit rapidly and once Paula's pussy is moving rhythmically again I ram my swollen shaft into her. As my shaft bumps against her pussy I fuck her hard and fast, deep and without stopping. I feel Paula's pussy sliding up the shaft of my throbbing cock until her pussy drowns my shaft in a sea of cum. She jerks violently several times and then comes to a halt. As Paula lays still I am almost ready to cum and just as my cum is ready to blast out so I take my cock in my hand and with a final few strokes I suddenly explode in spastic shots onto her curls, onto her pussy lips and onto her belly.

Once I have cum with passionate resolve, I collapse on Paula's beautiful body and I can feel my cum between us as I lift slightly and her tiny hand moves in a circular motion and my cum is spread on her belly and onto the lips of her delicious pussy.

I ask Paula to put on a show for me and she is happy to oblige. As I sit on the edge of the tub stroking my cock, watching her play with her pussy I hold back from cumming. She is on her back in the tub and as she finishes up, she reaches out and takes my cock in her hand, stroking slowly, squeezing tightly.

As Paula stepped out of the tub, her body glistened as the water droplets ran down her body to the tile floor. Her nipples were taut with excitement from all the attention given to them earlier. The smile on her lips made her beautiful looks glow even brighter. She reached for the towel to begin her routine. She felt the water run from her long locks, down her chest, across her breasts and jump from her nipples as she leaned over to pick up the towel. The position made her think of bending over in front of me to tease me with the view of her firm body, toned legs and swollen lips. Lips that feel like heaven when they are this swollen and recently fucked, parted by my hard cock. The smile on her lips grew even bigger knowing how she teased. An almost imperceptible little laugh escaped from her naughty side as she held that position a little longer than necessary. Oh fuck, does Paula know how to tease!

The plush towel felt good as it absorbed the water from her face. Her taut nipples were too sensitive even for this soft, plush towel. She looked down to see how swollen and slightly red they looked as the setting sun filtered through the bathroom window. Paula realized she forgot to close the window again and probably gave the neighbors a bath scene worthy of a high-end men's magazine. Oh well, what's one more show for the neighbors. They haven't complained so far. The post-bath routine continued as she reached for her body lotion. The top open, her hand cupped to catch the scented lotion that was to fill her lover's mind for days. The cool lotion was delightful as she spread it across her body. The ripple of cool lotion ran from her arms and chest where it was first applied and then to her breasts and nipples sending electric waves to her tips as they progressed along the irresistible path of aching torment. She wanted them to be rubbed more. Feeling them swell even more, she knew they needed to be touched, caressed, squeezed, pulled...they needed to be held firmly. She decided her tits needed more and exchanged the lotion for massage oil.

The top to the strawberry massage oil slid off easily, just as it did the night before. She again cupped her hand but this time instead of a dab of lotion, a handful of massage oil was poured for use. Quickly, she shared the oil between both hands followed by her perky breasts and needy nipples. The oil was generously spread across both breasts as some escaped and ran down her taut belly to create a slippery trail all the way to her vulva. It felt so good as it slid lower to the center of her desire, streaming fluidly to her pulsating clit. Her head rolled back slightly as she squeezed them to work the massage oil into her beautiful breasts making them shine in the dim light that filtered through the bathroom window. She looked down to see how the glow from the candles all around the bathroom created dozens of sparkling suns that glittered in the oil on her body. She could almost feel as many eyes upon her as the heat inside her grew stronger and her rosy pink nipples ached for more. Another handful of oil poured out as she put her right leg up on the side of the antique white claw foot tub.

John watched quietly, as if she did not know he was there. That was part of the game that she would masturbate while he watched and also that he would masturbate while she looked on.

She knew how she looked in this position and was thrilled with how exposed she made herself, feeling even more beautiful as the lustful looks of dozens of magical dancing candlelight eyes' watched her in absolute astonishment. Both hands slid down her right leg as she snuck a peek to make sure John was watching...and of course he was. Her hands were covered in too much massage oil as the oil oozed between her fingers as they spread the oil across the front and inside of her thigh. With her hands sliding lower on her leg she fought against the will to slip her fingers quickly inside her. Her hands seemed to have their own will as they neared her knee and retreated up her inner thigh toward her very swollen labia. She squeezed the outside of her labia with one hand while a tip from one finger of the other hand slipped in. Greedily her lips opened to welcome the blue water dancer, her well-known friend, as her pussy released a flow of delicious juices, almost as if to make a velvety carpet of juicy invitations.

This time the moan from her lips was very noticeable and even primal in its pure desire. Paula's nipples seemed to grow still harder as she squeezed them as she had done so many times before to bring her blissfully erotic pleasures. The feelings overcame her sense of reality as her finger slipped inside, also welcomed by the velvety carpet. Another wave of desire peaked and weakened her knees to force her down in a straddled position on the side of the tub with one foot on the floor and the other in the still warm bath.

She knew there was no turning back now as her fingers picked up speed and the velvety carpet became a sea of carnal need. She no longer thought of or even cared how she looked as she only focused on the sexual needs she felt. Each time her fingers slid deep, her palm pressed on her hood and increasingly pronounced clit. She felt waves of electricity resonate from her slippery pussy and sensitive clit all the way to the tips of her hard nipples; a journey that made her less and less aware of all those eyes mesmerized by her openly sexual actions. Her mind melted and as the focus intensified on her needs. Deeper! Faster! She continued to pick up the pace. Faster still!

The pressure on her nipples started to reach the critical point as her fingers opened her even more while the sea of her juices mixed with the oil to run along the edge of the tub almost as if reaching toward the setting sun and distant horizon out the open window. Her moans began to fill the room as the combined scents of strawberry and sex spread with her flow. Her head was spinning. Wave after wave of pleasure filled her and hit the primal needs like jolts of electricity to her now swollen clit and hungry pussy. Pushing deeper until she couldn't take it she held her palm against her clit as she ground her pussy hard against her palm, the same as if she was straddling John again. The memory of feeling him inside her pushed her over the edge as her velvety juices flowed out along her fingers, just like with him such a short time ago.

She held still so that her senses could be filled to completely take it all in. A smile began to return to her lips as she became very aware of only the one set of eyes on her. The one set she wanted to truly enjoy her show. Yes, she knows how to tease and she certainly knows how to please in so many ways. Complete thoughts returned to her mind and this time they brought with them still new uses for the massage oil.

The warmth she felt on her nipples was not massage oil. Paula opened her eyes just in time to see another hot stream of cum shooting her way and landing on her breasts. She felt the thick, warm liquid oozing down her rounded breasts as she reached out to take John's cock in her hand and smoothed his residual cum alongside the shaft. His eyes were closed but he did not need to see what Paula was doing as her warm mouth slid onto the moistened head of his cock, then beyond the ridge and finally all the way down his shaft until her lips kissed against his balls.
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