When it all began for me
For some reason I grew up with a vivid interest in sex, as it probably was one thing never shown or discussed during my childhood. I enjoyed playing with my tiny penis, and my butt. As I grew up, and spent some time with my cousins (all males) :( at their homes during sleepovers, some of the older teens cousins would share their bed with me, and fondle me at nights. I enjoyed the sensations these pettings gave me. I noticed sometimes the guy's penis would be sticky at times, and occasionally, one or the other would vigorously jerk on their penis, and go into spasms, as thick white stuff came out.

Some years later, as I entered into my teen years, I became more aware of girls and of course, myself, as I began to mature. I had just turned 18 in the summer of 1978 when we were visiting my dad's aunt, when her son, about 35 years old, came into the bedroom where I was reading a book that I had found written by Oral Roberts, back when he was having visions to build the infamous tower of prayer at the Oral Roberts University in Tulsa OK, by a 900 foot Jesus. He sat by me, and began touching me on my bare legs, as I had on cut-off jean shorts. He told me of his new boat and asked me to come home with him and go fishing, all the while, he was caressing my thigh, and on the outside my shorts at my crotch. I loved to fish, so I jumped up and asked my mother if I could go.

Little did I know what his real intent was at the time, but I was to find out all too soon. At his home that night, it came up a thunderstorm and I was disappointed that we couldn't go night fishing as we had planned. Charles fixed up a pallet on the living room floor as the storm raged outside, and the home was plunged into darkness, as power failed. He wanted to go to bed early, as there was nothing else we could do in the dark, so he had me to undress, while he stripped too.

I wanted my pajamas, and he told me my undershorts were fine, as he don't have pajamas. He laid by me on the pallet, and the now familiar fondling began again with my penis, as he eased my shorts off. Soon he took my penis into his mouth, and began to suck on it! I was amused and wondered what would happen if I peed....

I awoke the next morning nude, and saw him in his boxers as he prepared breakfast. He had put my clothes in the wash, and had me to take a shower while he finished cooking breakfast, then we'll go fishing! After the shower, I was bored, and found a stack of magazines upside down, so I picked one up, and was fascinated at the cover pic of a woman pulling her panties down, revealing her buttocks.

I noted the title of the magazine, Hustler. I sat down and opened it, and was immediately enchanted by her bare breasts, with it's nipples. A few pages over, I grossed out, as the woman sat with her legs spread, and holding herself open for all the world to see. I thought she had suffered some horrible injury, as I saw her red, moist hole. I asked Charles why had she hurt herself, and he came to look, and began to laugh, really laugh. I didn't know what to make of his reaction to my innocent inquiry.

After some time, he got himself back under control and explained to me that's how all women looks down there, and showed me another one over in the magazine. He also explained how guys put their penis inside their hole and feel good. Oh. I never knew that.

Over the next few days, he would suck on my penis whenever he could, even out in the boat while I fished, and in the evenings and mornings, I looked to my fill of the nudes in Hustler. I never was aware then what he, and I was doing was supposed to be wrong, against the law at the time. He never hurt me, and rather made me feel good, as I looked at the pictures of my first porn. My mother never found out that he did all that to me.

It was later that fall when he came to our home and took me squirrel hunting into the woods behind our home. Soon he had my pants down and sucking me off again, as I scanned the trees overhead for a squirrel to shoot. The end of my penis began to get really ticklish, and hot.

I giggled and tried to pull out, but he squeezed my butt and began to suck more vigorously, until I felt a bit faint, and my penis exploded in his mouth, Hot and cold chills ran up and down my spine and even my scalp crawled as it squirted and squirted into his mouth. He smacked his lips and told me that I was a man now.
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