When sir first meets his pet
She has never done anything like this before , her sister and her cousin have talked her in to a night on the town to drink and to have fun but she did not count on seeing him at the bar when they sent her to get the second round of shots. They both know that when it comes to talking to men or men paying attention to her she blushes really easily and he was looking right at her. After she gets their shots and beer chasers she turns and smiles at him before she makes it back to her sister and cousin.

They keep enjoying their time she laughs it up with her sister and cousin play pool, they are having a blast until she realized that they need more drinks and because she is the only one not playing pool she gets sent to the bar to get them more. When she gets back to the bar she is released that the guy she had seen earlier was gone until she became aware of someone coming up behind her she assumed it was her cousin so she moved her ass back to bump in to her playing like they have all night until she came in contact with what was definitely not her cousin. She turned around realizing that she was going to be deep red with embarrassment from grinding on a perfect stranger, to make her embarrassment even worse it was the guy that had eyes for her the first time she was at the bar.

He leans down to her ear as he pulls her back in to his hips and tells her not to be embarrassed he enjoyed it far more than what she could ever imagine. He tells her to go back to her friends and to enjoy the shots that she just got and that if she wanted some fun to come and find him again. She was fighting a battle of herself conscious she knew that he had to be as old as her dad but she found her self-drawn to the man that could not keep his eyes off of her when she was hang out with her cousin and sister, whenever she would look away from them playing pool she almost always were meet with his green eyes looking back at her.

Unable to fight the urge to see what he wanted she tells them that she will be right back she is going to go to the bathroom and then outside on the patio to get some fresh air. She makes sure to catch his eye as she walked back to the bathroom. When she comes out he is there waiting for her, he takes the two steps that separated them as he runs his hands down her arms to her sides as he cups her ass with both hands and squeezes them. He looks her in the eyes and tells her that he knew she couldn't resist the chance to meet him.

He puts his face in her neck and nibbles and sucks on it she rolls her head to the other side giving him more of her exposed neck to nibble and suck on. He takes one of his hands and slides it down to rub her clit through her jeans as the other hand makes it way up to her breasts so that he can finally get his hands on the DDs he has had his eyes on all night. He starts massaging them and rocking his hand on her clit he can fell her heat through her jeans as she bites her lip to keep from moaning out in pleasure.

He looks her in the face and tells her mm such a delicious treat little pet I was not expecting you when I came here tonight. She moves her hand to start rubbing him through his jeans that he has on she can fell his hard cock straining agents the zipper so she goes to free him. Before she can get too far he grabs her wrist to stop her and asks her when the friends expect her back. She looks over at the table and her sister and cousin haven't noticed she wasn't back yet, they won't notice if I don't go back right away. He pulls her in to the bathroom before locking the door.

She is so excited and wet that she can't hide it he can see it in her eyes she goes to undo his pants and he stops her once again and tells her that she has a choice to make. One we can do this just this one time option two is after the taste of what I can do for you tonight you can meet me tomorrow and see what I can really do, I will let you ponder that while I have my wicked way with you.

He allows her to undo his pants and slip her hand inside his pants so that she can free his cock and stroke him. He undoes her pants and slides his hand down inside rubbing her wet center on her barley there under were, he finds her under were drenched with her aerosol. He knows he is going to take her quickly to show her what he can do and then tomorrow night he will show her his ways.

He pulls down her pants and ripped her thong off, she watches as he takes out a condom and puts it on himself. He pushes her up agents the door and pushes himself in to her tight wet pussy, to test what she will do he takes her nipples with each of his hands at the same time twisting and turning them. He knows when she moans that she is going to be the perfect little pet that he had been looking for.

He then takes her nipples in his mouth as he sucks and nibbles on them as he pushes her up agents the wall he enters her slowly at first. After she grows accustom to his cock he tells her to hold on because it's going to be one wild ride. He begins to increase his pace since he doesn't want to scare her off before she sees what he can really do. When he thinks she is ready he lets loose and starts pounding hard and fast in to her tight pussy.

Pitching one nipple while he takes the other in his mouth biting and sucking on it he licks her nipple before he lets it fall from his mouth and dose the same to the other nipple. He licks and sucks his way up her breasts to her collar bone nipping biting and sucking the whole way before he bites down on her neck and sucks hard.

She moans out in pleasure as he continues his assault on her neck and pussy he brings his hands up and starts to twist and pull on her hard nipples. He slides his hand down her stomach to her cilit as he rubs and pitches on her clit in perfect time with his thrusting. He can tell that she is getting close to Cumming, he leans in and takes her earlobe in his mouth and sucks and nibbles on it. He wipers in her ear don't fight it my little pet if you want more of what I have to offer I will give you a chance.

He is now pounding hard in fast in her tight pussy he reaches up and grabs a hand full of hair before he pulls it opening up her neck more so he can suck and mark her neck. She bites her lip to keep from screaming out in pleasure, he takes her lip in his mouth and sucks and nibbles on it as he pulls her tong in his mouth and sucks on it thrusting his tong in and out of his mouth much like he is doing with his cock in her tight pussy.

He can tell by the way her pussy walls are clamping down and starting to milk his cock that she is close to exploding so he pulls her hair harder and takes her nipple in his mouth as he bites it hard than he does the same to the other sending shock waves all the way to her core. Just when she is about to scream loud for her orgasm he takes her mouth rough and hard taking her scream in his mouth muffling it.

He slams hard in to her pussy slapping her ass with his balls hard and fast before he explodes in to her the condom catching his hot sticky cum. He takes off the condom and helps clean her up and redress her. Before he walks out the door he gives her a list of things to do before she came to meet him for their next playtime.

On the list that he gave her it has three simple things, 1 get tested, 2 get on the pill if she wasn't already, 3 call the number that is on her to get directions on where to meet him after she had done the first two. She can't help but to think that it's a outrageous list and she had no plans to follow through. That night though when she got home and saw the hickeys and bite marks all she could think about was having more fun with him. She had only gotten one thing out of him when she asked him for his name and that was that she could call him sir. She tosses and turns all night thinking about the way he pulled her hair and the way he pounded in to her and she can't help but to be turned on.

A week goes by and she calls the number sir gave her he tells her to meet him at the holiday in in room 169. He has decided that he won't push his luck with telling her what to were just yet till she knows that she can trust him. She knocks on the door and he lets her in, she sits on the bed as he tells her what he wants to do to her. She thinks that he is joking when he tells her that he wants to hand cuff her to the bed and to use floggers, nipple clamps and other toys on her. Until she looked over and saw them sitting on one of the pillows. He tells her that if she wants him to stop all she has to do is use a safe word and he would stop no matter what. She can fell herself get wet with excitement before she says books will be my safe word.

He looks at her and she can see the change in his eyes as he tells her to strip down and kneel by his feet. She doses as she is asked he goes over and grabs the flogger and trails it down her neck to her titties down to her clit before he brings it up and lightly tis her titties with it. She squirms agents the sensation he barks at her not to move before he flogs her again. He knows that he wants to push her to her limits tonight so it's going to be hard and fast. He tells her to get up off her knees, go the bed pet.

She lays on the bed on her back as sir hand cuffs her hands to the head board. He reaches over and grabs the nipple clamps he takes her nipples in his mouth and sucks and nibbles on them to get them hard enough so that he can put the clamps on. She is taken back by the fell of the clamps on her sensitive nipples. She can't help but to arch herself in to the nipple clamps as they send shock waves strait to her pussy. He knows that not only is she not going to last long but seeing a new pet he gets to train he won't last long once he gets in side that sweet pussy of hers.

He grabs the flogger and trails it up and down her sweet body as he runs the feathers down one leg and up the other. When he comes to her center he flicks the flogger agents her clit sending shock waves through her body as she moans out loud. He flicks the flogger agents her clit two more times she is moaning and begging for him to stop.

He looks at her and ask her if she need to use her safe word. Her only reply was to shake her head no when she is able to find her words she tells him that she needs to cum that its very over whelming; he looks at her and says don't forget your safe word I am going to push you to your limits until you beg me to let you cum and you will not cum till sir tells you that you can cum.

He flicks her clit with the flogger one more time. He goes to her nipples and takes the chain for the clamps in his mouth before he starts to tug them down and then he pulls them from side to side as he runs his fingers through his wet folds. He brings his fingers up to his mouth and clans her juices off of them. He returns his fingers to her folds and offers them to her to clean off. She takes his fingers in her mouth and sucks licks and nibbles on them.

Before sir contuses his pleasant torture on her he looks at her and tells her that she has two more options and he wants her answer before she leaves him that night. One we can play this once or two she can become his pet and only his pet. Finishing what he has to say he picks up the flogger and hit her clit with it hard causing her to cry out more in pleasure than in pain.

After his playtime with the flogger he knows that she won't last long and before he barriers his cock deep in her pussy he wants to have her cum all over his face as he eats her pretty pink pussy. He starts kissing and nibbling and sucking up one leg till he gets to her wet center. He runs his tong from her clit to her ass hole and back again. When he gets back to her clit he takes it in his mouth and bites it than he sucks in in to his mouth to sooth the pain.

As he is sucking on her clit he takes and puts two fingers in her tight pussy as nibbles and sucks hard on her clit. Her pussy grips his fingers tighter as she gets closer to her orgasm. He keeps sucking and nibbling and fingering her sopping wet pussy he finds her g spot and starts to finger it hard and fast as he sucks even harder on her clit; with one last hard bit to her clit he sends her over the edge and her sweet cum covers his hands and face.

Without giving her a chance to come down from her orgasm he puts on a condom and slams in to her pussy causing her to scream out in pleasure he reaches down and starts to pull and twist on her hard nipples causing her to arch her back in pleasure. Sir puts his hand on her stomach pushing her back in to the bed so that he was once again pulling her titties up by her nipples. he twist and turns them as she moans out in pleasure, he lets her titties go and she moans even out even louder.

He picks up his pace and he pounds in to her hard and fast not being able to resist her already sensitive nipples that are in his line of sight he bends down and sucks and licks on them. He can fell not only her walls clamping down on his cock making her pussy even tighter but he knows that he won't be able to hold off much longer. He stops all his movements and lays on top of her so that she can't move and asks tells her before I let you cum you have to answer me will you be my pet are will we be done.

All she can manage is a nod of her head, he looks at her and said that's not good enough you have to answer me, he nips her nipple hard to get his point across she yells from the sensation yes I will be your pet. Hearing the magic words he starts to pound in to her pussy hard and fast he reaches down and pitches her swollen clit sending her over the edge he continues to pound in to her making her reach an orgasm that she never thought possible, with three more hard and fast thrusts he explodes in her.

As she comes down from her orgasm and he begins to soften inside her he takes one nipple in his mouth and tells her pet the fun is just beginning.
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