Where's Fred
As I approached the house in my car, I could see Fred's truck parked in front. I went in and opened the basement door and called for him. I got no answer and went down the steps to make sure he was okay. He was not there. I went back upstairs and made my way to my bedroom to change my clothes. There lying on my bed was a naked Fred with a hard-on sticking straight up in the air.

"You and that fucking cock of yours, old man."

"You want to fuck it, Missy?"

"What's the matter, sweetie, my mother not giving you enough?"

"More than enough, I just like the variety."

"She knows you are over here?"

"Sure does. I told your mother I was going over to fuck her daughter."

"She said, 'Lucky you. Maybe we all will, someday."

"She said that?"

"Missy, I think she wants you to eat her."

"I am not so sure of that. When I asked mom if she wanted me to, she never answered."

"She is sorry about that. She assumed you would just go ahead and do it. Sweetie, if you don't you are missing a treat."

"Nothing, I would like doing more."

"Then fucking do it, and quit delaying it."

"I hope you didn't mention that I was trying to fix you up with her granddaughter."

"How you doing with that. I am one anxious puppy."

"It is has been a long time since you were a puppy, old man. I am working on it."

I had talked to Carly, and she was kind of balking about it. I even told her I was fucking him as well as her grandmother. At first, I got the usual teenage response, "That is so icky," but then her loins took over, and she became more willing. She told me she would think about it.

Without removing my clothes, I climbed onto the bed and looked at Fred's beautiful cock sticking straight in the air. I leaned over and kissed it. He made it jump for me. When he did, more precum came out of the slit. I licked it off, and I licked around that magnificent head of his cock. I could feel the wetness in my panties.

"Go head, Carol, do your thing."

I knew he was hungry for a blow job, or he would have never laid like that with it sticking so eloquently into the sky. I put my lips on more time on the tip. I opened my mouth and felt the head pass over my lips until I felt the ridge of it bump over my lips. I sucked. He moaned. I started to withdraw, letting my teeth drag down the head. He squirmed with pleasure. I opened my lips again and let his cock slide into my mouth and throat and hold it there. I searched for his big old man's balls. I loved the way they hung. I massaged them as his cock remained down my throat. It was time to work that shaft with my lips always with suck at the end on the head.

He was getting close because he kept calling me a "Fucking cocksucker!" I felt him swelling and his first spurt entered my mouth. I took him out and let the rest hit my face and hair. The name-calling changed referred to me as a "You fucking hot sexy bitch!" I think he liked his cum all over my hair and face. I swallowed what I had in my mouth and kissed him. He readily took my cum soaked tongue. I thought this old man had tasted this before. I could not blame him. My mother and I had discussed how good his cum tastes.

He lay there, panting. I laid next to him. He quietly said to me. "Carol, there is nobody in this world who can give a blow job as you can." I thanked him for that by taking his cock, which was at half-mast, and stroked it hard again. Once more, I was amazed at how this older man could recover so quickly.

I got up and started taking off my clothes, asking him, "You going to fuck your whore, old man?"

"You can ride to your heart's content, Missy."

With all my clothes off, he looked at me like he usually does, thinking her could fuck me forever. I climbed over the top of him, my tits dangling over his face. He blew his hot breath on my nipples, which immediately responded. I straddled him. With his help, we got his cock inside of me. I leaned back, letting his cock touch all the right places. He lay looking up at me and finally said, "Fuck me, baby!" I started to move in a slow grind on top of him. He just kept saying, "Fuck me, baby! 1" I began to thrust my hips feeling that cock deep inside of me.

"Fuck me, baby!"

I started to move my body, and I watched his face looking at me, bouncing boobs. He liked looking at them bounce, just like my mothers. My mother and I made him so horny with our bouncing tits. His hands went to them, and I felt the warmness of his hands softly squeezing them. He kept lifting his hips as I pumped his cock with my cunt. I loved making love to this old man. I thought about how lucky my mother and I were having him to fuck.

My mother kept coming up in my mind as I fucked Fred. His last "Fuck me, baby!" Turned into his new, "You fucking hot whore, just like your mother." That statement really got me going and I pumped his cock like there was no tomorrow. I came hard as he kept calling me a whore, just like my mother. I felt his warm love juice saturating my cunt. It leaked out of me on to him. He said, "Clean it off, cunt." I got off of him and took my tits and swiped any place I saw his cum on him.

"With your mouth, cunt, with your mouth, just like your mother does."

I complied, and then he kissed me, tasting the cum on my lips.

"The two of you cunts are going to kill me."

"Better not. I want you to fuck me anytime I want."

"My pleasure, Missy, but it would be nice if you did your mother, and then we could see what three of us would be like."

"You are the horniest old dude!"

"And you love it."

"You got that fucking right. I promise I will do my mother so we can have some fun all together."

With that, I got up and went to the shower to clean up after that flow of his cum all over the place. I douched, and I was surprised by how much of him came out in lumps with the douche. He was the most viral man I ever had fucked, and I loved it. I wondered if any of us would consider moving in together. It was a thought.

Note: My last writing. I need the rest to overcome an illness.
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