Where did you want to be kissed?
You are spending another Saturday playing golf. There is work to be done cleaning the deck and readying it for Summer, but you are playing golf. I told you to go and get out of my way.

As the day went on the cleaning progressed, but there was much more work than I had expected and I missed you. My devious mind decided to distract you during your game and make you wish you were home with me. That is when I sent you a text telling you how I would be waiting for your kisses when you were done with your game. You responded asking where I would like to be kissed. I laughed now, imagining the look on your face when you opened the picture expecting a part of my anatomy, but getting a picture of the deck.

Finally, the work is completed. You are not home, but everything about the deck looks presentable after a winter of neglect. The citronella torches are lit, chasing the bugs away. The stars are out and a light breeze is blowing. I have showered all the sweat and dirt away. It is time to enjoy the results of my hard labor. I sit in a chair on the deck, in the glow of the torches, with my glass of wine, I wonder how late you will be coming home tonight.

You are silently standing at the back door. Your golf game had been miserable. All you could think of was kissing me. Now you are admiring the view I have created. Especially your woman sitting in the chair with her feet propped on the table, drinking a glass of red wine, wearing nothing but a pair of zebra striped panties. Seeing me relaxing and waiting for you is definitely more arousing than any picture of any deck.

Before you realize what you are doing you have crossed the deck and are standing behind me. Inhaling my scent. Looking down at my body. Your hands move to my shoulders, I don't seemed surprised when I feel your touch. Your palms press against my body as you move them across my breasts and stomach. Your fingers caress my crotch. The wetness is evident as you trace my lips through the panties. Then you move your hands back up my body, palms still pressed against me. Crossing over my breasts, you pause just a moment enjoying the pebbles my nipples have become , before moving your hands back to my shoulders.

I had realized you were watching me from the doorway. I could feel the lust in your eyes as they caressed my body, but didn't want you to know I knew you were there. I wondered what you thought of me, almost nude, on the deck, with my wine. Then you touched me. As your palms crossed my body I inhaled, only to exhale with a sigh as you caressed my wet panties. I always need your touch so much.

I hear you breathing heavily. Then the track of your palms begins again, this time you are sliding your fingers into my panties, spreading my lips apart, and caressing my sensitive nub, before diving your fingers deep into my wet opening. You begin rocking your hand back and forth. I lean my head back into your chest, eyes closed, moaning with the pleasure you always bring. Your hand strokes me to orgasm and then back to a state of complete relaxation. Removing your hands, you begin trailing them back up my body, stopping to rub my juices over the nipples of my breasts teasing me.

Moments pass with no other interaction from you. I open my eyes wondering what has happened. Then I see you standing in front of me the stars twinkling behind you. Your crotch is directly in front of my face with your cock straining against your jeans. I smile, knowing that you are wanting reciprocation for the climax you just delivered.

Stroking your long hard length beneath the denim, I watch as your eyes darken and narrow with desire. Reaching for your belt, I unbuckle it, unbutton your waistband, and lower your zipper. The sound of my man's zipper being lowered is very sensual for me. I pause enjoying the moment, before lowering your jeans. It is immediately evident that briefs or boxers were not in your wardrobe selection this afternoon. It is also evident that you are in need of my attention.

I reach my tongue to lap the drops of pre-cum seeping from your tip. My hand strokes your perfect penis from hard to throbbing. Looking up I can see this will not be enough to requite my debt tonight. I take you into my mouth, sucking you deep into the hot wet tunnel, trying to satisfy your need. Moving my lips up and down on your shaft, taking you deeper and deeper until your tip reaches my throat. You moan and I look up meeting your hungry lusting eyes.

You pull yourself from my mouth, pick me up from the chair, and bend me over. I place my hands on the table and wait. Finally, I look back to see you staring at my derrière, high in the air, waiting for your entrance. Instead of diving into me, you use your hands to play. Teasing me and turning me into a trembling mess. You patiently run the tip of your cock the full length of my lips, positioning yourself at my entrance.

I gasp as you slide yourself in to the hilt. The gasp turns into a sigh as my body swallows your cock. You are no longer teasing as you begin to push hard, deep, and fast, holding my hips as you slam your body against me. I soon begin to shiver as I feel my climax nearing. Gripping the table my body trembles with pleasure. You reach to grab my nipple, squeezing it, and increasing my orgasm. Rocking back against you I want to ensure your cock is deep inside me. I arch my back as I come, screaming your name. My scream drives you over the edge and you shoot your juices over my inner walls. Your slamming slows and you begin to gently slide in and out of me. We come down from the height together. The scent of our sex is permeating the night air.

You take me into your arms, holding me close. Sitting in the deck chair, you pull me into your lap, nibbling my ear, and whisper, "Now where did that text say that you wanted to be kissed?"
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