Who's In Your Mouth This Time?
As my friend Carl poured me another shot of rum I couldnt help but think of the fond memory of the wonderful night of group sex the last time i had a shot of rum. "You know," I said raising my shot to his, "This brings up a very good memory of a great night for me." We shot them back and he poured me another. Our friend Chris came up behind us and put his glass down, wanting a shot.
"What are you guys talking about?" He asked, putting his hand on my shoulder. Carl poured his shot and answered, "Always here was just about to tell me of a good memory that involves rum."
Chris hunkered down on his knees, his hand still on my shoulder. I could feel his heat start to sink into my skin, and it made me itch just a little. "I love a good story, why don't you tell us?" I took a breath just as i was about to start when four of our other friends came up to listen as well. I was a little nervous, but the rum was cold, my blood was hot and Chris' hand was starting to stroke my shoulder, that littlest movement driving me out of my mind.
I downed another shot before i started telling them about the party i was at with my other group of friends where we all played who's in your mouth. Naturally when i told them, they started to laugh, thinking that i was joking. But then when i started to go into detail, about the noises i heard, the group moans, and then my personal part of it, they started to go quiet, and i could tell they were becoming aroused. I myself, who is always trying to keep my sexual hunger at bay, was having trouble ignoring the fact that Chris' hands were now massaging both my shoulders and my neck.
We all sat/ stood there quietly wondering who was going to make the suggestion of playing the game when suddenly the lights just went off. That was enough incentive for everyone to grab whoever was around them and slink to the floor. Chris' hands moved from my neck to hair, and pulled my head back so he could kiss me fully. But as i felt his lips on mine i felt another set trailing down my neck. Carls hands were sliding up my shirt, pulling it over my head and away from my breasts. I heard one of them moan as two hands grabbed my heavy breasts and squeezed. Chris' mouth left mine and my bra was gone, replacing it was two mouths sucking on my nipples and two sets of hands fumbling with the button of my jeans. I pushed them both back, sending them both into the wall. While i kissed my way down Chris' neck my right hand undid Carl's pants, springing his rather large cock free into my hand so i could start to stroke it. He moaned again as he tried to move towards me but i was in control and he didnt go anywhere.
Chris' pants were next and as i bit his hip before i slipped his cock into my mouth he seethed my name through gritted teeth. His cock was smaller, but still impressive and i started finding myself spending more time on his cock than Carl's. But then i felt my hand being kissed, before being moved away from his cock. i stopped suck Chris' cock and looked over to see Mary, a friend of ours, drop to her knees too and together we sucked their cocks until they came. Before i could swallow completely, Mary reached towards me and grabbed me to kiss me. Her kiss and Carl's cum tasted amazing and soon we were rolling together on the floor, rubbing each other's breasts and clits as we left the boys to just watch.
But that didnt last for long. Chris had removed his shirt and i could see the muscles in his arms and pecs work as he started to stroke his cock back to life. Carl had done that same thing, though he was a little bigger and darker than chris, his black hair blending into the darkness. As i started at them stroking themselves Mary had taken control, and had moved down to my wet pussy and was devouring me. Chris moved behind Mary, and shoved his cock into her, making her moan into me. Carl moved above my mouth and i opened it to let him slide it in to my mouth. I could hear Mary's wet pussy sucking Chris' cock in and out of her and it made me cum into Mary's mouth. My entire body trembled and the whole group could tell that i had cum and cum hard. I could feel the carpet underneath become drenched in my cum and i wanted a cock inside me to keep me wet.
I didn't have to say anything before Chris moved from Mary to me, and Mary moved from me to straddle Carl. Chris put his arm around my hips and flipped me onto my knees and buried his cock deep inside me, making me scream with excitement. He was hard and fast and not at all gentle...exactly what i wanted. He came quick, but i didn't mind, they had given me all that i had wanted. Carl came shortly after and we collapsed together in a heap, breathing heavily.
Somehow the mood changed from raunchy and rough to soft and comforting. Mary and i were kissing passionately while Chris was running his hands slowly up and down and my body, Carl doing the same with Mary.
As Mary and I move closer to kiss, our legs and arms entwined. Her skin was so warm and soft, i could feel my pussy growing wet again. I moved one hand to Chris' cock, which had grown hard again as well and guided it to my pussy. This time his thrust were slow and relaxing, and i could tell Carl was going the same pace with Mary. It seemed like hours before we all came, one after another, and fell asleep, exhausted, in each other's arms.
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