Who's in YOUR mouth?
Mike handed me another shot, he raised his glass, and i mine. "To passing winter finals". Our glasses clanked and we shot the rum back, swollowing the warmth. "Fuck Finals," i say, sliding the glass down the table for another shot. Today was the last day of finals, and to relieve stress, a few buddies of mine decided to throw a party. It was small, about 14 people, which was fine by me, because i wasnt into big crowds. Everyone else was in the living room, talking and laughing, just having a good time. Our friend Bobby stumbled into the kitchen with a girl i knew but had forgotten her name around his arm. "Hey! Wathafuck you guys doin out here? The party! The party..." he stopped to take another swig from his beer. "The party is- is in here! Come on, come on," he gestured with his free arm and turned to go back in. Mike and i looked at each other and smiled, i picked up the rum bottle and took a swig before i handed it to him. He did the same and we both got up to go into the living room. When we walked in everyone had raised there beer and shouted, "Ay!" We lifted our bottle, and shouted back, happy to be among friends. We stood along the wall, most of the other space in the room taken. Eddie, a rocker with glorious long blond hair and bright blue eyes stumbled to get off of the couch and lifted his arms into the air, shouting Hey! everyone laughed and looked towards him, waiting for him to speak. "Lets play a game!" some Trisha, with her teal ponytail started to giggle. "What game?" she asked. Eddie put his hands down and took another drink from his bottle. "Lets play whos in your mouth?!" The room erupted in laughter at the suggestion, no one had ever really played, and thought it was a joke. "No, im serious! I mean we're all comfortable with each other right?" I saw heads nodding up and down and smiles, and knew they were just as interested as i was. "Ok all in favor of playing, raise your fuckin bottles!" All bottles were raised and we had a group consent. He smiled, his white teeth gleaming against his scruffy beard. I looked over at Mike, to see what his thoughts were. His eyes were glued to my figure, making me feel naked and vulnerable...and so horny. "Alright then, here's the rules. Once the lights go off, no talking is allowed, you grab whoever is next to you, you cant leave the room once the lights are off either, once it goes dark, you cant back down. Other than that, Let us Fuck!" we all laughed as he sat back down, a blonde bombshell curling her arms around his waist. "Mike my man, you wanna kill those lights bratha?" Mike reached over and flicked the switch, filling the room up with darkness. I stayed where i was, unsure of what to do. I didnt have to worry for long. I felt a hand on my stomach and a mouth against my ear, "if you dont want to.." mike whispered softly.
I put my hand on his cheek to stop him. "Shut up and kiss me," i breathed and automatically his kiss was devouring my mouth, He moaned into my mouth as i sucked gently on his tongue and nibbled on his lower lip. His arms wound around as tight as a vice and his mouth moved to my neck, his teeth and lips making me so wet, as he kissed that certain spot on me that loves attention."You always smell so fucking good, my cock gets hard every time i see you," he whispered as he lifted my white v neck shirt over my head, and undid my bra with the snap of his fingers. He paused, His hands cupping my breasts. I couldnt see him, but i could feel him staring at my chest, if he could even see it, then i felt his teeth nip my left nipple and i moaned, my eyes rolling up slightly. As he suckled my breasts i listened as everyone else had started moaning, i could hear clothes hit the floor, moans and gasps from both men and women, making me even hotter. I undid his pants and grabbed his cock, making him moan loudly, as i started stroking him up and down, squeezing at the base and pumping my hand in a rhythm i knew would drive him crazy. Then, I put my hands on his arms and with all my strength, pushed him to the side so that his back was to the wall, i drug his shirt over his head, scraping my teeth across his collarbone and ran my nails down his chiseled stomach. With fast hands i undid his pants and they fell to the floor to quickly be kicked off. I dropped to my knees and started sucking on the tip of his cock, and a growl came out of his throat as his fist banged into the wall. I started teasing him, fondling his balls with my hand while i teased his cock with my tongue and teeth. "Jesus Christ," he whispered through gritted teeth, his cock throbbing from the blow job tease. He grabbed me by the shoulders and lifted me up, throwing me against the wall, and shoving his tongue into my mouth, i kissed him back just as fervently as he slid my jeans down i could the fabric leave my smooth thighs and pushed my panties down, and kicked them away. without any pretense he slipped two fingers in my already wet pussy and i couldnt help but let out a high moan and started bucking my hips, wanting so much to be fucked. Pllleeeeeaaasseeee, i begged silently, i want you to fuck me soo bad, ohhh...the room was echoing with sounds of slurping and sucking and nails digging into the carpet, it was all driving me crazy, as i continued to beg silently.
He finally cupped my ass, and lifted me to wrap my legs around his waist, feeling his cock slide deep into me, then stop. we stood there for a moment, our bodies shaking with need, as i waited for him to start thrusting. The moans in the back ground were getting louder and i wanted so much to join them...then he started thrusting in and out of me, pulling out almost completely, then driving back into my pussy. I arched my back against the wall, feeling how my tight pussy stretched around his big cock as he slid me down to the base of his cock and lifted me up again.
He started rocking his hips faster and gladly i moved in time with him, his one hand around my waist, the other planted firmly on the wall behind us, i could feel my pussy getting wetter with every thrust, and i moaned again, begging for more. This was the wettest i had ever been i could feel my juices sliding down over the curve of my ass, as his hips drove in and out of me, bringing me closer, and soo fucking closer to an orgasm. Then out of nowhere, his teeth scraped against my neck and he bit down,not hard enough to draw blood, but oohh geez did it feel fucking amazing, and i screamed as i came hard.
My pussy started sucking on his cock as he neared his orgasm, and i begged him to cum for me, cum in my pussy, baby, oh fuck please..." I dug my nails into his back as his thrusts increased as he came, he lifted me fully..."Can you stand?" he whispered a few seconds later, his lips placing soft kisses on face.
"I-I think so..." I touched my feet to ground and wobbled, but was able to keep my balance. He took my hand and led to the floor...the lights didnt come on for the rest of the night.
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