Who Are You?

Gavin opened the door slightly and popped his head around to see if anyone else had not made it home. His head was pounding and he could barely see straight. Such were the prices paid for a student party and the one the one last night had been a big success.

On the floor a slender sultry woman lay sleeping. He did not remember her from the party; but then, his mind remained foggy after the intake of copious amounts of alcohol and hearing loud music, so she may well have been there.

Gavin's bleary eyes feasted on the woman that he felt instantly attracted to. The delicate elfin type face that was crowned by a mass of long dark hair that he longed to run fingers through. He admired her perfectly formed brows, and closed eyes with dark lashes that brushed the olive hue of her skin high cheekbones. Her nose, slender, unblemished and her lips, ah such sexy kissable lips, which were slightly parted, awakened a yearning that Gavin found difficult to suppress.

Following the line of her body Gavin's eyes widened all bleariness dissipating. The purple halter neck dress that she wore barely covered her breasts, straining over the soft curvature and held together with a silver clip at the apex, with naked flesh visible at her midriff.

Gavin couldn't bear to move his gaze elsewhere. He put a hand to a hardness that strained beneath his trousers and let out a stifled groan knowing he shouldn't be watching her like this.

She stirred as he watched, with half opened eyes as she lifted her arms. "Hello, hope you don't mind me crashing here." She smiled sleepily. "Have you been there long?"

"Long enough. Who are you anyway?"

She beckoned to him. "Come closer and sit by me, and then I'll tell you."

Tentatively taking steps across the purple shag carpet Gavin went and sat on the floor beside her. She turned toward him and propped herself up, leaning on one elbow. This revealed more of her plump breast which Gavin couldn't help but be drawn to.

"I'm Beth, and you're aroused. She put one of her fingers between her lips and sucked. Then ran the wet digit across the hard lump at his groin and before returning it back to her mouth.

"You're right, I am aroused," he replied grinning and taking hold of her hand, putting the wet finger to his own lips and kissing it. Then leaning over her he planted a kiss on her lips.

Beth murmured, her body moving closer toward Gavin.

He put an arm around her. His hand sliding down to the small of her back and a leg went over her thigh. "First name is not enough. I want to know more," Gavin whispered in her ear.

She looked up.

"Like the fact she's my sister?" A voice boomed from the doorway.
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