Why Am I Up?
Smiling, I know why. My dream was incredible, extremely intense.

My blanket was kicked off the bed, I was bathed in sweat. Strands of hair glued to my cheeks. My bra was unhooked, freeing my breasts, nipples hard. One hand was cupping, pinching my nipple when I woke. My other hand, in my panties, touching my swollen lips, drenched from my impending release.

On my stomach, legs spread slightly, right leg, bent painfully, under my ribs. I could feel my panties were pulled down a bit, showing my ass, I'm sure.

It was the one I think of the most, in my dreams, waking and now, obviously in my sleep too.

Were we making love? Was I being kissed on the back of my neck? My body responding from lips touching one of my most sensitive zones? Was I pleasing? Letting the one watch as I bring myself to a mind shattering orgasm? I didn't have a clue.

Why am I up? I wanted to be asleep, finishing, do we feel orgasms in our sleep? I never did, is that why I woke? wanting to feel?

My eyes felt heavy, but my flame was lit, burning. Torn between wanting to go back to sleep, hoping I would go back, to be with...

My panties were down more, showing my ass. I don't know what happened, a moment ago, was it? My body was still sweaty, fingers on my lips. I was panting, whispering please.

Body pressing down, hand rubbing lips, other cupping, thumb, finger pinching. No panties on my body, nor a bra. My right leg still pointing under my ribs.

Sweet aches, moaning, wanting more, don't ever stop. Shaking, moving, soon, can feel it.

Am I alone? On my bed, body in same position, hands still touching, groaning out a name.

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, incredible, never stop. Pleasure replacing the ache, chasing away my sweet pain. I'm on the floor, a pond of my cum, trailing a stream to my bent leg, now able to...smiling sleep.
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